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Case Study: team building with a smile

View of Go Ape from the bottom of a ladder

Charminster House Logo

Say “arghhh” – it’s time for some team building


Who: Charminster House Dental Practice

What: Tree Top Adventure for 10

Where: Moors Valley Country Park

When: Wednesday 19th October 2016



On an autumnal October day, a group of adventurous dental practitioners decided it was time to pack up the dental utensils and head to the forest. The below testimonial is proof that adventure doesn’t just happen in the Summer, all you need is a thick coat! As we like to say at Go Ape, “there is no bad weather for adventure, just bad clothing”.

Here’s what happened when Charminster House Dental Practice braved the elements and visited Go Ape Moors Valley.


United feedback from the day

We decided to book into Go Ape as we wanted to have some team building time away from the work place doing something a little adventurous. We planned a date, booked it up and looked forward to experiencing Go Ape, many of us for the first time. It was only after booking that our boss announced that he was actually frightened of heights and we had to reassure him that it wasn’t that high really and he could be confident that as a team we would get him through it!!

After the initial training session, one by one we climbed the ladder onto the first platform – this in itself was quite daunting and most of us were relieved to finally reach the top. Our nerves were put to the test shortly after on the rope swing, however making that first jump helped us to put our faith in the harnesses and actually helped us overcome the other obstacles along the way. One of our team members decided that it wasn’t for her and was gently coaxed down by a staff member. She did stay with us the whole way round though and was in charge of encouragement and taking photos!

Throughout the course, hints and tips were passed down along the line ensuring that the person following would get the full advantage of your experience of each obstacle. The highlight was towards the end where two team members could zip slide into a net at the same time.

And the result is…

We thoroughly enjoyed the event, we were really proud of our boss (who didn’t manage to overcome his fear of heights, but continued anyway) and felt that we all had achieved what we had set out to do – have fun together as a team! Photos have been shared and individual thoughts and feelings discussed since the event, all of which were positive, and I am sure it will still be a talking point for a long time to come!


This particular tribe of dentists went back to the office closer and stronger than ever, having reaped the benefits of a team day out.

Could your team do with some quality time together? We can tailor your corporate event to suit your needs. Request a quote today to find out more.

iRobot’s team building day

Team Building in the trees

The team building plan

iRobot Logo in GreenWhen – Tuesday 13th September 2016

Where – Swinley Forest, Bracknell

What was included – A bacon & fruit brunch upon arrival, before a busy day of Tree Top Adventure, Forest Biking and Forest Segways, followed by a BBQ for dinner with a dedicated host to organise the timings for the day.

iRobot’s banana rating of their day

We asked iRobot what they were hoping to get out of the day, they told us it was to “boost team performance”. We asked them (out of 10) how well they think we achieved this. They gave us 9 out of 10.

We then asked them to rate every other aspect of the journey (out of 5):

Booking Process – 4 bananas
Quality Of Safety Brief – 5 bananas
Customer Service – 4 bananas
Value For Money – 5 bananas
Course Experience – 5 bananas
Welcome Upon Arrival – 4 bananas

Total bananas in our bunch – 36 out of 40 bananas

Unedited feedback from iRobot 

We had an awesome time, the treetop was fantastic, the highlight of the day. I’ve received many e-mails congratulating the day. The mountain biking and segway was thoroughly enjoyed also. The segway was a brilliant choice on such a warm day, everyone really enjoyed it – although it was a little stop-starting during the hour, perhaps the group should have been broken down into a couple of groups. The catering lady was fantastic, the food was really tasty and just what we needed after a tough morning in the treetops. Great choice.

Can you see your tribe swinging through the trees? Perhaps it’s time to find out. Request a quote today for a team-building day with a difference.

Case Study: Criteo

Criteo corporate event at Battersea

Criteo explores Go Ape Battersea Parkcriteo logo corporate events

Our first urban adventure opened in Battersea Park in December 2015 and it’s still a strong favourite for team days out today. The Criteo Tribe took to the trees recently and shared with us their experience. They were looking for a “fun day out” and we’d like to think we had the answer.

The day itself…

Where – Battersea Park

When – Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What was included – 40 people in the trees followed by a 6pm BBQ in the gardens

Unedited feedback from Criteo

The team and I had a fun time going ape! The staff were friendly and helpful, the complex/courses were great, and we were very lucky with the weather. It was a fantastic experience, we all would love to do it again, and would strongly recommend to all. We had the BBQ package. Set up for this was great – we had an area reserved for us by the BBQ, great relaxed atmosphere, and food was delicious. The only drawback is no toilets within the Go Ape compound.*

*fear not adventurers, there are now multiple toilets inside the Go Ape cabin to use freely. 

Criteo gives Go Ape 5 bananas

We asked Criteo what they were hoping to get out of a trip to Go Ape, they told us “a fun day out”. We asked them (out of 10) how well they think we achieved this. They gave us a big fat 10!

We then asked Criteo to provide their honest opinion on every step of their Go Ape adventure. Their banana rating (out of 5) is detailed below:

Booking Process – 5 bananas
Quality Of Safety Brief – 5 bananas
Customer Service – 5 bananas
Value For Money – 5 bananas
Course Experience – 5 bananas
Welcome Upon Arrival – 5 bananas

Can you see your tribe swinging through the trees? Would your boss stick the landing or wipe out at the bottom of a zip wire? Perhaps it’s time to find out. Request a quote today for a team-building day with a difference.

Pink Parcel chooses to Go Ape

Pink Parcel Corporate Team Day Out

Pink Parcel takes to the trees

Pink Parcel LogoPink Parcel tests out our newest Go Ape adventure at Chessington World of Adventures. That’s our 30th site open in the UK to help teams come together and experience the great outdoors. Nothing brings a tribe together like getting back to nature, flying through the trees and wiping out at the bottom of zip wires.

We hear what Pink Parcel has to say about their team day out.

The day itself…

9th September 2016

  • Arrive at Chessington World of Adventures
  • Enjoy 2-3 hours of Tree Top Adventure
  • Feast on a Forest Picnic
  • A dedicated host to oversee the whole day and capture those monkey moments

Feedback from Pink Parcel

We had a good sandwich, crisps, chocolate, a fruit, a drink. What more could you want? We even had some team members request substitutions of sandwiches and we had no fuss

 A day out with your colleagues amongst the trees definitely pushes people outside their comfort zones and thus aids the creation of relationships between team members, ultimately forming long lasting bonds that will last forever.

From monthly treats to monkeys in trees, it’s safe to say the team at Pink Parcel had an epic time getting out of the office.

Why don’t you take a leaf from Pink Parcel’s slogan and make team days out “a monthly thing?”

Come and see what Go Ape’s corporate events all about and Get a quote now.

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