Ways to celebrate a company milestone!

Office BBQ Party

In our opinion, any occasion is a cause for celebration! And here at Go Ape, we’ve certainly had a lot of occasions to celebrate recently, what with many of our courses reaching the big 1-0! Oh, and let’€™s not forget that it was Go Ape’€™s 15th birthday a couple of months ago, too.

Our celebrations have included hours of monkeying around in the treetops, topped with excessive amounts of banana cake,€“ which is OK, because we burned off those cals combatting obstacles in the canopy!

Do you have a company milestone coming up? It could be a big birthday, or perhaps you’€™re a few weeks away from reaching a sales target. Maybe you’€™re a smaller company and (after plenty of hard graft) you’€™ve just started turning a profit. Whatever your milestone, you should round-up your tribe and celebrate! Here are eight suggestions for what you can do:

1. Follow in our ape-shaped footsteps by booking a Tree Top Adventure at Go Ape! Take it from us, “ there’€™s nothing quite like celebrating in the canopy!
2. Break open the bubbly in the office this Friday afternoon (don’€™t forget non-alcoholic alternatives for those who drove in or don’€™t drink).
3. Say it with food by putting on a lunchtime feast for your tribe. In this weather, we find that BBQs and picnics go down a treat!
4. If your tribe have helped you to achieve a financial target, share the love with a surprise bonus in their pay packets.
5. Purchase a bunch of tickets for a local, upcoming show or concert you know your tribe will love.
6. Let your tribe have an extra day’s holiday this year, on you.
7. Learn a new skill en-masse with your tribe by booking a class. Ask your tribe what they’d like to do, Master pottery? Learn the samba? Make (and eat) some chocolate?
8. Buy some new equipment for the office for your tribe to enjoy. We have a table tennis here at Banana HQ and it’€™s provided us with endless hours of fun albeit sweaty fun.

When you reach your milestone€“ whether it’€™s a company anniversary or target it’€™s really important to get your tribe together and thank them personally. After all, without them, you wouldn’t have reached that milestone, and together they will help you to reach many more milestones in the future!

Tips to help you stop worrying about work and unwind on holiday!

Relax Holiday
At last, after months of waiting, you find yourself plonked on a sun lounger, swimsuit on, cocktail in hand, with the glittering, emerald sea just metres away.

You smile, close your eyes, and – Oh, did I remember to send that important email? Do you think Shirley remembered to speak to that client? Did I handover everything? Did I even set my out of office reply!?

This scenario is all too common nowadays, with holidaymakers plagued by work-related woes as they try desperately to kick back, relax and enjoy their trip. But stressing about work ain’t healthy and it sure ain’t fun. We’re meant to return to our jobs feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, not feeling more stressed than before we left!

So, the Go Ape tribe have put together some top tips to help those work-related thoughts fizzle out, leaving you to focus on having fun in the sun!


Proper planning prevents poolside panicking. A week or two before your hols, make a list of tasks you need to complete, what you need to delegate, and who you need to talk to. A great tip is to clear your calendar for your last day in the office so you can make sure that everything – and everyone – is well-prepped for your departure.

Face facts

Accept that you’re entitled to your holiday, you’ve worked incredibly hard for it, and actually, taking time off to rest and recharge is crucial to doing your job well. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so time out from your work may make you value it more, and work that little bit harder, when you return.

Urgent emails only

Ideally, you wouldn’t check your inbox whilst on holiday – after all, you’ve set your OOO, so people know you’re enjoying some downtime. But if you can’t resist, check them just once daily, late in the afternoon so they don’t hamper your day (and when there’s no point in replying as everyone would have left the office). Only look at ones you think are urgent – i.e., not the ones titled ‘Staff Christmas party ideas’ or ‘Cute cat vid.’

Keep yourself busy

If you see spreadsheets every time you shut your eyes, maybe you need to do something different to lounging by the pool (sorry). Take your mind off anything work-related by exploring the area, meeting the locals, signing-up to an excursion or doing something a little daredevil, like paragliding on the beach! In our opinion, a holiday jam-packed with exploration and adventure is far more fun and memorable anyway!

Time to reassess?

If being unable to unwind on holiday is a common thing, and you end up spending most of your trips worried about workloads, projects or overbearing bosses, maybe it’s time to reassess. If you find it tough to achieve that work/life balance, perhaps it’s time to start considering other options. Just remember: we don’t live to work, we work to live!

How Sustainability Can be Positive For You

Gadgets in the office

We only have one planet, and it’s high time we started treating it right!


Perhaps it’s due to the fact we spend so much of our time swinging through the trees, being at one with mother nature, that sustainability is a cause close to our hearts. But we’re not alone – the green revolution is gathering momentum!


If you’ve been considering making some changes to the way you do business to make your practice more eco-friendly, bear in mind that sustainability isn’t just a positive for the planet – it can have a positive impact on your company, too! Here’s how sustainability can work for you…

Customers hate paper

Seriously, who even uses paper anymore?! Going paperless is not only good news for the trees, but it can save you time spent rooting around for documents – time that can be put to more efficient use elsewhere! Also, if you embrace the digital age and lean on tech that allows you to access everything you need in seconds and deal with documents electronically, you can bet your bottom dollar that your customers will appreciate it.

You’ll save some cash

Putting your efforts into an energy efficiency strategy is a sound investment for your business. While you may not want to put any money into low energy lighting or an energy efficient air conditioning system at first, chances are that when the energy savings begin to clock up, you’ll realise you’ve saved yourself a pretty penny! That’s money that can go towards much more important things like the odd team day out or staff rewards – everyone’s a winner!

Millennials love a good cause

If you’re looking to appeal to the lucrative millennial market with your products or services, or if you want to recruit some top millennial talent for your business, you need to make sure your company is an attractive proposition. Millennial workers can’t resist a company that makes a positive impact. Business Insider reported that this golden demographic is drawn to brands that reflect their deeply held personal values and make sustainability a key priority. Turn your reputation green and you’ll get the millennial vote as well as the planet’s!

It can bring your team together

Effective communication with your team is key to getting your green initiatives off the ground – why not construct a social media platform to help guide their green actions regarding water, fuel and other unnecessary waste? You could even create a scheme whereby employees score points for certain actions  –  a little bit of competition never hurt anyone!

By sharing great practice and committing to tackling sustainability as a team, you can work together to boost the energy efficiency of your workplace  – and we all know the tribe that works and plays together, stays together!

You can rest assured that here at Go Ape, sustainability is important to us  

– our sites are located in some of the most beautiful natural environments the UK has to offer, so we make it our mission to take care of them! Book a team building day with us, and come see for yourself!


Develop your tribe at Go Ape!

Team Days Out
You might consider it a waste of business time or resources letting your tribe have the day off work, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Scheduling in regular team-building events is crucial for sharpening skills, building bonds and keeping your tribe’s morale and productivity levels sky high. And all this makes for a more efficient business!

For years, we’ve had company tribes visit the forest to swing with us. But more recently, we’ve added some new and exciting things to the mix, the latest of which being our Team Development activities. TD can be added to your Go Ape adventure to maximise your experience and help you make the most of your time with us!

What’s does it involve?

The 2-3 hour session includes a heap of activities aimed at developing communication, team-work and problem-solving skills. Most importantly, we’ve made sure all tasks are fun, which we’ve found is the best way to bring people together (boring team building just doesn’t work!).

As tribe leader, you can pick the skills and abilities your tribe are most keen to develop, and we’ll select the most suitable activities. These will be a mix of physical and mental tribe challenges, preceded by some good ol’ getting-to-know-you games.

What are the benefits?

Coax coy tribe members from their shells
Reveal previously untapped talent
Build trust
Assess individual strengths and weaknesses
Energise and challenge your tribe

How much does it cost?

It costs just £40 per head to add Team Development to your Go Ape adventure. And as well as rolling around the forest on a Segway or swinging through the trees, you can add other extras, from a picnic or forest BBQ, to a dedicated host or use of conference facilities.

Tailored to your tribe

Every single tribe is unique, and the Go Ape events tribe will get to work planning the perfect day out that matches your goals and budget. But, if you want to get an idea of how your day is likely to pan out, you can download an example itinerary from the Team Development page on our website.

If you’re keen on booking a mid-week trip to the forest, request a quote or give one of our friendly tribe members a call on 0333 920 2354. Catch you in the trees soon!
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