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How Go Ape Does Team Building On A Budget

Team Development Knot Tie Activity

The Go Ape motto has been the same since day dot: to encourage others to live life adventurously.


From families to friends to work tribes, we want to inspire adventure among the masses – we want to start an adventure revolution!


We know that to make adventure accessible to all, we need to make our adventures affordable for all. That’s why we offer tree-mendous forest adventures for a price that won’t break the bank. Any company, large or small, can enjoy the wonders of the woodland at Go Ape, swinging through the trees en-masse just as Tarzan would.


Our turn!


We’re always going on about how regular team building trips are the key to forming happy, super-motivated tribes (especially when those trips take place in the forest). So, it’s only right that we practice what we preach!


Of course, we don’t hold Go Ape team building trips at Go Ape. While we’ll never get bored of our canopy escapades, we like to mix things up a little. So, can you guess what we did for our last team building trip on a budget?


…Garden party!


If only you could see the looks on our tribe’s faces when we were all handed our invitations. Hosted by our MD, the Go Ape garden party promised to be a day of games, giggles and getting to know one another even better!


And it certainly delivered. Not as au fait with floor-level activities, we started off with a few rounds of rounders (and unearthed competitive streaks in many a member of the Go Ape tribe). That worked up a real sweat, so we got to cool down in the coolest way we could…by taking a dip in the lake! Never experienced wild swimming? We highly recommend it!


As soon as we dried off it was time for lunch and in homage to our Go Ape offering, we were treated to a hearty BBQ. We must admit, we’re always a little envious when tribes get to tuck into a table full of tasty, grilled grub, so we were chuffed that we finally got to indulge!


Fuelled by our mighty feast, the afternoon consisted of even more activities. We went to war with one another on an inflatable gladiator ring and raced on a blow-up bungee run to see who could reach the furthest point before they were catapulted back to the beginning (one of our fave activities of the day, by far).


The more humble activities on offer were large chess and draughts and a range of card games – perfect for later in the afternoon when we were feeling slightly subdued!


The Go Ape garden party was the perfect team day out; a day where we could let our hair down, meet new members of the tribe and ultimately, have lots of fun! Which is what team building should be all about, right?


If you’re looking to get out of the office and plan a team day, why not get in touch with one of our Go Ape event organisers? Request a quote today. We hope to see you in the trees soon.

5 reasons why adventurous colleagues make for a better team!

Go Ape Naturally Powered Days

As a workforce, we can generally appreciate the benefits that come from having a range of personalities in your team. There are leaders that get people motivated, entertainers that maintain morale, and the compassionate defenders who are always looking after their pals. But what about the adventurers? Here are five reasons why having adventurous teammates makes for a better workforce.


1. They’re more receptive to new ideas

Not many people wake up one morning and think; “I’ll climb a mountain this year”. Taking on a big adventure comes after years of saying “yes” to opportunities others would decline. It’s the spirit of optimism, and an ability to see the bigger picture.


2. They’re willing to take risks

In today’s current business climate, it’s riskier to not take risks than it is to play it safe. Adventurous people understand the importance of taking carefully calculated risks. Playing it safe can only ever yield results for so long – comfort zones are great places, but nothing ever grows there.


3. They’re there for each other

People who undertake adventures rarely ever go solo – everyone knows that adventure is best when shared. Working together to overcome obstacles, adventure-goers tend to be supportive, proactive problem-solvers.


4. They know how to focus on the positives

Behind every smiley Instagram photo on the top of a hill, in the barrel of a boat, or at the entrance of a tent, lies aching muscles, soaking trousers, and a damp rucksack. As Bear Grylls says, the key to overcoming any form of adversity is positivity, positivity, positivity.


5. They’re goal-oriented, determined, and committed to developing themselves

It goes without saying, really, but pushing yourself beyond your normal limits, into situations that you might find initially uncomfortable takes hard work, persistence and courage. Adventurous people always have their eyes on the prize, and are determined to overcome any challenges they might face.


If you’re looking to get out of the office and plan a team day, why not get in touch with one of our Go Ape event organisers? Request a quote today. We hope to see you in the trees soon.

Big city bonding…the Go Ape way

Criteo corporate event at Battersea

As specialists in forest-themed adventures, you’d be forgiven for thinking that all Go Ape courses are located far out in the countryside, miles from civilisation. But in actual fact, our Tree Top Adventures have taken over a number of inner-city parks, including four in the capital!


Go Ape adventures in the big city

Our London courses offer Tribes an escape from the hustle and bustle, minus the hassle of having to travel out into the sticks. It’s a chance to ditch the office for the day, disconnect from tech and reconnect with the wonderful natural world around us.

Rather than weaving in and out of commuters, you’ll be weaving in and out of trees on a bunch of self-balancing, all-terrain Segways. Rather than staring at spreadsheets, you’ll be gazing out over London’s glorious skyline from the treetops. And rather than tucking into yet another substandard, overpriced sarnie, you’ll be indulging in a hearty forest feast, lovingly prepared by one of our super-skilled chefs.


Team building in the trees

Go Ape activities are ideal for team building. Why? Well, whether you’re cruising around the forest floor or swinging from tree to tree in a Tarzan fashion, these activities target key skills associated with great teamwork.

Helping one another to tackle tricky obstacles can boost confidence and improve camaraderie among your tribe. Rolling around together can also strengthen bonds, giving tribe members who don’t usually mingle the chance to catch up. And let’s not forget, a Go Ape adventure is mega fun (if we do say so ourselves), which is a crucial component in effective team building and is sure to raise team morale.


So, where to go?

Alexandra Palace

You can always swing by our brand new course, situated in one of London’s most iconic public parks: Alexandra Palace. The Tree Top Adventure course launches this summer, so watch this space!

Battersea Park

Smack bang in the heart of London, perched on the south bank of the River Thames, is Go Ape Battersea Park. It features some of our longest crossings, including the Zig Zag Bridge (needs no description) and Chantermerle’s Bridge; a swaying tightrope-style obstacle that’s harder to cross the breezier it is!

Black Park Country Park

Then we have the not-so-central Go Ape in Black Park, Buckinghamshire. If you’ve any movie buffs in your tribe, they might be interested to know that the course is adjacent to the famous Pinewood Film Studios.

Trent Park

And last but by no means least, Go Ape can also be found in Trent Park, which is conveniently situated a stone’s throw from Cockfosters station. It’s one of the highest Tree Top Adventures in the South of England and features one of the highest zip wires, too – and more air time can only be a good thing!


Team building that suits you

In our opinion, one-size-fits-all team building doesn’t work. That’s why, along with our forest-themed adventures, we offer heaps of extras which allow you to tailor your trip to suit your needs and budget.

Fancy a group picnic? We can sort it. Need to use conference facilities? Not a problem. Let us know your requirements and we’ll get to work creating the ultimate mid-week adventure for you and your tribe.

If you want to find out more, just request a quote and receive a callback from our hairy Tribe.

Half-day team building done right!

team rewards

A study carried out by tech giant Microsoft back in 2015 revealed an alarming fact: the average human’s attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish!

Yep, you read that right! Apparently, the average attention span of a human has dropped to a record low of eight seconds, while a goldfish is thought to have an attention span of nine seconds. And what’s to blame for this? The mobile revolution, says Microsoft.


Time to be brief

As a tribe leader, there are lessons to learn from this. Mainly, that it can be more effective to keep things short and sweet in the office. Meetings, presentations and training sessions should be quick and to the point, to make sure your tribe doesn’t drift into their own little worlds and start day-dreaming of what’s for dinner.

The same can be said for team building. Keep activities short and sweet and your tribe are likely to pay full attention and get value from the session. Besides, the moment your tribe start thinking that the day is dragging, is the moment that team building activities start to lose impact.


Half-day hangouts at Go Ape

For a short, sweet and tree-mendously fun team building trip, it’s got to be Go Ape! Take your pick out of hanging with us for a few hours in the morning, or during the afternoon. But be warned; swing with us in the AM, and your tribe may not be able to concentrate when back in the office after unleashing their inner Tarzans!

With half a day free, you could all head skyward to take on an assortment of obstacles on one of our infamous Tree Top Adventure courses, which tend to take around three hours to complete. Up in the canopy, you’ll combat everything from tunnels and tight ropes, to bridges and nets, to stirrups and zip wires! Oh, and let’s not forget the mighty Tarzan swing, where you’ll each take it in turns to leap from a platform and into a giant net – not forgetting to holler whilst pulling mid-air poses, of course!


Explore the forest

Or, you might want to clamber aboard a bunch of all-terrain Segways, as they transport you (with your help) through the forest for an hour’s worth of exploration. Our Segways offer a unique way to explore the woodland with your tribe – once you’ve all mastered the art of balance, you’re free to roam!


Refuel with brain food

If you’re visiting us for half a day, you’ll probably want to treat your tribe to some tasty treats. In the morning, we can put on welcome drinks (teas, coffees and fresh juices) with some fruit and freshly-baked pastries (yum); or, how about a simple-yet-scrumptious bacon and fruit brunch?

If you’d rather fuel-up before arriving at the forest, why not hang out with us for lunch after your adventure? Choose from a picnic, or our more hearty forest BBQ, which comes highly recommended.


Book your Team Day Out

Now, we’re pretty confident that your tribe won’t get bored at Go Ape. Our activities put the fun back into team building, whether you’re rolling around or swinging from tree to tree! Because of this, most companies choose to hang out with us for the whole day; but if you’ve only got half a day to spare, that’s still plenty of time to let loose in the treetops!

Want to chat to someone about booking your adventure? Just request a quote from our hairy tribe, and you will receive a call back.


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