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Stuck behind a screen?

Digital Detox

Does your job require you to stare at a computer all day long?

If so, it can sometimes feel like you spend your entire week stuck behind a screen; like you spend more time gazing into digital space than you do looking at (and appreciating) the real things around you.

It’s quite a depressing thought. Even more depressing is the long list of side effects associated with too much screen time. Taking the biggest hit is our eyes, which can become sore, strained, red, itchy or watery (hopefully not all at the same time). We can also suffer from headaches, blurred or double vision, and increased sensitivity to light.

All in all, not so good.

Of course, there are things you can do to help prevent such side effects.

Adjusting brightness, using an anti-glare screen, and ensuring the office is sufficiently lit will all help to limit eye strain as much as possible. But, the very best thing you can do is step away from the screen and give your eyes (and brain) a well-earned rest!Tree Top Adventure

Most people can’t help but spend lots of time on a computer, especially when it’s part of their job. But what about before and after work? Do you remain stuck behind a screen during your spare time, idly surfing the web, scanning social media and snapping pics of your dinner? And what about lunch – do you give your eyes a rest, or do you simply move from big screen to small screen, and then back again?

You’ve got to switch off to switch off – it’s as simple as that.

Put your tablet back in your bag, pocket your smartphone, and turn those monitors off. Rather than pinging your colleague an email, speak to them face-to-face; rather than reminiscing over Facebook memories, get out there and make some brand new memories!

If you want to visit somewhere that’s tech-free, somewhere you can’t connect to Wi-Fi but can connect to nature, there’s only one place to go: the forest!

Whether you’re a team leader or simply one of the tribe, why not suggest ditching the devices for the day and swinging through the tree tops at Go Ape instead? Breathe in that fresh, forest air as you unleash your inner Tarzans, climbing, crawling, stepping, swinging and zipping your way through one of our award-winning Tree Top Adventure courses!

Time in the tree tops is good for the soul. It’s mood-lifting, stress-busting and morale-boosting! It’s a chance for you to catch some hang time with your work chums, bonding over a heap of ape-inspired obstacles.

If you swung through the trees on your last visit to Go Ape, you could always embark on a Forest Segway Experience this time around. Roll through the forest with your tribe in tow, weaving in and out of the trees as you try to spot woodland wildlife.


There’s a world of fun and adventure out there, don’t let it pass it you by. Step away from those screens whenever you can, and go experience the real world!

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A little breather might be all they need…

Segway Team Building

Sometimes, less is more. Things don’t need to last hours to make an impact: a 20-minute run could be all that’s needed to help clear your mind, while a 10-minute natter with your best mate could be all it takes to cheer you up after a long and stressful week.

There’s a reason why short is sweet – especially when it comes to team building activities. Obviously, a day out of the office will always be appreciated, but an hour of outdoor fun in the morning or afternoon could have just as much of a positive impact on your tribe.

But, there’s a crucial ingredient needed if short-and-sweet team building is to work: fun! Not so long ago we came across research by event firm Bluehat Group which discovered that we can learn more about people in just 60 minutes of play than we can in a whole year of conversation. The idea is that having fun creates a sense of unity whilst building bonds and boosting collaboration – all of which are key to effective team building, and all of which can be achieved in just an hour!

You might simply not have the money or time spare to take your tribe out for the whole day, but it’s still possible to treat them to a fun, short-and-sweet activity guaranteed to raise their spirits and put smiles on their faces. Besides, you don’t want a team building trip to drag so much that your tribe would rather be sat at their desks, would you!?

Here’s a thought: how does cruising the forest floor for an hour sound to you? And when we say ‘cruising,’ we mean rolling around on Go Ape’s all-terrain Segways!

Forest SegwayA Forest Segway Experience lasts around 60 minutes and is an ideal adventure for tribes in need of a little breather from their work.

It’s a chance for your team to disconnect with tech and reconnect with nature; to get outdoors and make the most of this beautiful (ever improving!) spring weather.

The experience includes a safety demo and practise session before you’re all let loose to roam the forest floor. You’ll navigate everything from smooth pathways to more testing trails as you work your way in and out of the trees. Mastering the art of balance takes a while for some folk, so we make sure you’ve all nailed it before you set off on your adventure!

Our short and sweet Segway Experience is available at numerous forests across the UK. If you’re thinking of rolling with us, we suggest you book in an afternoon session as your tribe might not be able to fully focus after all the forest fun!

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Roll out with your Tribe this spring.

Go Ape in the Great Outdoors

Now spring has sprung and it’s getting warmer, it’s the ideal time to organise an outdoor, mid-week treat for your hard-working tribe!

If you’re looking for a corporate team building activity with a bit of spirit, how does whizzing around the forest floor aboard a bunch of all-terrain Segways sound to you!? Our Segways came out of hibernation earlier this month and are ready and waiting to take you and your tribe on an utterly unique forest adventure.

A Go Ape Segway Experience is the perfect team building activity. Why? Well, first, because it brings your tribe together, helping to form relationships and strengthen bonds. Second, it’s wheely good fun, helping to boost team spirit! If team building activities aren’t enjoyable they simply won’t succeed in their mission – which is, to build teams.

If your tribe is office-based and spend their days sat at a desk, they’re bound to appreciate an outdoor adventure where they can stretch their legs and breathe in that fresh, forest air! For one day, you should allow them to disconnect from tech and reconnect with nature!

Forest SegwayOur hour-long Segway Experience is available at 11 Go Ape locations and includes a safety demo from one of the Go Ape tribe, a practice session, and off-road roaming. The route will include simple pathways as well as some tricky trails, so mastering the art of balance before you set off is essential! And at end of your adventure, you and your tribe will each receive a certificate to prove you’re super Segway-ers!

Spring is the perfect season for forest adventures.

It’s not too hot, not too cold, the birds are singing, bees are buzzing and flowers are blooming. And you’ll notice all these wonderful signs of spring as you weave your way through the trees.

If you want to make the most out of your day out at Go Ape, you can combine your Segway Experience with one of our award-winning Tree Top Adventures! After an hour of rolling around, you’ll head up high into the tree tops for 2-3 hours of climbing, swinging, leaping off platforms and whizzing down zip wires. Sound fun? Of course it does!

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Tips for an amazing staff Christmas party!


‘Tis (almost) the season for Christmas parties! Have you organised yours?

Even though you may not have your reindeer antlers on and tinsel around your computer screen just yet, with November here it’s now completely acceptable to start planning your team’s Christmas party. This year, why not treat your tribe to an original, memorable and perfectly-planned work’s do? After all, it’s a way of saying a whopping big ‘thank you’ for all their hard graft throughout the year.

If you’re looking for festive inspiration, we’ve got a few ideas to ensure your Christmas party is one to remember – for all the right reasons!

A cracking theme

We all love to see our colleagues dress up and look silly, and when all the tribe is involved it really does create a sense of unity. Don’t come up with a theme the day before the party, though; give them plenty of notice and encourage everyone to pull out all the stops – whether the theme is ‘Winter Wonderland’ or ‘Worst Christmas Jumpers’. Oh, and don’t forget your camera!


Remember at school when you won a prize in assembly and had to go up to the front to collect it? Good feeling, wasn’t it?! Well, the staff Christmas party is a great time to recognise key individuals, as well as the tribe as a whole – prizes can be as big or as small as you like. Think up a few short, funny words to say, and use a microphone so your mini speech doesn’t get lost in the hubbub!

Great grub

The key to any employee’s heart is through their stomach! If you want your Christmas party to go down in history as the best yet, you have to ensure that the food is top-notch. Don’t feel you have to go down the ‘turkey with all the trimmings’ route: ask around to see what your tribe fancies. If they want dim sum, give them dim sum!

Pick-ups/ drop-offs

It’s unlikely that all members of your tribe will live within walking distance of your chosen venue, so make sure you organise transportation well in advance so that they get home safely. Mini buses are always an economical option.

Fun games

The group that plays together, stays together! Get your tribe interacting by arranging fun and inclusive games – and make sure you organise these before the event, not during!

Go Ape!

For a truly unique Christmas do, why not come and hang with us at Go Ape during the day? As long as there’s 20 or more Gorillas in your Tribe we’ll open up one of our 29 courses mid-week, just for you. One of the great things about a day out at Go Ape is that all the monkeying around in the treetops really brings people together. That, and the Santa hats you’ll all be wearing, of course! Get a quick quote from our Corporate Events team now.

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