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Take time to reflect

Disconnect to reconnect

Admit it: How many times have you thought to yourself (or said out loud), “There aren’t enough hours in the day”?


As Tribe leader, you’ve had to master the art of multitasking, and you’re used to fitting a day and a half’s worth of work into just one day. Every Monday morning you tell yourself that you’re going to take it easier this week and break more often – but time escapes you…yet again! However, even if work is a whirlwind, there’s one task that you and all other leaders must make time for: reflection.


What do they need?

Self-reflection, defined as ‘serious thought about one’s character and actions,’ is a task all leaders should undertake. Assessing your ways of working and approach to leadership will help you understand what you’re doing well – and which areas need some fine-tuning. Most importantly, you need to reflect on what your Tribe need from you. Are you doing all that you can to ensure that they’re happy in their roles, happy working together as a team and happy with you as their leader?

Here are some things your Tribe might need more of:



When was the last time you rounded your tribe up for a pep talk? Group get-togethers should be a regular thing in your office – we’re talking at least once a week. You should also set time aside for one-to-ones with each member of your tribe, to see how they’re getting on and if they need more from you.


Training opportunities

Employees are happiest when they’re given the tools and training they need to flourish in their roles. If they feel like they can’t climb the career ladder any higher in your company, they might start looking for new opportunities. One-to-one meetings are a chance to talk to your tribe about how you can help them to develop their career, if that’s what they want.



We know…you don’t give to receive. But if your tribe constantly commit 110% to their jobs without any acknowledgement, they might feel like they’re efforts are in vain. If a tribe member – or your entire tribe – has gone above and beyond, there are two things you need to do: recognise and reward! A simple ‘thank you’ is a good start, but think of some extra-special treats to surprise them with. Take them out for the day, buy them lunch, or let them go home early this Friday!


Confidence building

If you’ve noticed that some of your tribe haven’t integrated as well as others, it might be because they lack confidence. They might have recently joined the tribe, or maybe they’ve been there for a while, but are naturally quite shy.


The solution: team building!

Strong, cohesive teams don’t simply appear (if only); they need to be built! Taking your tribe out of the office and giving them a chance to get to know one another on a more personal level, will help them to form better bonds while boosting their confidence at the same time. As well as raising your tribe’s spirit, team building activities also help to sharpen skills associated with leadership, communication, problem-solving and decision-making (among many others). But here’s the thing: to make a positive impact on your tribe, team building needs to be fun!


A fun team building activity?

Let us think…Got it! How does swinging from tree to tree in a Tarzan fashion sound? We know we’re biased, but a Tree Top Adventure is the ultimate team building activity – climb into the canopy and with your tribe by your side, you’ll take on a range of awesome obstacles. Trust us, the treetops are the ideal setting to build lasting bonds! So, what are you waiting for? Request a quote for your Go Ape Tree Top Adventure today!

Why too many meetings and emails lead to bad team development

Office Meeting
Business meetings have been hailed one of the biggest office time-wasters, and we can’t say we’re surprised. We’re sure, in the past, you’ve found yourself sat in the boardroom, eyelids heavy, stifling yawn after yawn while thinking, “Surely this could have been resolved in a five minute chat?”

…But no. An hour and a half later, you’re still sat in that stuffy room, eyes now fully glazed over, and you’ve started to daydream about dinner, and plans for the weekend, and your holiday next month. Then, whoever’s speaking asks you a question. *Gulp.*

And then, we have emails. Claimed to be a super-efficient mode of communication, which we don’t doubt for a second – but why do we feel compelled to compile a message on email when we can just ask our work chum, who’s sat less than a metre away from us, the question about that project with our mouths!?

Yes, meetings can be effective, and yes, email is a great way to keep in contact with colleagues and clients. But too many of either can sap productivity and motivation, and end up having a huge impact on team development.

In meetings, people tend to talk at people (while others listen). When we send emails, we talk to one another, but digitally. See what’s lacking here? Quality, genuine, two-way interactions, which are vital for good team development.

Tip-top communication is what makes good tribes great, so it’s time to sign-off from email, shut that boardroom door, and start developing your tribe the Go Ape way!

Have fun developing in the forest

Have you heard about our Team Development days? In a nutshell, you and your tribe get to escape the office for the day to reconnect, in the beautiful surrounds of the forest, as you take on a whole heap of tree-mendous activities.

The two-three hour session is aimed at improving communication among your tribe, as well as skills related to teamwork and problem-solving.

A couple of activities you can expect to take part in include the Plank Walk, which requires oodles of communication from every tribe member as you try to walk in synch (chanting “left, right, left, right, left right”). And then there’s the Blindfold Knot, where you’ll have to rely on tip-top communication to create a human-sized knot…blindfolded!

A Team Development day is an opportunity to bring all of your tribe together, away from life’s little (but many) distractions, and bond on a deeper level. And we guarantee that you’ll feel the positive impact the very next day in the office, when communication between all members of your tribe will be flowing!

Find out about our different team building days here …

Ways to celebrate a company milestone!

Office BBQ Party

In our opinion, any occasion is a cause for celebration! And here at Go Ape, we’ve certainly had a lot of occasions to celebrate recently, what with many of our courses reaching the big 1-0! Oh, and let’€™s not forget that it was Go Ape’€™s 15th birthday a couple of months ago, too.

Our celebrations have included hours of monkeying around in the treetops, topped with excessive amounts of banana cake,€“ which is OK, because we burned off those cals combatting obstacles in the canopy!

Do you have a company milestone coming up? It could be a big birthday, or perhaps you’€™re a few weeks away from reaching a sales target. Maybe you’€™re a smaller company and (after plenty of hard graft) you’€™ve just started turning a profit. Whatever your milestone, you should round-up your tribe and celebrate! Here are eight suggestions for what you can do:

1. Follow in our ape-shaped footsteps by booking a Tree Top Adventure at Go Ape! Take it from us, “ there’€™s nothing quite like celebrating in the canopy!
2. Break open the bubbly in the office this Friday afternoon (don’€™t forget non-alcoholic alternatives for those who drove in or don’€™t drink).
3. Say it with food by putting on a lunchtime feast for your tribe. In this weather, we find that BBQs and picnics go down a treat!
4. If your tribe have helped you to achieve a financial target, share the love with a surprise bonus in their pay packets.
5. Purchase a bunch of tickets for a local, upcoming show or concert you know your tribe will love.
6. Let your tribe have an extra day’s holiday this year, on you.
7. Learn a new skill en-masse with your tribe by booking a class. Ask your tribe what they’d like to do, Master pottery? Learn the samba? Make (and eat) some chocolate?
8. Buy some new equipment for the office for your tribe to enjoy. We have a table tennis here at Banana HQ and it’€™s provided us with endless hours of fun albeit sweaty fun.

When you reach your milestone€“ whether it’€™s a company anniversary or target it’€™s really important to get your tribe together and thank them personally. After all, without them, you wouldn’t have reached that milestone, and together they will help you to reach many more milestones in the future!

Go Ape takes on the Workplace Games

team gorilla workplace games

Last week, we took our own advice and got out of the office to tackle the Suffolk Workplace Games. Though we didn’t take home any of the shiny trophies (watch this space), we had an amazing day out, mixing teams and making memories.

Like many businesses, at Banana HQ we have multiple departments living under the same roof, whom we would like to see an awful lot more than we do. So, with an epic team day on the horizon, the sales, marketing, IT, finance, business development and HR teams all headed to Ipswich for the day.

Let the games commence

If you haven’t heard of the Suffolk Workplace Games before, just imagine an adult sport’s day. Throughout the day, we took on multiple competitive sports challenges where our opposing teams were other businesses around Suffolk. At 11am the softball tournament began, followed by volleyball, walking football, archery and many more challenges. Though the weather wasn’t always our friend, we had a great time, once again taking our own advice that “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.”

By the end of the day, we had a belly full of laughs (and a hog roast too). A firm favourite moment from the day was watching our MD furiously power-walking after a stray ball during “walking football.” If you’ve never played, we highly recommend it.

softball at the workplace games ipswich

Here’s what we thought

Here are some of the comments from our teams. We definitely left the Workplace Games as a slicker, more united tribe. What more could we ask for?

“My highlights were walking football and the concentration on people’s faces – and Alex dragging Bex along the floor when she went down during the 3-legged race. It’s fair to say, team Orangutan didn’t get that high on the leader board!” – Libby, CRM Manager

“Awesome day! Who thought walking around a football pitch would be so much fun!”  – Sarah, Events Organiser

“It was a great day, everyone was in stitches and found talents they never even knew they had! Highlight of my day had to be watching everyone playing walking football – there were some hilariously eye-watering techniques!” – Georgina, People Assistant

“The highlight of my day was the team morale! Even when we were losing everyone was still smiling, still boosting the team spirit and working well together! Even the rain couldn’t stop us!” Ash – Payroll Administrator

If you’re looking to get out of the office and plan a team day, why not get in touch with one of our Go Ape event organisers? Request a no obligation quote today. We hope to see you in the trees soon.

volleyball at the workplace games ipswich

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