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Why too many meetings and emails lead to bad team development

Office Meeting
Business meetings have been hailed one of the biggest office time-wasters, and we can’t say we’re surprised. We’re sure, in the past, you’ve found yourself sat in the boardroom, eyelids heavy, stifling yawn after yawn while thinking, “Surely this could have been resolved in a five minute chat?”

…But no. An hour and a half later, you’re still sat in that stuffy room, eyes now fully glazed over, and you’ve started to daydream about dinner, and plans for the weekend, and your holiday next month. Then, whoever’s speaking asks you a question. *Gulp.*

And then, we have emails. Claimed to be a super-efficient mode of communication, which we don’t doubt for a second – but why do we feel compelled to compile a message on email when we can just ask our work chum, who’s sat less than a metre away from us, the question about that project with our mouths!?

Yes, meetings can be effective, and yes, email is a great way to keep in contact with colleagues and clients. But too many of either can sap productivity and motivation, and end up having a huge impact on team development.

In meetings, people tend to talk at people (while others listen). When we send emails, we talk to one another, but digitally. See what’s lacking here? Quality, genuine, two-way interactions, which are vital for good team development.

Tip-top communication is what makes good tribes great, so it’s time to sign-off from email, shut that boardroom door, and start developing your tribe the Go Ape way!

Have fun developing in the forest

Have you heard about our Team Development days? In a nutshell, you and your tribe get to escape the office for the day to reconnect, in the beautiful surrounds of the forest, as you take on a whole heap of tree-mendous activities.

The two-three hour session is aimed at improving communication among your tribe, as well as skills related to teamwork and problem-solving.

A couple of activities you can expect to take part in include the Plank Walk, which requires oodles of communication from every tribe member as you try to walk in synch (chanting “left, right, left, right, left right”). And then there’s the Blindfold Knot, where you’ll have to rely on tip-top communication to create a human-sized knot…blindfolded!

A Team Development day is an opportunity to bring all of your tribe together, away from life’s little (but many) distractions, and bond on a deeper level. And we guarantee that you’ll feel the positive impact the very next day in the office, when communication between all members of your tribe will be flowing!

Find out about our different team building days here …

5 reasons why adventurous colleagues make for a better team!

Go Ape Naturally Powered Days

As a workforce, we can generally appreciate the benefits that come from having a range of personalities in your team. There are leaders that get people motivated, entertainers that maintain morale, and the compassionate defenders who are always looking after their pals. But what about the adventurers? Here are five reasons why having adventurous teammates makes for a better workforce.


1. They’re more receptive to new ideas

Not many people wake up one morning and think; “I’ll climb a mountain this year”. Taking on a big adventure comes after years of saying “yes” to opportunities others would decline. It’s the spirit of optimism, and an ability to see the bigger picture.


2. They’re willing to take risks

In today’s current business climate, it’s riskier to not take risks than it is to play it safe. Adventurous people understand the importance of taking carefully calculated risks. Playing it safe can only ever yield results for so long – comfort zones are great places, but nothing ever grows there.


3. They’re there for each other

People who undertake adventures rarely ever go solo – everyone knows that adventure is best when shared. Working together to overcome obstacles, adventure-goers tend to be supportive, proactive problem-solvers.


4. They know how to focus on the positives

Behind every smiley Instagram photo on the top of a hill, in the barrel of a boat, or at the entrance of a tent, lies aching muscles, soaking trousers, and a damp rucksack. As Bear Grylls says, the key to overcoming any form of adversity is positivity, positivity, positivity.


5. They’re goal-oriented, determined, and committed to developing themselves

It goes without saying, really, but pushing yourself beyond your normal limits, into situations that you might find initially uncomfortable takes hard work, persistence and courage. Adventurous people always have their eyes on the prize, and are determined to overcome any challenges they might face.


If you’re looking to get out of the office and plan a team day, why not get in touch with one of our Go Ape event organisers? Request a quote today. We hope to see you in the trees soon.

Short and sweet team building

Yale employees team building on segways

A couple of years ago, tech giant Microsoft conducted a study on attention spans, surveying 2,000 Canadians and analysing the brain activity of 112 others using electroencephalograms (try to say that correctly the first time!). The results were…how do we put it…a little (very!) alarming.


Shorter than a goldfish

According to Microsoft, humans have such short attention spans that even a goldfish can hold a thought for longer! Gulp!


The results revealed that the average attention span has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000, to around 8 seconds on average. And guess what’s to blame for our dwindling attention spans? Those pesky digital companions of ours…aka, our smartphones!


Keep it short and sweet

If there’s a lesson to be learned from this study, it’s that it’s best to keep things short and sweet whenever you can. For instance, in the office, meetings need to be to-the-point; otherwise your tribe will be daydreaming of their weekend plans before you can say “pay attention!”


The benefit of the short and sweet approach is that you’ll limit time-wasting in the office, which in turn can boost business efficiency and productivity among your tribe.


Time to get out of the office

So, what about team building? According to another study, this time by event company Bluehat Group, just one single hour of fun can help to build bonds among your tribe, boosting engagement, motivation and morale as a result.


In fact, Bluehat’s study unveiled that we can learn more about people in an hour of play than in an entire year of conversation! So, short-and-sweet teambuilding works, but the activity has got to be fun for all involved. Wait a minute, we think we might have the solution (*drumroll please*)…


A Go Ape Forest Segway Experience!

How many of your tribe have been on a Segway before? Segway-ing is an activity that’s on a lot of people’s to-do list, but many people simply haven’t got around to doing it. Well, now’s your chance!


If you live and work in the city, you may have witnessed groups of people cruising the streets aboard Segways, led by a tour guide. Well, call us biased, but we don’t think an inner-city Segway adventure is half as fun as a forest one. You don’t want to be confined by concrete – you want to be able to roam free in the rugged, natural outdoors!


…and that’s exactly what a Go Ape Forest Segway Experience is all about. You’ll head out into the forest with your tribe in tow, navigating everything from simple pathways to more testing trails. Catch up with colleagues one at a time as you roll around – laugh together, learn more about them, let them know you appreciate all their hard work. But don’t get too engrossed in conversation that you forget to look where you’re going!


A Forest Segway Experience is not just an opportunity to get to know your tribe more; but also for your tribe to get to know one another more. Encourage your team to speak to new people and not just their OBBs (office best buds) – this will help to boost both team spirit and teamwork.


Ready to roll? You’ll need to book your mid-week adventure in advance – to do that, just request a quote from our hairy tribe and a team member will be in touch.

Tick tock… how long til the clocks go forward?

clock on a rustic table

Winter, it’s not us… it’s you! It was good while it lasted, but we’re leaving you. It’s time to move on. It’s time for something else. It’s time for SPRING! Well, it’s almost time for spring! The official start of the season is just over one month away, and we’re already on countdown. We can’t wait for spring to descend upon our forests and for them to burst into life!


Prepare to spring forward

The clocks go forward on Sunday, 26th of March. We’re telling you this now so you can put the date in your diary and start planning how you’re going to spend that extra hour!


Need some ideas? Here are 20:


  1. Start a life planner, writing down your goals and dreams for the future.


  1. Create the ultimate workout playlist.


  1. Spring clean the most cluttered room in your house.


  1. Catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while.


  1. Make a start on the book you bought yourself ages ago.


  1. Pick a new outdoor running route and convince your other half to join you.


  1. Have some ‘me’ time by indulging in a hot, bubbly bath (glass of wine optional).


  1. Bake a cake with your kids.


  1. Sign-up to a new class – Yoga? Pottery? French? Cooking?


  1. Switch off all tech and enjoy some quality time with your family.


  1. Lie-in without feeling guilty about it.


  1. Write a poem for someone special.


  1. Research and plan your next adventure.


  1. Host a tea and cake afternoon at your house.


  1. Find yourself a quiet spot and meditate.


  1. Tend to the shrubbery in your back garden.


  1. Pump up your bike tyres and head out for a ride.


  1. Read up about a time in history that’s always intrigued you.


  1. Prepare a batch of wholesome lunches that you’ll actually look forward to eating next week.


  1. Lend a helping hand to a friend, family member or stranger.


Team Days Out at Go Ape

Oh, wait! We’ve got a couple more suggestions for you. How would you like to spend that extra hour embarking on a fun, outdoor activity with your tribe? We would highly recommend heading skyward for some monkey-themed fun in the treetops! There really is no better way to spend a Sunday than by swinging from tree to tree, taking on a whole host of obstacles as you go.


See what all the fuss is about and request a quote for your Go Ape adventure today!


See you soon!

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