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6 happy hobbies you should adopt


With the days getting shorter and the nights getting darker, it’s easy to fall into a rut and start hibernating for the winter. You may not feel like doing much after driving home in the dark and fighting through the cold to get to your warm and snugly sofa, but trust us, these 6 hobbies will make you even happier than a mug of hot chocolate on an Autumn evening. According to Tesco, you should try these 6 happy hobbies to keep your mood sunny the whole year round:

1) “Bored” games

Not only does it bring the family together and have a warm, nostalgic feel, but it makes a change from normally tech-related past-times such as catching up on telly, playing video games or having your nose buried in your phone. According to Tesco, 46% of mums believe that a board game is a brilliant way to spend quality family time.

2) Weekly catch-ups

What’s better to put a smile on your face than catching up with a good friend. Put some time aside of an evening and give your friend a call. No texts, WhatsApps or Facebook messages, just some old-fashioned gabbing on the phone. Even better option, invite them over for a drink and a chat! Face to face wins every time.

3) Get creative

Whether you have a passion for writing, drawing, photography or even knitting, getting your creative juices flowing is very good for your well-being. It can help keep your brain active, improves your memory strength and release happy endorphins.

4) Winter work out

You may not feel so happy about going to the gym in the cold and dark, but once your exercises are complete you’ll feel like you can tackle the world. Exercise is another hobby that releases endorphins and not only will you feel good whilst exercising, but when you notice your fitness levels increasing and your belt getting looser, it becomes the gift that keeps on giving.

5) Sing-a-long season

It’s simple – just sing like nobody’s listening. Singing on your own can be an instant mood-lifter, however singing with a group is the real winner. According to the BBC, singing in a choir, a chorus, or even with carol singers could not only make you happier, but healthier too. Think it’s too good to be true? Read more here. 

6) Snuggle weather

Saving the best ’til last – a good hug can make everything better. Not only is a hug good for the heart (releasing Oxytocin, making you feel all happy inside), but it is also good for your health by helping to lower your blood pressure. There you have it, if you increase your daily hugs, you’ll be both happy and healthy this Winter!


Want to tick a few of these hobbies off your list in one fun day out? Book a Corporate Event with Go Ape and get your Tribe up in the trees. You can catch up with your colleagues outside of the workplace, release endorphins as you exercise your way around the course, and have a sing-a-long from the canopy while you’re at it! Want to find out more about team days out to Go Ape? Request a quote below.

Could technology be making you tired at work?

Man using tablet whilst drinking coffee

We all love technology – it’s made our lives so much easier. Gone are the days of handwritten letters and wrist cramps, now are the days of buffer faces and “texting thumb” (seriously, look it up, it’s a real condition).

According to a recent study by Tesco, these wondrous creations are speeding up our daily tasks, but slowing us down mentally. Take a look at these surprising side-effects from man’s new best friend:


1) Not being able to sleep at night

This is caused by looking at your smart phone before bed. Believe it or not, the blue backlight from our phones has been found to keep people more alert. This is because it represses the hormone melatonin, which we all need for a peaceful night’s sleep.


Read a book before bed, instead of reading your newsfeed. If you really can’t wean yourself off of your smartphone, try using apps such as Twilight or f.lux to reduce the blue light emission from your device.

Our recommendation

Can’t sleep? The fresh air of the forest and the exercise from a Tree Top Adventure will have you sleeping like a baby!


2) Feeling a bit blue

Social media has been linked to various cases of anxiety and depression and it’s not too hard to see why. Glamorous celebrities and luxury lifestyles set a high living standard. When we see these as unachievable, it makes you feel less happy in your own skin.


Take a break from social media for a week and spend time with your friends and family. You’ll soon find that the best experiences are those you get to witness in person, not those that are reported on social media.

Our recommendation

Feeling blue? Getting back to nature is a proven form of therapy (eco-therapy to be exact). Breathe in the fresh air, take in the beautiful views and belly-laugh as you wipe out at the bottom of a Go Ape zip-wire


3) Short attention span

Caused, in part, by the multiple platforms designed to entertain us. According to Microsoft, we humans have shorter attention spans than goldfish! Between the umpteen channels on TV, to browsing the internet and scrolling through social media platforms, there is always something to grab our attention, and if something’s boring, the next best thing is just in the palm of our hands. No wonder Twitter limits itself to 140 character tweets!


Be tough with yourself and only allow allocated slots of smartphone time a day. Perhaps just a lunch time binge? You can even download apps that help you to monitor how much time you’re spending on your smartphone throughout the day (Tesco recommends BreakFree). Just be sure to shut off all devices before 10pm to get the best night’s rest.

Our recommendation

Short attention span? Forget about being entertained by endless scrolls of tweets and have a laugh with your Tribe instead. It will be hard to get bored as you and your team take on wobbly crossings, rope ladders, Tarzan swings and epic zip wires.


Rejuvenate your team

Want to hear our professional recommendation? Get away from tech for the day and get into the forest instead! We guarantee some forest fun can help you get rid of some tech-related ailments. Fancy finding out what a corporate team day out could look like for you? Request a quote today and a member of our Tribe will get back to you.

How To Promote a Healthy and Happier Workforce

Motivation Mondays

The average working person spends 90,000 hours in their lifetime working.

Scary figure!

The importance of keeping motivated, healthy and happy is not to be underestimated. Not looking after yourself can lead to an array of ill-health and absences, which are not only bad for you but also bad for business.

If you have noticed a few team members are feeling a bit sluggish, lets look at some tips to perk them up again.

Just smile…

Ever heard of Neurotransmitters? These are tiny molecules, which include the mood lifters dopamine, endorphins and serotonin activated by smiling.

Research shows that forcing a smile even if you don’t feel like it will lower the body’s stress levels an provide a quick pick me up-come on, you can do it!

Buddy up

Having someone to confide in and have a laugh with is vital for wellbeing so it makes perfect sense to bring some of that goodness to the workplace!

As well as increasing engagement, it will create a support system for both of you and make work feel a little less like work.

Healthy from the inside out

Yes I know you will have heard it a million times already but that’s only because it’s true!

Enforcing a balanced diet and keeping hydrated (aim for at least a litre and a half a day) will boost your energy level and attitude and help you steer clear of the 3pm mood dip.

Move about

If you are in the position to cycle or walk to work-fantastic, but for most of us this isn’t the case. But you can make a conscious effort by taking the stairs, walking to someone’s desk to talk to them, and most importantly, make a break for the outside during your lunch. The air will refresh you and the movement will stretch out the ‘desk hunch’ stance!

The desktop nasties…

Just because you can’t see them..! There are a host of unwelcome guests that will survive for days lurking on your mouse, keyboard and generally anything that gets touched.

Ask your employer for some disinfectant wipes to beat the viruses.

Don’t forget to share our top tips with your team, if could be just what they need to brighten their day.