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Team activities for the workplace!

Team meeting in the office
Call us biased, but when it comes to team building activities, we think that they’re most effective (not to mention most fun) when they take place in the great outdoors.

Why? Well, the outdoors is stimulating and enriching – much more so than the confines of any indoor space. It’s like an endless playground where your tribe can kick back and enjoy some quality time together; leaving the constant whirr of tech behind in order to reconnect with the beautiful, natural world that surrounds us.

(Forgive us for getting all poetical on you, we’re just keen, outdoorsy types!)

Anyway, we welcome company tribes from Monday to Friday here in the forest. Companies visit us to escape the office for a day in the treetops, where they can let their hair down and unleash their inner Tarzans! It’s true: there really is no better place to bond than in the canopy!

Ideas for your office

Of course, there’s no harm in planning some in-office team activities to complement your outdoor efforts! These following activities could be good if you’re short on time, or if you’re in need of a mid-week pick-me-up for your tribe:

Table tennis tournament

Yes, you’ll need a table tennis table for this one. Or, you could always get creative with the tables in the boardroom! Encourage some healthy competition among your tribe by hosting a ping pong tournament with knockout stages and of course, a prize for the winner. Talking from experience, you will work up a sweat, so you might all need to bring your gym gear!

Office Olympics

Turn the office into a stadium for tribe Olympics! Sub a boat for office chairs in the rowing race (if you’ve got the space); print off targets and use elastic bands for arrows; screw up paper and shot-put them into the bin; and launch your paper aeroplane javelins to see who can fly the furthest distance! And don’t forget those medals!

Scavenger hunt

Split your tribe into teams and organise a scavenger hunt, with riddles for clues. Here are a couple of examples we spotted on the web:


It goes before ‘food’
For things we routinely eat
In an office it has two bent legs
But never any feet

(Answer: Stapler)


This item has handles
But isn’t a car
It has pointy ends
But isn’t a star

(Answer: Scissors)

Think of around 10 clues for your tribe – lock up the stationery cupboard and make sure every person hunts for at least one item! Oh, and don’t forget to tell your tribe to replace any supplies they steal from their colleagues’ desks!

Friday feast

Sociable and tasty, food has a way of bringing people together. So, this Friday, dine in style with your tribe. Organise a picnic if it’s nice weather, or a hearty BBQ if you can access the necessary gear. Or, see if your tribe would be up for each bringing in a homemade dish for a lunchtime buffet!


If you’re looking to get out of the office and plan a team day, why not get in touch with one of our Go Ape event organisers? Request a quote today. We hope to see you in the trees soon.

7 Ways To Heal Your Workplace Stress

Motivation Mondays

As much as we try to avoid it, we can’t help but feel stressed out from time to time. And when we do, we’re always advised to do the same things: take some time out, start exercising more, get some early nights. But, is that truly enough?

If recent stats are anything to go by, it’s time we start taking stress seriously: according to an infographic by Soma Health, a whopping 44% of British adults admit to being stressed, with half saying that they struggle to sleep because of it. And, a staggering 61% of people who feel stressed only do something about it when they feel like they’re no longer able to cope with their day-to-day life.

Stress is also costing businesses…a lot. It’s the biggest cause of employee absence in the UK; 105 million working days are lost every year, equating to £1.24 billion. The cost of stress to employers is huge, but to employees, it’s even greater: it’s making them lose sleep, become ill, and is affecting their professional and personal relationships. Something needs to change.

If you’re searching for ways to heal your workplace stress, try these:

1. Get potting

You may laugh, but we’re deadly serious. Not only do plants make an office look better, they also clean our air and clear our minds! A study conducted by Washington State University found that employees who work in offices with plants are 12% less stressed than employees who work in offices without them. Time to get green fingered!

2. Refurb

Did you know the design of your office has a huge impact on your mood? It is little wonder you’re feeling stressed when you’re working under glaring artificial lighting, surrounded by sterile-white walls as the air-con unit sucks all the moisture from around you.

So, open those blinds and windows and let the natural air and light flow in! Add some colour to those white walls and make them more inspiring! (Get permission first, of course).

3. Clear up

A cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind, and a cluttered mind equals…stress. If you’ve still got last year’s paperwork lurking in your drawers and piled up on your desk, then you need to clear up your act! You’ve got to de-mess to de-stress: shred those sheets, bin those broken biros and deep clean your desk! You’ll feel tonnes better for it, trust us.

4. Straighten up

How’s your desk posture? Slouching at your desk, hunched over your keyboard can lead to neck pain, back pain and headaches, which won’t help your mood. Your back should be straight, eyes level with your screen, hips and knees at 90° and feet flat on the floor. That’s better.

5. Time for tunes

Do you have music in the office? Well, you should – it works wonders for your mood. A 2014 study by MusicWorks revealed that one third of UK employees are less likely to be sick if they’ve got music playing in the background whilst they work. The only thing you might find a little tricky is deciding on a radio station.

6. Get out more

Quite simply, you need to get out more! If you don’t break enough, you’re bound to feel stressed. Whether it’s a lunchtime break in the sunshine, or a teambuilding trip to Go Ape, some fresh air will do you the world of good.

7. …Ballet?!

Classical ballet is making its way into the workplace, according to a Guardian article published this week. It is said that traditional classes are perfect for the everyday employee; they require mental and physical focus not offered by a typical gym workout, which can help you to perform better at work and in life. The exercise helps to improve memory and coordination, while the uplifting music is great for your mind and mood. Before you know it, you’ll be pirouetting to your office desk in the mornings!

5 Ways Team Building Can Change Your Business

Go Ape Team Building Days

Behind every single successful business is a highly-skilled, high-performing and hardworking team. Employees are the backbone to all companies, and success is a result of their dedication to their roles and to the business as a whole.

But, a world-class tribe doesn’t just form out of nowhere, oh no. Teams need to be crafted – and that job falls to the hands of the employers. To quote Henry Ford:

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

In order to benefit from an outstanding team, one must build an outstanding team.

And how do you do that? Well, the answer is actually pretty simple: team building. We’re talking about taking your tribe out of the office, letting them get to know each other, and experiencing new things. It’s called team building for one – very obvious – reason: It builds teams. And outstanding teams at that.

Team building will change your business for the better. Here’s how…

1. It creates a strong company culture

A world-class team is one which listens, shares, and empathises. But, that doesn’t come easy when you haven’t given your employees a chance to really get to know one another. A team building day gives employees working at different sides of the office the opportunity to meet and learn more about one another – what music they like, what sports they play, if they’ve got any kids, etc. Forming personal relationships will help them better collaborate and communicate with one another when they return to work.

2. It improves employees’ skills

Team building can help employees improve on a number of skills, including team-work (an obvious one, we know), communication, leadership and problem-solving. All these skills are transferable to the workplace and are vital in crafting outstanding teams.

3. It breaks down barriers

If management teams are hiding away in their own offices all day, then they will rarely get a chance to interact with their employees. But, employers need to get to know who they have working for them and likewise, employees want to know who it is they are really working for.

Team building helps break down the employer-employee barrier. There’s no sitting on the side-line for this one: this is a chance for managers to get involved and learn more about their tribe. A personal understanding will build trust and respect, both of which help in crafting a world-class team.

4. You can discover potential

While you’re busy breaking down those barriers, there’s a good chance you may discover some strong potential among your employees; potential you wouldn’t have noticed if you were cooped-up inside your office.

5. You’ll attract talent

Organising fun-filled team building days for your tribe is a great way of telling outsiders, “Hey, look at us, we care about our staff.” Workplace culture is becoming hugely important for people when looking for jobs. So, if you want talented candidates to come and work for you and not a competitor, it’s important you that you focus on creating a team everyone wants to be part of.

How about holding your next team building event in the trees? Our Tree Top Adventure courses come complete with high ropes, stirrups, bridges, Tarzan swings, zip wires and more. We can tailor the day to suit your requirements, whether you want to make the most out of our conference facilities or treat your tribe to a delicious forest BBQ.

Mid-Week Corporate Events Have Landed!

Mid-week Teambuilding Days - Go Ape Corporate Events

Stop the press! Go Ape mid-week corporate events have landed!

All systems are go here at Banana HQ as we prepare for the re-opening of our courses (hoorah!). We’ve been super busy these past few months, and there’s one little change we wanted to tell you about…

From February, corporate events are a Monday – Friday affair. This means that we’ll no longer be offering weekend teambuilding sessions for businesses. “But, why?” we hear you ask. Good question.

Well, we believe that Wednesday, for example, is the new Saturday when it comes to team days out. When the weekend seems like a lifetime away for your colleagues, an afternoon in the tree tops will provide them with a much-needed break from the office.

The notorious mid-week slump will no longer exist!

When your tribe returns to the office after a day in the trees, they’ll feel pumped, motivated, and ready to take on the remaining days of the working week.

From an employer’s perspective, mid-week events are handy because they boost team spirit, productivity and motivation. They also gives you a chance to reflect on your day out. Aside from discussing whose legs were the most jelly-fied on the high ropes, you can address any interesting points while they’re still fresh in you and your employees’ minds.

Do we really want to spend our weekends with them, too?

Mid-week corporate events mean we can save our Saturdays and Sundays for some personal time.

Generally speaking, the weekends tend to be the busiest for us here at Go Ape. By offering mid-week corporate events, we can guarantee that you’re given our undivided attention when you’re with us. We offer great teambuilding packages tailored to your individual requirements, whether you want to treat your tribe to a forest BBQ or gain exclusive use of our forest shelter and garden games.

Of course, groups can still come along at weekends, however this tends to be the busiest time at Go Ape, so we’re unable to offer “corporate extra’s” like catering and a host. If you’re looking for a teambuilding day Monday to Friday, that’s FUN and FOOD, get in touch for a quick and simple quote.