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Swap city air for forest air

Go Ape - Tree Top Adventure

Is your office based in the heart of the city, amidst all the hustle and bustle? While we prefer our leafy hideout, we understand why so many people love working in the city. It’s exciting, commuting is easy (if a little cramped), and you’re able to just ‘pop out’ for lunch on an afternoon. Oh, and let’s not forget after-work drinks on the occasional (every) Friday.


Life moves super-fast in the city; but we all need to slow things down from time to time. We all need to stop, be still and take a breather.


…And speaking of ‘breather,’ the city air we inhale is no good for our lungs. It’s thick and polluted; and it may be invisible to the eye, but it can have a damaging impact on our health in the long run.


Feelin’ fresh


If you’re thinking of organising a teambuilding trip for your tribe, here’s a thought: why not leave the city smog behind for the day and head somewhere where the air is fresh, crisp and clean? Somewhere natural and peaceful, away from the constant noise?


You could, for example, take a trip to the forest and come hang with Go Ape! Did you know that the trees in the forest purify the air? They’re clever little things, absorbing odours and nasty pollutants, and filtering particulates out of the air by catching them on their leaves and bark. You won’t find cleaner air anywhere else!


Booking a forest-themed adventure at Go Ape is not only a great way to treat your tribe, but you’ll also be giving their health and well being a boost!


Benefits of fresh air

Want to know the specific benefits of forest air? Here are 7:


  1. Lowers blood pressure


  1. Reduces stress


  1. Gives us more energy


  1. Improves sleep


  1. Helps us to focus


  1. Boosts our immune system


  1. Makes us happier!


Your tribe are sure to benefit from some time among the trees, but you will too. If you all return to the office the next day feeling energised, focused and more optimistic, that’s bound to have a positive impact on productivity levels and your bottom line!


What to do next?

So, what to do? You could all embark on a Tree Top Adventure, where you’ll head up high to tackle an assortment of obstacles, from nets and ladders to tunnels, stirrups, swings and bridges! Oh, and let’s not forget the zip wires!


Alternatively, you could hop aboard some of our all-terrain Segways and roll about the forest floor, weaving in and out of the trees as you go. Really, it’s whatever works for you, your tribe and your budget. But we do recommend combining both adventures for the ultimate Go Ape day out!


One of our friendly tribe members will happily talk you through your options and let you know what extras are available, including food, a dedicated host and use of nearby conference facilities. Simply request a quote today.

A breath of fresh air


Working in an office during summer can be tough. The chairs are sticky, and the fans dotted around the room just seem to circulate the hot air.

We treat ourselves to an ice lolly and that cools us down, but five minutes later were roasting again. We stare out of the window from behind our desks, daydreaming of BBQs, beaches and bike rides.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could swap fans for a gentle breeze? Air con for fresh, outdoor air? Wi-Fi for a more natural connection? Desks and chairs for ropes and swings? Well, guess what? You can at Go Ape!

Leave the confines of the office and embark on a forest-themed adventure with your tribe!

Ditch those stuffy office suits for cool, comfy clobber as you swing from tree to tree, tackling obstacles and impressing your work chums with your loudest Tarzan holler!

We offer mid-week corporate events and cater to tribes both small and large (and medium-sized, of course). We know that one-size-fits-all doesn’t work with team days out, and that’s why you can tailor your trip to suit your needs and budget. From picking your grub to hiring conference facilities, we’ve got everything you need for an ultimate forest foray.

A Tree Top Adventure is great for a number of reasons (if we do say so ourselves).

Firstly and most importantly its fun, and gives your tribe a chance to let their hair down and enjoy some hang time with their workplace chums. It also promotes healthy living by allowing your tribe to break out of their sedentary work routine and get forest fit, burning up to 660 calories in just 2-3 hours!

And then there are all the areas of teamwork that a Tree Top Adventure aims to improve. If some members of your team are a little shy or don’t have much self-belief, a Tree Top Adventure can give their morale a much-needed boost. If you think that communication is lacking between your tribe, tackling obstacles together will help them feel more comfortable and confident with one another.

If you want to enjoy the wonders of the forest but don’t fancy canopy exploring, you can always book a Forest Segway Experience.

From two legs to two wheels, our all-terrain Segways will take you into the heart of the woodland for an hour of exploration.

Ultimately, a Go Ape adventure is a great way of thanking your tribe for all their hard work this summer for covering for their colleagues when they were on holiday, and for not moaning (too much) when the air con conked it. It’s a chance to get out into the great outdoors and make the most of summer – while its still here!

If you want to find out more about our corporate events or book an adventure, request a quote now. Catch you soon!

Why fresh thinking needs fresh air!

Outdoor Team Building

We have all been there at work, a deadline looms, stress levels are on the rise, lunch is quickly consumed at your desk whilst you stare hypnotically at your computer screen.

All whilst you inhale and exhale the same, stale air circulating around the room probably churned out of an air conditioning unit or heater. You may feel lethargic and drained by the end of the day, but don’t blame it all on your workload, not taking time to step outside for a few minutes could be the culprit!

Fresh air can be heavily overlooked as a health benefit but it actually has some big secrets I am going to reveal to you…

Say no to fatigue

Every time you breathe in the same air in a closed off space, the oxygen levels in the air change, which means you may feel tired or develop a headache as your cells aren’t operating at optimum level, and your body is working overtime to remain healthy.

And cleanse…

Think of all the dust and chemicals in the work place. Nobody will thank you for introducing them into the system! Clean air purifies the lungs and the blood, when you exhale you are exempting toxins from your system and increasing your energy levels with a fresh bout of lovely oxygen.

The big brain freeze

If you have hit a mental wall it could be down to your brain needing twenty percent of your body’s oxygen to perform efficiently-you won’t get a ‘light bulb moment’ staying cooped up for hours on end. Re-fuel on the pure stuff, get outside!

Weight loss crusade?

On a diet and want to boost its progress? Get outside for some deep breaths and a stroll. Fresh air can aid your body with its digestion of your lunch, and exercise outside will improve your breathing technique.

This means your endurance will skyrocket and decrease the likelihood of the crippling cramps caused by an overload of lactic acid-and what causes this? Oxygen deprived muscles of course!

Better Zzz’s

Walking away from your desk and soaking up at least 15 minutes of daylight in a regular daily time slot (make it a morning for better results), can shut down a chemical called melatonin, this is what the body produces when night time looms to help us feel sleepy.

But this time outside will inhibit an early melatonin release, possibly caused by artificial lighting, and aid your body in developing a more regular body clock leading to a consistently good nights sleep.

Be happy!

Ever heard the word serotonin but not really sure what it means? Serotonin is created within our bodies, and seen as the chemical which keeps our mood balance in check, and fresh air or lack of can play a huge part in how you are feeling- for a happier you, take some deep breathes in the great outdoors…

Does your team need a boost? Why not get out of the office for some fresh air and fun with a Go Ape team building day. Request a quote in under a minute here.