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Corporate events with a bit of bounce

Air Space Trampoline Park Corporate Events

What are you looking for in your next corporate day out? Do you want something that’s engaging and collaborative?

Something that enhances communication among your tribe and boosts morale? Something that targets and improves core skills associated with teamwork? Something with a bit of spirit?

Perhaps you want something that ticks all the above boxes. Well, what if we were to tell you that we know an activity that does just that…but with added bounce!?

Air Space is the UK’s ultimate indoor trampoline park, complete with over 100 trampolines that span the floors and walls.

From seat drops to belly flops, anything goes in this spring-loaded playground, so prepare to limber up and get loose!

It’s true: tribes who bounce together, stay together. Air Space is a chance for employees to ditch their stiff office suits for comfy clobber as they jump, hop, skip and somersault their way around the park with their colleagues bouncing beside them.

There are loads of different areas to check out, too. For instance, the Power Jumping tramp will transport your tribe to dizzy new heights, while the super-soft Air Bag is perfect for fine-tuning their techniques (making it ideal for employees eager to show off their bouncing skills to their work chums).

Corporate Events At Air Space

Having fun creates a sense of unity and builds bonds among your tribe.

We guarantee that your tribe will love a trip to Air Space, and it also gives them a chance to catch some air time with people they’ve never spoken to before.

We currently offer corporate events at Air Space Wolverhampton and Air Space Glasgow. General access to the park costs just £10.95 per employee and you can choose from a range of extras to add to your trip, such as a VIP party room hire (at just £25 per hour), pizza delivery for your group, or a chance to upgrade to a full day pass (meaning loads more air time) for just £75!

And if you’re in either of those areas, you could always swing by Go Ape to experience a Tree Top Adventure too! Our Cannock Chase course is only 16 miles from Wolverhampton, while Aberfoyle is around an hour’s drive from Glasgow. You and your tribe will get to be Tigger and Tarzan all in one day…cool, huh!?

Go Ape Marketing Monkeys take on Scotland!

team bonding in the forest

On the 20th May, eight members of the Marketing Team made a break out from Banana HQ for an action packed day in Scotland.

The 5am wake up call was made easier by the extreme morning sunshine. The first chapter of our adventure story required meeting at Stansted Airport for 7am. Fast-forward an hour and a half, in true ‘living life adventurously’ fashion, half of our team nearly missed the ‘last call to board’ – close, but we made it and hey, we like to sail close to the wind anyway!

After landing in a very bright Glasgow, we made our way to Go Ape Aberfoyle to em-bark (get it?) on our first adventure set within the stunning scenery of the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park. If I was blown away by the scenery on the drive there, I was about to become even more awestruck, what a little stunner Go Ape Aberfoyle is!

Tucked away high up in the hilltops and mountains, got into our harnesses, sailed through the safety brief and had our first bird’s eye view of the waterfalls and trickling streams meandering through the trees. With a high point of 12 metres, the view just got better and better.

Go Ape Safety Brief

Despite being tree top professionals all of us were hesitant on the Tarzan swing, but with a bit of a pep talk and encouragement we all made the leap. Once you do it…what a rush!

Kim Climbing the Cargo NetThe grand finale was the jaw-dropper, a zip wire 150ft above the ground and over a 90 foot waterfall transporting you over 400m back to base. There is no other way to see the best of the forest, just keep those legs tucked in or you might land amongst the woodchip wearing a leaf skirt!

We left the course for lunch clasping our certificates with big grins, wood chip in our shoes, windswept and slightly tangled hair but most of all, lots of stories and laughs about our experience.

Once refuelled we were onto adventure number two, travelling to Glasgow for some air time at Air Space. After our safety brief, we sprung into action on the 100 interconnected trampolines that make up our free-styling playground. Unfortunately most of our team’s skills were limited to seat drops and tuck jumps, but others were giving it some pretty impressive moves!

Of course, there’s more to it than just bouncing up and down, if you fancy a team sport then check out the dodgeball or basketball sections. Or if you are ready for more, step up to the Air Bag challenge and leap into the airbag crash test site, don’t worry there’s instructors on hand to encourage and develop.

The wall ramp was a particularly challenging experience – ever wondered what it’s like to walk up walls? No, I hadn’t either but after experiencing it I now wonder why I hadn’t! After an hour of intermittent airborne jumping, it was time to get airborne again and catch our flight back to Suffolk.

We had over 2 hours until our flight what could possibly go wrong? Getting caught up in the traffic heading to a Rangers game would be the answer to that- a 23 min journey turned into an hour and with no other flights that evening, I admit, we were panicking! But we made it! And that sums up the whole day, apart from being exhausted, I went to bed feeling an enormous sense of achievement. There were moments of ‘can I do this?’ for all of us but I remember a quote “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself’’ and that rung true throughout the day as one by one we tackled the unknown.

We did it team and we should feel proud of ourselves! Bring on the next team day out!

Put it in the diary

So, are you ready to Go Ape? Request a quote online now. We look forward to hanging with you – and making sure you have a great team bonding day!

Joining the #freestylejumping revolution!

Go Ape Corporate Events Team Visits Air Space

A successful 2014 at Go Ape for the Events Team = A well deserved bonding session to start 2015!

I’m speaking on behalf of the team, but our most recent away day to Air Space ranks very highly on the Team Building Richter scale!

6 of us in -6 degree temps and a 6am departure to Stansted was not the most welcome part, but everyone was very excited at this early stage and a Full English before a flight to Scotland is always a great tonic.

A hop and a skip through the air on a 737 and we were in Glasgow looking for food and entertainment before our 3pm session on the tramps at Air Space (just co-ordinating the logistics was a feat of extreme team work).

We did a bit of ten pin bowling (skipping past this as we all got a pasting from Terry) at the Soar Centre in Braehead, where we had lunch before heading over to East Kilbride. Air Space was really easy to find, 20 mins from the airport (no traffic) and had lots of parking for our truck-sized hire car.

Air Space East Kilbride Exterior

Staff at the front desk were all efficient and very happy to see us – jumping socks on and wristbands applied we bounced over to the briefing area. Our brief was quick but effective, and we soon realised that there was risk and a potential for injury unless we paid attention – none of us particularly excel at this…

Once on the mezzanine floor we were greeted with 3 trampoline dodgeball courts, a freestyle jumping area with loads of tramps, a performance area for wall walking, a huge air bed with human launch pads, an 8’ wide football goal and 3m high basketball hoops!

We laughed, encouraged, stretched, jumped, spun, wiped out, dodged and abused our bodies in ways we hadn’t imagined for close to two hours and wanted more!

We all had our favourite bits, mine being the performance area, I so nearly nailed the wall walking – then got put to shame by a 10 year old.

Everyone seemed to be having an amazing time, all smiling, with light shows, and great sound tracks in the background. Staff were all rotating, helping where possible, chatty but firm when needed (we only got told off three times).

We barely noticed the flight home due to the chatter about the best bits, our aching bodies, war wounds, and looking at each others photos and videos.

We have arrived back in the office today, wearing our Air Space merchandise annoying everyone in the office with the tales of our derring-do! For the first time, we have discussed doing the same thing again for our next adventurous team day out.

Check out photos from our day at Air Space here, or to see how the pros do it take a look at their YouTube channel.