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How Go Ape Does Team Building On A Budget

Team Development Knot Tie Activity

The Go Ape motto has been the same since day dot: to encourage others to live life adventurously.


From families to friends to work tribes, we want to inspire adventure among the masses – we want to start an adventure revolution!


We know that to make adventure accessible to all, we need to make our adventures affordable for all. That’s why we offer tree-mendous forest adventures for a price that won’t break the bank. Any company, large or small, can enjoy the wonders of the woodland at Go Ape, swinging through the trees en-masse just as Tarzan would.


Our turn!


We’re always going on about how regular team building trips are the key to forming happy, super-motivated tribes (especially when those trips take place in the forest). So, it’s only right that we practice what we preach!


Of course, we don’t hold Go Ape team building trips at Go Ape. While we’ll never get bored of our canopy escapades, we like to mix things up a little. So, can you guess what we did for our last team building trip on a budget?


…Garden party!


If only you could see the looks on our tribe’s faces when we were all handed our invitations. Hosted by our MD, the Go Ape garden party promised to be a day of games, giggles and getting to know one another even better!


And it certainly delivered. Not as au fait with floor-level activities, we started off with a few rounds of rounders (and unearthed competitive streaks in many a member of the Go Ape tribe). That worked up a real sweat, so we got to cool down in the coolest way we could…by taking a dip in the lake! Never experienced wild swimming? We highly recommend it!


As soon as we dried off it was time for lunch and in homage to our Go Ape offering, we were treated to a hearty BBQ. We must admit, we’re always a little envious when tribes get to tuck into a table full of tasty, grilled grub, so we were chuffed that we finally got to indulge!


Fuelled by our mighty feast, the afternoon consisted of even more activities. We went to war with one another on an inflatable gladiator ring and raced on a blow-up bungee run to see who could reach the furthest point before they were catapulted back to the beginning (one of our fave activities of the day, by far).


The more humble activities on offer were large chess and draughts and a range of card games – perfect for later in the afternoon when we were feeling slightly subdued!


The Go Ape garden party was the perfect team day out; a day where we could let our hair down, meet new members of the tribe and ultimately, have lots of fun! Which is what team building should be all about, right?


If you’re looking to get out of the office and plan a team day, why not get in touch with one of our Go Ape event organisers? Request a quote today. We hope to see you in the trees soon.

De-stress on treetop nets with your tribe!

Nets KIngdom Blog
No one likes to feel stressed, but for many people it’s an unavoidable reality of their busy working lives. Saying that, a smidgen of stress isn’t always a bad thing; according to experts, it can actually motivate you to meet your goals for the day.

But then there’s also bad stress, when you constantly feel under pressure and pushed to the very max. And this type of stress is counter-intuitive, as it can make you feel less driven and less enthusiastic about your work. It can even make you unwell, if it carries on for a long time.

So, as tribe leader, you need to help your tribe to achieve that perfect balance in their roles. No doubt they want to be challenged (as this will help them to develop and flourish), but there’s a line between tasks and responsibilities that are challenging, and those that are downright impossible!

Time to unwind!

You know what will help your tribe to secure that golden balance? If you treat them to regular away days, where they can switch off from work and leave their worries behind in a pile on their desk! So, how does de-stressing in a netted playground suspended 30 feet up in the air sound!?

Yep, you read that right! Go Ape is pleased and proud to unveil a brand new, one-of-a-kind adventure soon to be launched in Black Park! Nets Kingdom is a mammoth connected structure of bounce nets (one filled with giant balls), bridges slides and climbing towers and is fun for all ages!

The Kingdom is encased within 3,000 square metres of hammock-like netting, so it’s safe as tree houses. Speaking of which, there are some of them in Net Kingdom, too!

Nets Kingdom is the perfect spot to kick back with your tribe. To unwind, to switch off, to reconnect with nature. And most importantly, to have some fun!

For the ultimate Go Ape day out, why not swing through the trees before hanging out in them? An award-winning Tree Top Adventure course is the perfect team building and team bonding activity. You’ll take on tunnels, bridges, swings, stirrups and zips. Oh, you’ll also have to clamber up and across nets, so you’ll get in some practice before venturing to the Kingdom!

Between your adventures, you could always back with your tribe in our exclusive Forest Shelter and enjoy some tasty grub, prepared by us. Choose from a simple picnic, or a more hearty forest BBQ (which your tribe may appreciate more after swinging through the trees and working up an appetite).

Black Park is the only Go Ape with Nets Kingdom for the moment, but we’re sure that the activity will be launched in other courses in the future. So don’t feel too disappointed if you aren’t near, anyway, there’s bound to be a local course where you and your tribe can swing through the trees or whizz through the forest floor via a bunch of all-terrain, self-balancing Segways!

De-stress your Tribe by booking a team day out to Nets Kingdom …

It only takes an hour…


When it comes to teambuilding, one hour might not seem long enough to truly make an impact but actually, an awful lot can be accomplished in just 60 minutes!

According to event firm Bluehat Group, you can learn more about someone in an hour of play than you can in an entire year of conversation! That’s right -€“ just 60 minutes of fun can help build bonds among your tribe, which in turn boosts collaboration and efficiency within the workplace. To us, it makes perfect sense.

After all, having fun is a core element of our corporate events!

The theory behind it is this: sharing fun experiences with one another creates a sense of unity. When we actually enjoy group activities, we feel happy and proud to accomplish things together, and this helps us to realise how teamwork leads to positive outcomes and can aid us in achieving both individual and shared goals!

Got it? Put simply, fun teambuilding leads to improved teamwork.

Just one hour of play can work wonders for your tribe’€™s cohesiveness and there are plenty of additional benefits, such as boosting engagement, motivation and morale.

Take our award-winning Tree Top Adventure, for example (which, by the way, provides way more than 60 minutes of fun!). The fun begins the moment your tribe clamber up the high ropes to take on their very first obstacle; and it doesn’t end until they descend into a soft pile of squidgy woodchip via the final zip wire.

Though your tribe will tackle obstacles one at a time, our courses are very much a group activity. A Tree Top Adventure will encourage your tribe to interact with one another (to offer moral support and advice); to problem-solve together (i.e. figuring the best line of attack for crossing the swinging stirrups); and to bask in one another’s achievements (i.e. to clap and cheer when a member of the tribe finally manages to perfect their zip wire landing).

Our Tree Top Adventures can also inspire a bit of healthy competition among your tribe.

It can spur them on to achieve great things when they get back into the office. Some ideas for head-to-heads include the most graceful zip wire landing, the loudest/most accurate Tarzan holler and the most impressive Tarzan leap. Make it fun by handing out certificates and prizes to the winners.

As an alternative to our Tree Top Adventure, you and your tribe have the choice of playing around on our all-terrain Segways and cruising the forest floor for an hour or so. Or, why not combine the two activities for the ultimate Go Ape adventure?

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but it will also make your tribe feel fed up, bored and demotivated. If it takes just 60 minutes of play for your tribe to get to know one another better, just imagine the benefits of a whole day of play at Go Ape! There’€™s no real advantage to taking life too seriously a€“ having fun, on the other hand, will keep employees happy and help to form a world-class team!

Escape the office at Battersea Park!

Go Ape Team Building Events

Looking for team building in London?

Look no further! We’re bringing our latest adventure to the beautiful Battersea Park. A Tree Top Adventure in central London; it’s a first for any city. It means we can offer you a bit of team bonding with views of London from high in the tree-tops (12m high in fact!)

Do you have just a few hours to spare?

That’s great. Battersea Park is just a stones throw from it all. In fact, it’s far enough to feel you’re escaping from the office, but just a short read of the Metro away (the perfect distance to get a little bit excitedGo-Ape-Stirrups on the way!) You’ll enjoy 2 – 3 hours of action and fun as you head around the first Go Ape of it’s kind – and then you can head back to your desk (sorry about that!) feeling refreshed and reenergised.

What’s it all about?

Swinging through the trees, wiping out at the bottom of zip wires and going on an adventure brings people together like nothing else we’ve seen. We put together a package that works around what you want and when you need it. Obviously, this all focuses around an adventure with us, but if you want meeting room facilities, a decent lunch, and more, we can make all that happen too!

Sounds good! Book adventurous team building.

For a truly unique team building day in central London, why not swing by Go Ape Battersea Park? Get a quick quote from our Corporate Events team now. Our forest doors will be open from 10th December 2015.


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