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De-stress on treetop nets with your tribe!

Nets KIngdom Blog
No one likes to feel stressed, but for many people it’s an unavoidable reality of their busy working lives. Saying that, a smidgen of stress isn’t always a bad thing; according to experts, it can actually motivate you to meet your goals for the day.

But then there’s also bad stress, when you constantly feel under pressure and pushed to the very max. And this type of stress is counter-intuitive, as it can make you feel less driven and less enthusiastic about your work. It can even make you unwell, if it carries on for a long time.

So, as tribe leader, you need to help your tribe to achieve that perfect balance in their roles. No doubt they want to be challenged (as this will help them to develop and flourish), but there’s a line between tasks and responsibilities that are challenging, and those that are downright impossible!

Time to unwind!

You know what will help your tribe to secure that golden balance? If you treat them to regular away days, where they can switch off from work and leave their worries behind in a pile on their desk! So, how does de-stressing in a netted playground suspended 30 feet up in the air sound!?

Yep, you read that right! Go Ape is pleased and proud to unveil a brand new, one-of-a-kind adventure soon to be launched in Black Park! Nets Kingdom is a mammoth connected structure of bounce nets (one filled with giant balls), bridges slides and climbing towers and is fun for all ages!

The Kingdom is encased within 3,000 square metres of hammock-like netting, so it’s safe as tree houses. Speaking of which, there are some of them in Net Kingdom, too!

Nets Kingdom is the perfect spot to kick back with your tribe. To unwind, to switch off, to reconnect with nature. And most importantly, to have some fun!

For the ultimate Go Ape day out, why not swing through the trees before hanging out in them? An award-winning Tree Top Adventure course is the perfect team building and team bonding activity. You’ll take on tunnels, bridges, swings, stirrups and zips. Oh, you’ll also have to clamber up and across nets, so you’ll get in some practice before venturing to the Kingdom!

Between your adventures, you could always back with your tribe in our exclusive Forest Shelter and enjoy some tasty grub, prepared by us. Choose from a simple picnic, or a more hearty forest BBQ (which your tribe may appreciate more after swinging through the trees and working up an appetite).

Black Park is the only Go Ape with Nets Kingdom for the moment, but we’re sure that the activity will be launched in other courses in the future. So don’t feel too disappointed if you aren’t near, anyway, there’s bound to be a local course where you and your tribe can swing through the trees or whizz through the forest floor via a bunch of all-terrain, self-balancing Segways!

De-stress your Tribe by booking a team day out to Nets Kingdom …

Come and meet the tribe

events tribe steve at the HRD summit show

Our Go Ape tribe are making the rounds over the next few months, attending shows and meeting with the public to answer any questions and queries you may have. The tribe will have information on our Team Days Out to hand, as well as some VR headsets so you can virtually experience the adventure before you book. Anything you may need, our tribe will be on hand to help.


Where to find us…


London Summer Event Show

A trendy themed exhibition that brings together a mix of the best summer venues things to do with your team when the weather gets warmer. We’d like to think we’re one of them. Find us in the Street Party Room on Stand E7 talking about all things adventure.

24th – 25th January 2017

Banking Hall 14 Cornhill, EC3V 3ND


HRD Summit

The Human Resources Director Summit will be taking place in Birmingham in January 2017! You can come enjoy seminars from 11 keynote speakers or come and meet the teams exhibiting. You’ll be able to find us on Stand 19.

31st Jan – 1st Feb 2017

The ICC, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2EA


Office Confex Show

Office, International Confex and the Event Production Show have joined forces to bring the ultimate event for PAs, EAs, Office Managers and the like. We’ll be there from the 1st March, hopefully bringing some sunshine, smiles and some inspiration for outdoor team building.

1st -2nd March 2017

Olympia, London, Hammersmith Rd, London W14 8UX


Who to look out for

But, just who is behind our hard-working Team Days Out tribe? We think a few introductions are in order…

Sam Hardy – Events Manager and long-suffering ITFC fan

Sam Hardy - Go Ape Corporate Events

 Sean Hixon – Events Co-ordinator and explorer of the world

Sean Hixon - Go Ape Corporate EventsRichard Steggles – Events Co-ordinator, Spin Instructor and Poker Extraordinaire 

Richard Steggles - Go Ape Corporate Events

 Steve Hissett – Events Co-ordinator, football star and #1 dad

Steve Hissett - Go Ape Corporate Events

 Terry Sutton – Events Co-ordinator, guitar hero and songwriter

Terry Sutton - Go Ape Corporate Events

Sarah Stimpson – Events Co-ordinator, talented sketch artist and Roller Derby Queen

Sarah Stimpson - Go Ape Corporate Events


Are you attending any of the shows above? We look forward to hanging out with you. Go Ape is an excellent team day out and it certainly isn’t your average team building trip. Break the mould, be the office hero, and book a team day out for your tribe in 2017. Request a quote via one of our hairy tribe members at the show, or fill one out online today. 

Case Study: team building with a smile

View of Go Ape from the bottom of a ladder

Charminster House Logo

Say “arghhh” – it’s time for some team building


Who: Charminster House Dental Practice

What: Tree Top Adventure for 10

Where: Moors Valley Country Park

When: Wednesday 19th October 2016



On an autumnal October day, a group of adventurous dental practitioners decided it was time to pack up the dental utensils and head to the forest. The below testimonial is proof that adventure doesn’t just happen in the Summer, all you need is a thick coat! As we like to say at Go Ape, “there is no bad weather for adventure, just bad clothing”.

Here’s what happened when Charminster House Dental Practice braved the elements and visited Go Ape Moors Valley.


United feedback from the day

We decided to book into Go Ape as we wanted to have some team building time away from the work place doing something a little adventurous. We planned a date, booked it up and looked forward to experiencing Go Ape, many of us for the first time. It was only after booking that our boss announced that he was actually frightened of heights and we had to reassure him that it wasn’t that high really and he could be confident that as a team we would get him through it!!

After the initial training session, one by one we climbed the ladder onto the first platform – this in itself was quite daunting and most of us were relieved to finally reach the top. Our nerves were put to the test shortly after on the rope swing, however making that first jump helped us to put our faith in the harnesses and actually helped us overcome the other obstacles along the way. One of our team members decided that it wasn’t for her and was gently coaxed down by a staff member. She did stay with us the whole way round though and was in charge of encouragement and taking photos!

Throughout the course, hints and tips were passed down along the line ensuring that the person following would get the full advantage of your experience of each obstacle. The highlight was towards the end where two team members could zip slide into a net at the same time.

And the result is…

We thoroughly enjoyed the event, we were really proud of our boss (who didn’t manage to overcome his fear of heights, but continued anyway) and felt that we all had achieved what we had set out to do – have fun together as a team! Photos have been shared and individual thoughts and feelings discussed since the event, all of which were positive, and I am sure it will still be a talking point for a long time to come!


This particular tribe of dentists went back to the office closer and stronger than ever, having reaped the benefits of a team day out.

Could your team do with some quality time together? We can tailor your corporate event to suit your needs. Request a quote today to find out more.

Team building with Yale

Yale employees team building on segways

Yale’s team building planYale Logo

Who: Yale Lock Manufacturers

What: Team building on the Go Ape Forest Segway Experience 

When: A very hot day in July

Where: Forest of Dean


Now onto the good stuff. Every so often, we receive a case study that reminds us why we offer team building experiences to the glorious people of Britain. This year, we had the pleasure of Yale in the trees and their tribe’s feedback is enough to bring a tear to the eye. 

Sit back, peel a banana, and prepare to be immersed in Yale’s forest segway adventures.

The first-hand story from Yale (tissues at the ready *sniff sniff*)

Well what can I say, it started in a small room on a hot sunny day (31 degrees) with no ventilation and a few issues that needed to be aired. After about an hour we decided that if we didn’t get out of the room the end result of what was supposed to be a problem solving day was about to finish with more issues than we started with!

Later that morning we brought lunch forward and had 30 minutes rest to recharge and rehydrate. The topic of the events soon came up and as nobody had been told what event we were doing, conspiracies started flying around covering such events as the usual (boring) round of golf to a trip around the local Chepstow Castle, but my lips stayed sealed.

Temperatures outside and in the room seemed to get worse through the afternoon, when eventually things broke down and the meeting brought to an early finish due to nobody giving way and the fact that nothing had been achieved. This now led me on to the daunting fact I was about to send 6 men and 1 woman to a team bonding session on Segways and didn’t want them to be running each other over!

This now leads me on to the part “Well what can I say?” The news announcement came with, what I can only describe as complete shock and a real feeling of something new that hadn’t been done before by any of the group (extra point to me). 

All aboard the forest segways

We bundled into cars and headed off to Mallards Pike. This is a fantastic spot to visit even without the Go Ape experience due to the peace and quiet, something I or the team hadn’t had all day.

We rolled up to the guys and girls at the cabin and were instantly greeted with a warm hello and introduction to the team. At this point I noticed we were all standing together and for the first time communicating on a more personal level.yale employee on segway

15 minutes later, after the training session to ensure we all understood the rules and would be safe on the Segways, we were off into the woods. Again I noticed that two of the group members who, for want of a better expression, don’t see eye to eye were laughing at one another and a real sense that we had moved on from a very difficult day came to me. This was further enforced to me as we stopped half way round when the group leader wanted to check we were all OK and happy to continue and the two colleagues in question asked each other for a selfie!!!

The long ride home

At this point we are on the last stretch when people were asking if they have spaces should we do it again! This is a first for any event I have ever attended or arranged and that meant the day was considered to be a success.

After the event we all had a beer brought by me in a cooler (1 more point) by the lake and at this point things that had been an issue during the day were conceded and from that we managed to enter into a contract with a major retailer, that allowed us to maintain the expected growth for this year. I can say that we will be back!

Thanks for a brilliant day and for the team bond we now share.


What a result! We’re very proud of what we do, and the teams we help bring together. We’re thrilled that Yale had a tree-mendous team building experience and look forward to seeing them again.

Can you see your tribe swinging through the trees together? Reap all the benefits of some “tribe time” and request a quote today for a team building day with a difference.

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