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Go Ape takes on the Workplace Games

team gorilla workplace games

Last week, we took our own advice and got out of the office to tackle the Suffolk Workplace Games. Though we didn’t take home any of the shiny trophies (watch this space), we had an amazing day out, mixing teams and making memories.

Like many businesses, at Banana HQ we have multiple departments living under the same roof, whom we would like to see an awful lot more than we do. So, with an epic team day on the horizon, the sales, marketing, IT, finance, business development and HR teams all headed to Ipswich for the day.

Let the games commence

If you haven’t heard of the Suffolk Workplace Games before, just imagine an adult sport’s day. Throughout the day, we took on multiple competitive sports challenges where our opposing teams were other businesses around Suffolk. At 11am the softball tournament began, followed by volleyball, walking football, archery and many more challenges. Though the weather wasn’t always our friend, we had a great time, once again taking our own advice that “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.”

By the end of the day, we had a belly full of laughs (and a hog roast too). A firm favourite moment from the day was watching our MD furiously power-walking after a stray ball during “walking football.” If you’ve never played, we highly recommend it.

softball at the workplace games ipswich

Here’s what we thought

Here are some of the comments from our teams. We definitely left the Workplace Games as a slicker, more united tribe. What more could we ask for?

“My highlights were walking football and the concentration on people’s faces – and Alex dragging Bex along the floor when she went down during the 3-legged race. It’s fair to say, team Orangutan didn’t get that high on the leader board!” – Libby, CRM Manager

“Awesome day! Who thought walking around a football pitch would be so much fun!”  – Sarah, Events Organiser

“It was a great day, everyone was in stitches and found talents they never even knew they had! Highlight of my day had to be watching everyone playing walking football – there were some hilariously eye-watering techniques!” – Georgina, People Assistant

“The highlight of my day was the team morale! Even when we were losing everyone was still smiling, still boosting the team spirit and working well together! Even the rain couldn’t stop us!” Ash – Payroll Administrator

If you’re looking to get out of the office and plan a team day, why not get in touch with one of our Go Ape event organisers? Request a no obligation quote today. We hope to see you in the trees soon.

volleyball at the workplace games ipswich

Top teamwork films to inspire your tribe!

Popcorn Movie
Popcorn at the ready!

Now, for all our differences and idiosyncrasies, there’s one thing that we all have in common: we all adore a good film!

Maybe you’re a horror fan who gets a buzz from being spooked. Or, maybe you prefer films that have you on the edge of your sofa from the off. Perhaps you enjoy marvelling at mega-glitzy blockbusters rammed with jaw-dropping special effects. Or, maybe you love nothing more than to spend Saturday nights curled up with bar of choccy and hugging a box of tissues, sobbing your heart out to a mushy, girl-meets-boy romcom.

Genres aside, every film makes us feel. Moving pictures have the potential to elicit every type of emotion from within us. We feel anger, pain, excitement, satisfaction, happiness…you name it, we can experience it.

Films can also teach us a thing or two. They can educate us and help us to learn about things like periods in history or cultures different from our own. And, they can also help teach tribes how to be better tribes!

Did someone say ‘Friday afternoon filmathon’?! We’ve picked some of our fave flicks that not only have great storylines, but will also inspire great teamwork among your tribe! Here they are…

Apollo 13

In this classic, a bunch of spacemen have to work together to solve an almost-impossible problem to guarantee their safe return to earth. There’s a good few lessons in leadership in Apollo 13, with Gene Krantz and Jim Lovell’s ability to control the chaos giving a huge confidence boost to the team on-board.

Remember the Titans

This film depicts the real-life tale of newly-appointed African-American coach as he struggles to unite his racially-integrated team. Through all their differences, they share the same goal: to win the state football championships. There’s tension, trials and tribulations in this movie, which delivers potent messages on trust, leadership, dedication and sacrifice.

Coach Carter

An equally inspiring film based on Richmond High School basketball coach Ken Carter. A dysfunctional team is united by their love of the sport, with each player yearning to be part of something bigger and better. As the plot unfurls, Carter’s the team goes from strength to strength, teaching us valuable lessons in discipline, courage and how to overcome adversity.

The Great Escape

A group of 250 men escape from a German prisoner of war camp in 1944, with success contingent on establishing individual roles among and working as a unit. Each person must come together to share their own knowledge and expertise in order to foil their captors and initiate an escape of epic proportions.

Cool Runnings

The message of this film? Nothing’s impossible when you work together as a team! Four Jamaican bobsledders dream of competing in the Winter Olympics, even though they’ve never set their eyes on snow. Cool Runnings is a tale of true determination, not to mention the ultimate feel-good flick!

What other films would you add to the list? 
If you’re looking to get out of the office and plan a team day, why not get in touch with one of our Go Ape event organisers? Request a quote today. We hope to see you in the trees soon.

We’ve been nominated! Best attraction for Team building


finalist for worldwide attractions awards

Well, November is shaping up to be a tree-mendous month for our hairy tribe here at Go Ape. This month, we’ve been nominated as one of the Top 1000 Inspiring Companies, the Best Adventure Experience at the School Travel Awards and now we’re in the top 4 for the Best Attraction for Team Building as part of the 2016 Worldwide Attractions Awards.


This year we’ve welcomed over 1000 companies into the trees to enjoy the team building that can only come from a team day out in the forest. Nothing brings a tribe together like tackling wobbly crossings in the trees, feeling the wind in your hair on a zip wire, or getting wood-chip pants as you wipe out in the landing zone. We’re very proud of our growing tribe and being nominated for the Best Attraction for Team Building is the cherry on the cake (or banana split in our case).


What is all the fuss about, we might hear you say? Well if you’d like to find out, why not get your team involved in a corporate event to Go Ape? You can choose from a Tree Top Adventure, Forest Segways, Forest Biking, African Drumming, BBQs and picnics or a mixture of them all! You can find out more information and request a quote for your tribe, right here.


If you would like to see who else has been nominated for the award or even get involved with the vote, you can find out more info at www.attractiontix.co.uk/waawards/2016-finalists. Voting closes on 00:00 on Sunday 27th November 2016.


We’ll keep our hairy fingers crossed to become the Best Adventure Experience in the WORLD!


Are they overlooked?

Go Ape Zip Line

As a leader, do you make it a priority to regularly acknowledge the hard work and dedication of each and every member of your tribe?

When recognising and rewarding your tribe’s efforts, it can be easy to (unintentionally) miss certain employees out. Perhaps you’re continually praising your sales team for hitting targets, but what about the rest of your tribe who help to make the company a success?

Admin workers, in particular, are often overlooked. They deal with the day-to-day running of the business, yet because they simply turn up to work and get on with it their hard work regularly goes unnoticed. There’s a misconception about the level of responsibility which comes with these roles, meaning some people underestimate their importance and value.

Well, it’s time to start giving them the respect they deserve!

Admin assistants are the unsung heroes of the office. In fact, calling them ‘assistants’ doesn’t do them enough justice, as they’re the backbone to your business. They’re organised, well-informed and dependable. They know the ins and outs of the company and they keep everything running like clockwork to make your job – and your tribe’s jobs – easier.

Just like a car without fuel, your company cannot run without a hard-working, dedicated admin team supporting you. And that’s why it’s super important to recognise and reward them for all their work in making your business the success it is today. If you’re a lucky company with great admin support, then it’s time to show some appreciation for your team!

Showing appreciation can be as simple as rounding everyone up and personally thanking them for their work.

But here’s another idea: why not show them how much you value them by taking them out for the day? Treating your tribe to a trip out of the office will give them a well-deserved break from filling in spreadsheets, answering phone calls, replying to emails, setting up meetings (the list goes on…).

It’s important to pick an activity your team will actually enjoy – you don’t want them wishing they were back sat at their desks mid-way through the day, do you!? Naturally, we have a suggestion for an awesome day out your tribe will love: Go Ape!

Swinging through the trees without a care in the world…doesn’t that sound great? Well, with our Tarzan-inspired Tree Top Adventure, your tribe can do just that (and you can join in the fun too!). Escape the office for a day of wobbling across bridges, swinging on stirrups, shimmying through tunnels and leaping off platforms – all of which are suspended high up in the tree tops.

Don’t think that’ll tickle your tribe’s fancy?

Well, you can always choose to cruise the forest floor onboard our all-terrain Forest Segways. This adventure involves a full hour of two-wheeled fun, as you and your tribe wind your way in and out of the trees via a mix of testing trails and simple pathways.

Go Ape is a chance for your tribe to let their hair down, unleash their inner Tarzans and enjoy a forest-themed adventure with one another. So, what are you waiting for? Get a quick quote and arrange your team day out now.

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