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5 reasons why adventurous colleagues make for a better team!

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As a workforce, we can generally appreciate the benefits that come from having a range of personalities in your team. There are leaders that get people motivated, entertainers that maintain morale, and the compassionate defenders who are always looking after their pals. But what about the adventurers? Here are five reasons why having adventurous teammates makes for a better workforce.


1. They’re more receptive to new ideas

Not many people wake up one morning and think; “I’ll climb a mountain this year”. Taking on a big adventure comes after years of saying “yes” to opportunities others would decline. It’s the spirit of optimism, and an ability to see the bigger picture.


2. They’re willing to take risks

In today’s current business climate, it’s riskier to not take risks than it is to play it safe. Adventurous people understand the importance of taking carefully calculated risks. Playing it safe can only ever yield results for so long – comfort zones are great places, but nothing ever grows there.


3. They’re there for each other

People who undertake adventures rarely ever go solo – everyone knows that adventure is best when shared. Working together to overcome obstacles, adventure-goers tend to be supportive, proactive problem-solvers.


4. They know how to focus on the positives

Behind every smiley Instagram photo on the top of a hill, in the barrel of a boat, or at the entrance of a tent, lies aching muscles, soaking trousers, and a damp rucksack. As Bear Grylls says, the key to overcoming any form of adversity is positivity, positivity, positivity.


5. They’re goal-oriented, determined, and committed to developing themselves

It goes without saying, really, but pushing yourself beyond your normal limits, into situations that you might find initially uncomfortable takes hard work, persistence and courage. Adventurous people always have their eyes on the prize, and are determined to overcome any challenges they might face.


If you’re looking to get out of the office and plan a team day, why not get in touch with one of our Go Ape event organisers? Request a quote today. We hope to see you in the trees soon.

5 Team building games that you can try at work


Getting to know your work colleagues is one thing, but getting on well and working closely as a strong and effective team is another task entirely. How well could you say you know your colleagues or employees? And when was the last time you spent time bonding with them, rather than talking shop?

Here are 5 team building games that you can try to achieve team work, increase attention to detail, and get to know one another that little bit better.

1. Increase communication amongst the team

Encourage your colleagues to stand in a circle with their shoulders touching. Now lean into the circle and grab one person with your left hand, and a completely different person with your right hand (but don’t just grab the person next to you!) Now the challenge is to untangle everybody without breaking the circle once. This will require a lot of work and strategy to ensure nobody gets into a sticky position. Time yourselves to see if you can improve over time.

2. Fine tune your attention to detail

Just how good is your team’s attention to detail? Put it to the test with a brain game that involves everybody in the office (it’s basically spot the difference LIVE). With equal players, ask your colleagues to form two lines facing one another. Each team member then has 30 seconds to look at the person in front of them, before turning around or closing their eyes. Everyone then has 30 seconds to change 5 things about themselves, from lifting up a sleeve to removing a piece of jewellery. Task your team mate with finding these 5 things, then swap roles.

3. Get the creative thinking cap on

Arrange a scavenger hunt for your team. It can be as simple or complex as you wish (depending on how much time you have to spare). The hunt could take the team out of the office for a half day or it could just be as simple as hiding the milk for the tea round in a mysterious place. Leave notes in various places to lead your tribe to the prize. You can use difficult riddles to really get the team’s brain working hard to find where the next clue is. It is problem solving, creative thinking and team building all in one!

4. Encourage team work

Pair everyone up – looking for people who don’t usually work closely together, or need a little bit of help communicating. Tie two pieces of string around the bottom of a pen so that the pen hangs with the ballpoint facing downwards. Then tie the other ends of the strings around the waists of the team members. Ask them to stand back to back then lower the pen into a water bottle. This will require a lot of care and synchronicity to achieve the goal. Time the teams to add that extra competitive edge.

5. Get to know one another better

Offer everyone a small piece of paper and encourage them to write down 3 fun facts about themselves along with their name. Shuffle all the pieces of paper and dish them out randomly to the team. Each person takes it in turn to read out the clues, and the other team members have to guess who the facts belong to. Not only will it test your current knowledge of your team mates, but you might learn something new in the process.


These fun team building games are great to break the ice in the office, or to refresh your hard-working team. If you fancy a break from the office environment entirely, why not book a team day out to the forest and experience Go Ape? You can swing through the trees or glide on all-terrain segways before enjoying a forest feast with your tribe. Request a quote for your team day out here.

Why an office dog is as essential as a desk

bring your dog to work 1

How nice is that doggy in the office, wagging his cute little tail?

Today we present to you the mightily underappreciated creature known as the ‘office dog’.

Who let the dogs out? We did!

Here at Go Ape, we have our own herd of office dogs. They wander aimlessly around, digging in the dirt and chasing their tail around trees like nobody’s business. They have a whole forest for walkies after all!

And we’ve noticed this interesting phenomenon: on the days one of our pooches ambles into the office, the whole place perks up substantially. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that office dogs are essential rather than optional, for us anyway.

They’re not part of the furniture, or an added extra, they’re one of the things that makes it worth getting up and going to work in the morning. They make us human beings wag our metaphorical tails.

We’re just part of the pack

We’re by no means the first company to ever paw-therise dogs in the office, and plenty of big wigs such as Blue Cross and Nestle have a ‘dog-ffice’ environment, too, where people can bring in their lovable canines. But there are plenty of places out there that don’t, and we want to know why.

Why aren’t you letting the dogs be free and wild, able to settle down and nap near the water cooler? Who doesn’t need that in their life (unless you’re allergic of course, in which case, we completely see the issue)?

Have a ‘ruff’ task to get through?

According to the Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin, dogs reduce stress hormone levels, making human beings in the near vicinity 24% more trusting than usual. That’s a blooming huge difference.

Because it helps relax people, they’re also more likely to be productive (wahey!), meaning a nice office dog could help them beast through that super tough task that was making them really stressed in the first place.

Dogs are like catnip for people

In fact, it’s even thought that the bump in relaxation and productivity can have a significant impact on profits – yep, you heard us right – a doggy or two could even help increase how much your business makes. If that doesn’t incentivise you to follow our lead (teehee), we’re not sure what will.

Man (and woman)’s best friend, dogs are one of those wonderful things that make life seem infinitely better. Why not ask at your office if you can bring your four-legged friend into work? Don’t forget to mention that evidence shows that it could pay off for the business in the long-term.

Woof! Woof! Until next time!


Are you looking for ways to perk up your office? If you don’t have a pet dog to hand, how about some quality time together as a team outside of the office? Take a look at Go Ape’s team building days and request a quote today.

Could technology be making you tired at work?

Man using tablet whilst drinking coffee

We all love technology – it’s made our lives so much easier. Gone are the days of handwritten letters and wrist cramps, now are the days of buffer faces and “texting thumb” (seriously, look it up, it’s a real condition).

According to a recent study by Tesco, these wondrous creations are speeding up our daily tasks, but slowing us down mentally. Take a look at these surprising side-effects from man’s new best friend:


1) Not being able to sleep at night

This is caused by looking at your smart phone before bed. Believe it or not, the blue backlight from our phones has been found to keep people more alert. This is because it represses the hormone melatonin, which we all need for a peaceful night’s sleep.


Read a book before bed, instead of reading your newsfeed. If you really can’t wean yourself off of your smartphone, try using apps such as Twilight or f.lux to reduce the blue light emission from your device.

Our recommendation

Can’t sleep? The fresh air of the forest and the exercise from a Tree Top Adventure will have you sleeping like a baby!


2) Feeling a bit blue

Social media has been linked to various cases of anxiety and depression and it’s not too hard to see why. Glamorous celebrities and luxury lifestyles set a high living standard. When we see these as unachievable, it makes you feel less happy in your own skin.


Take a break from social media for a week and spend time with your friends and family. You’ll soon find that the best experiences are those you get to witness in person, not those that are reported on social media.

Our recommendation

Feeling blue? Getting back to nature is a proven form of therapy (eco-therapy to be exact). Breathe in the fresh air, take in the beautiful views and belly-laugh as you wipe out at the bottom of a Go Ape zip-wire


3) Short attention span

Caused, in part, by the multiple platforms designed to entertain us. According to Microsoft, we humans have shorter attention spans than goldfish! Between the umpteen channels on TV, to browsing the internet and scrolling through social media platforms, there is always something to grab our attention, and if something’s boring, the next best thing is just in the palm of our hands. No wonder Twitter limits itself to 140 character tweets!


Be tough with yourself and only allow allocated slots of smartphone time a day. Perhaps just a lunch time binge? You can even download apps that help you to monitor how much time you’re spending on your smartphone throughout the day (Tesco recommends BreakFree). Just be sure to shut off all devices before 10pm to get the best night’s rest.

Our recommendation

Short attention span? Forget about being entertained by endless scrolls of tweets and have a laugh with your Tribe instead. It will be hard to get bored as you and your team take on wobbly crossings, rope ladders, Tarzan swings and epic zip wires.


Rejuvenate your team

Want to hear our professional recommendation? Get away from tech for the day and get into the forest instead! We guarantee some forest fun can help you get rid of some tech-related ailments. Fancy finding out what a corporate team day out could look like for you? Request a quote today and a member of our Tribe will get back to you.

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