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Team building with Yale

Yale employees team building on segways

Yale’s team building planYale Logo

Who: Yale Lock Manufacturers

What: Team building on the Go Ape Forest Segway Experience 

When: A very hot day in July

Where: Forest of Dean


Now onto the good stuff. Every so often, we receive a case study that reminds us why we offer team building experiences to the glorious people of Britain. This year, we had the pleasure of Yale in the trees and their tribe’s feedback is enough to bring a tear to the eye. 

Sit back, peel a banana, and prepare to be immersed in Yale’s forest segway adventures.

The first-hand story from Yale (tissues at the ready *sniff sniff*)

Well what can I say, it started in a small room on a hot sunny day (31 degrees) with no ventilation and a few issues that needed to be aired. After about an hour we decided that if we didn’t get out of the room the end result of what was supposed to be a problem solving day was about to finish with more issues than we started with!

Later that morning we brought lunch forward and had 30 minutes rest to recharge and rehydrate. The topic of the events soon came up and as nobody had been told what event we were doing, conspiracies started flying around covering such events as the usual (boring) round of golf to a trip around the local Chepstow Castle, but my lips stayed sealed.

Temperatures outside and in the room seemed to get worse through the afternoon, when eventually things broke down and the meeting brought to an early finish due to nobody giving way and the fact that nothing had been achieved. This now led me on to the daunting fact I was about to send 6 men and 1 woman to a team bonding session on Segways and didn’t want them to be running each other over!

This now leads me on to the part “Well what can I say?” The news announcement came with, what I can only describe as complete shock and a real feeling of something new that hadn’t been done before by any of the group (extra point to me). 

All aboard the forest segways

We bundled into cars and headed off to Mallards Pike. This is a fantastic spot to visit even without the Go Ape experience due to the peace and quiet, something I or the team hadn’t had all day.

We rolled up to the guys and girls at the cabin and were instantly greeted with a warm hello and introduction to the team. At this point I noticed we were all standing together and for the first time communicating on a more personal level.yale employee on segway

15 minutes later, after the training session to ensure we all understood the rules and would be safe on the Segways, we were off into the woods. Again I noticed that two of the group members who, for want of a better expression, don’t see eye to eye were laughing at one another and a real sense that we had moved on from a very difficult day came to me. This was further enforced to me as we stopped half way round when the group leader wanted to check we were all OK and happy to continue and the two colleagues in question asked each other for a selfie!!!

The long ride home

At this point we are on the last stretch when people were asking if they have spaces should we do it again! This is a first for any event I have ever attended or arranged and that meant the day was considered to be a success.

After the event we all had a beer brought by me in a cooler (1 more point) by the lake and at this point things that had been an issue during the day were conceded and from that we managed to enter into a contract with a major retailer, that allowed us to maintain the expected growth for this year. I can say that we will be back!

Thanks for a brilliant day and for the team bond we now share.


What a result! We’re very proud of what we do, and the teams we help bring together. We’re thrilled that Yale had a tree-mendous team building experience and look forward to seeing them again.

Can you see your tribe swinging through the trees together? Reap all the benefits of some “tribe time” and request a quote today for a team building day with a difference.

iRobot’s team building day

Team Building in the trees

The team building plan

iRobot Logo in GreenWhen – Tuesday 13th September 2016

Where – Swinley Forest, Bracknell

What was included – A bacon & fruit brunch upon arrival, before a busy day of Tree Top Adventure, Forest Biking and Forest Segways, followed by a BBQ for dinner with a dedicated host to organise the timings for the day.

iRobot’s banana rating of their day

We asked iRobot what they were hoping to get out of the day, they told us it was to “boost team performance”. We asked them (out of 10) how well they think we achieved this. They gave us 9 out of 10.

We then asked them to rate every other aspect of the journey (out of 5):

Booking Process – 4 bananas
Quality Of Safety Brief – 5 bananas
Customer Service – 4 bananas
Value For Money – 5 bananas
Course Experience – 5 bananas
Welcome Upon Arrival – 4 bananas

Total bananas in our bunch – 36 out of 40 bananas

Unedited feedback from iRobot 

We had an awesome time, the treetop was fantastic, the highlight of the day. I’ve received many e-mails congratulating the day. The mountain biking and segway was thoroughly enjoyed also. The segway was a brilliant choice on such a warm day, everyone really enjoyed it – although it was a little stop-starting during the hour, perhaps the group should have been broken down into a couple of groups. The catering lady was fantastic, the food was really tasty and just what we needed after a tough morning in the treetops. Great choice.

Can you see your tribe swinging through the trees? Perhaps it’s time to find out. Request a quote today for a team-building day with a difference.

Zip outside of your comfort zone…

Segway Team Building

Comfort zones. We’re not a fan of them.

Why? Well, in our opinion, our comfort zones stop us from being adventurous, trying new things and pushing our physical (and mental) abilities to see what we’re really made of. Comfort zones are a lot like a plush, king size bed with crisp sheets and plump pillows: they’re really comfortable, but you wouldn’t want to stay in them forever (or we hope not, anyway).

That’s why, when you visit Go Ape with your tribe for a team building day, we encourage you to bid farewell to your comfort zones! We encourage you not to step out of them, but to climb, cross, clamber, swing and zip outside of them!

A team building day brings many challenges for you and your tribe. Leaving your comfort zones will enable you to tackle those challenges head on. Here are a few examples:

Challenge 1. Communication barriers

When we work in the office all day, we become best buds with our neighbours but rarely chat to colleagues on the other side of the room, on different floors or in different buildings. A Go Ape team building day aims to knock down those communication barriers – without the awkward icebreakers.

When visiting Go Ape, you should split your tribe into groups of employees who don’t work closely with one another. After tackling one of our tree-top obstacle courses together, you can guarantee they’ll know each other a lot better. The result? New friendships, improved communication in the workplace and a boost to staff morale.

Challenge 2. The course

Our tree-top obstacle courses are physically demanding (you’ll burn upward of 600 calories). The challenge, for some of your tribe, might simply be completing course. But, they’ll have their new buds to guide them through the obstacles – to give tips on how to tackle certain sections and to shout “jump!” when they’re perched on the Tarzan swing platform. Giving one another support and encouragement will help further cement new friendships.

Challenge 3. A few of your tribe don’t like heights

There are bound to a couple of your tribe that don’t like heights. That’s OK – we get that a lot here. Our job, and your job, is to help them overcome their fears by giving them the confidence to combat it. If they manage to fight their fears, they’ll feel on top of the world (or on top of the forest, at least). And this will mean that they’ll return to work with a boost to their self-confidence, which can come in handy when tackling work-related tasks.

Forest SegwayChallenge 4. Decisions, decisions!

Now, here’s a challenge for you: what kind of team building trip do you want to book? Do you fancy hanging in the trees, or whizzing round the forest floor on a bunch of Segways?

You’ve got to decide what you fancy for lunch (a simple picnic or hearty BBQ feast), as well as if you want any optional extras, such as a dedicated host, use of our conference facilities and garden games.

Get 25% off Forest Segway

We will help tailor the day to suit your needs and budget – get in touch with one of our friendly team members today to find out more. Plus for all of August you can save 25% off Forest Segway team days at Go Ape across the UK – find out how here.

Spring Is In The Air…

Segway Team Building

So, it’s been a month now since our forest doors opened for another spectacular season of tree-top tree-mendousness! It’s been great seeing so many familiar faces, as well as welcoming new visitors to the Go Ape tribe.

Spring is finally in the air, and we can’t help but feel hugely excited about it. The weather’s warming up, and the clocks going forward on the 29th means we’ll be blessed with another hour of sunlight in the evenings. Lovely!

Of course, spring is best enjoyed outdoors, so why not give your tribe a much-needed break from the office and treat them to a day in the trees? Get out of your suits and into something a little more comfortable for an afternoon tackling obstacles, whizzing down zip wires and swinging from tree to tree. It’s time to celebrate adventure!

And while you and your tribe are busy celebrating your adventurous sides, we’ll also be doing some celebrating of our own this month, as on the 26th we’ll be turning 13 years old (candles at the ready). Yes, Go Ape will be entering its teenage years but don’t worry, there’ll be no mood swings – just Tarzan swings!

We can’t believe that it was 13 years ago when we set up our very first obstacle course in Thetford. Since then, we’ve grown from a five-strong tribe to employing over 1,000 instructors, who work on courses across the UK and US. It’s fair to say we’ve come a long way and we’ve got you, our fellow Go Apers, to thank for that.

The Go Ape ethos has remained the same since day dot: to create and inspire adventure, and to encourage everyone to live life adventurously. We firmly believe that being adventurous is the key to happiness; so go on, get out there and have some fun!

We offer corporate team-building events tailored to your needs and budget, whether you want to come hang in the trees with us or explore the forest on-board a bunch of Segways. We also offer catering options and conference facilities, should you want them.

PS. If you plan to visit us with your tribe on the 26th, don’t forget to wish us an ‘Apey Birthday!’


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