Take on the Workplace Challenge

woman doing pilates in the workplace challenge

Fancy a challenge in 2017?

Looking to get fit and challenge yourself next year? New Year, new me, and all that jazz. So why not consider signing up to the National Workplace Challenge in 2017 to keep your work colleagues active, happy and engaged with one another? Inspire team building and motivation among your tribe by taking on a variety of challenges, 8-weeks at a time. The challenge periods usually run twice a year, with the first challenge kicking off in January and the second taking place in September.


What will you benefit from the Workplace Challenge?

There are many benefits of getting out of the office with your tribe. Not only is this something active and healthy that you can do as a team, but you can also work towards points and prizes from local companies. This year, Go Ape have partnered up with the Workplace Challenge this year to provide a corporate team day out for 10 people plus a catered picnic lunch. All you have to do to win is take part in the challenges and log your activity for points at www.workplacechallange.org.uk… and points mean prizes!

Get fit with your team mates, enjoy some quality team bonding time outside of the office environment, and most importantly have a lot of fun.


What could you do to take part?

The New Year kicks off with the first of the two challenges – the Active Lunch Challenge. You’re tasked with livening up your lunch time by getting involved in some fun activities throughout January-February. Need some inspiration? The National Workplace Challenge have described a list of ways that you can spice up your life (*lunch).

Below are just a few fun examples that you could try:

  • Play table tennis
  • Enjoy some office aerobics
  • Walk a mid-day mile
  • Challenge someone to a dance-off
  • Host a press-up or plank challenge


Getting outside is important

We always mention just how crucial it is to spend time with your tribe outside of the office, and this is the perfect incentive to do so. Get fit with your team and you could win prizes for doing so… it’s a win/win. Have you considered a team day out in the trees, or taking on the forest on-board all-terrain segways? Take a look at our Go Ape team days out where you can challenge yourself both mentally and physically (apparently you can burn up to 500 calories on our Tree Top Adventure course!) Request a quote for your tribe’s day out and we’ll tailor the day to suit your needs.

And finally, don’t forget to log your activity at www.workplacechallange.org.uk to keep track of all of your points. Because points mean prizes after all! Good luck and enjoy!

Why an office dog is as essential as a desk

bring your dog to work 1

How nice is that doggy in the office, wagging his cute little tail?

Today we present to you the mightily underappreciated creature known as the ‘office dog’.

Who let the dogs out? We did!

Here at Go Ape, we have our own herd of office dogs. They wander aimlessly around, digging in the dirt and chasing their tail around trees like nobody’s business. They have a whole forest for walkies after all!

And we’ve noticed this interesting phenomenon: on the days one of our pooches ambles into the office, the whole place perks up substantially. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that office dogs are essential rather than optional, for us anyway.

They’re not part of the furniture, or an added extra, they’re one of the things that makes it worth getting up and going to work in the morning. They make us human beings wag our metaphorical tails.

We’re just part of the pack

We’re by no means the first company to ever paw-therise dogs in the office, and plenty of big wigs such as Blue Cross and Nestle have a ‘dog-ffice’ environment, too, where people can bring in their lovable canines. But there are plenty of places out there that don’t, and we want to know why.

Why aren’t you letting the dogs be free and wild, able to settle down and nap near the water cooler? Who doesn’t need that in their life (unless you’re allergic of course, in which case, we completely see the issue)?

Have a ‘ruff’ task to get through?

According to the Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin, dogs reduce stress hormone levels, making human beings in the near vicinity 24% more trusting than usual. That’s a blooming huge difference.

Because it helps relax people, they’re also more likely to be productive (wahey!), meaning a nice office dog could help them beast through that super tough task that was making them really stressed in the first place.

Dogs are like catnip for people

In fact, it’s even thought that the bump in relaxation and productivity can have a significant impact on profits – yep, you heard us right – a doggy or two could even help increase how much your business makes. If that doesn’t incentivise you to follow our lead (teehee), we’re not sure what will.

Man (and woman)’s best friend, dogs are one of those wonderful things that make life seem infinitely better. Why not ask at your office if you can bring your four-legged friend into work? Don’t forget to mention that evidence shows that it could pay off for the business in the long-term.

Woof! Woof! Until next time!


Are you looking for ways to perk up your office? If you don’t have a pet dog to hand, how about some quality time together as a team outside of the office? Take a look at Go Ape’s team building days and request a quote today.

Team building with Yale

Yale employees team building on segways

Yale’s team building planYale Logo

Who: Yale Lock Manufacturers

What: Team building on the Go Ape Forest Segway Experience 

When: A very hot day in July

Where: Forest of Dean


Now onto the good stuff. Every so often, we receive a case study that reminds us why we offer team building experiences to the glorious people of Britain. This year, we had the pleasure of Yale in the trees and their tribe’s feedback is enough to bring a tear to the eye. 

Sit back, peel a banana, and prepare to be immersed in Yale’s forest segway adventures.

The first-hand story from Yale (tissues at the ready *sniff sniff*)

Well what can I say, it started in a small room on a hot sunny day (31 degrees) with no ventilation and a few issues that needed to be aired. After about an hour we decided that if we didn’t get out of the room the end result of what was supposed to be a problem solving day was about to finish with more issues than we started with!

Later that morning we brought lunch forward and had 30 minutes rest to recharge and rehydrate. The topic of the events soon came up and as nobody had been told what event we were doing, conspiracies started flying around covering such events as the usual (boring) round of golf to a trip around the local Chepstow Castle, but my lips stayed sealed.

Temperatures outside and in the room seemed to get worse through the afternoon, when eventually things broke down and the meeting brought to an early finish due to nobody giving way and the fact that nothing had been achieved. This now led me on to the daunting fact I was about to send 6 men and 1 woman to a team bonding session on Segways and didn’t want them to be running each other over!

This now leads me on to the part “Well what can I say?” The news announcement came with, what I can only describe as complete shock and a real feeling of something new that hadn’t been done before by any of the group (extra point to me). 

All aboard the forest segways

We bundled into cars and headed off to Mallards Pike. This is a fantastic spot to visit even without the Go Ape experience due to the peace and quiet, something I or the team hadn’t had all day.

We rolled up to the guys and girls at the cabin and were instantly greeted with a warm hello and introduction to the team. At this point I noticed we were all standing together and for the first time communicating on a more personal level.yale employee on segway

15 minutes later, after the training session to ensure we all understood the rules and would be safe on the Segways, we were off into the woods. Again I noticed that two of the group members who, for want of a better expression, don’t see eye to eye were laughing at one another and a real sense that we had moved on from a very difficult day came to me. This was further enforced to me as we stopped half way round when the group leader wanted to check we were all OK and happy to continue and the two colleagues in question asked each other for a selfie!!!

The long ride home

At this point we are on the last stretch when people were asking if they have spaces should we do it again! This is a first for any event I have ever attended or arranged and that meant the day was considered to be a success.

After the event we all had a beer brought by me in a cooler (1 more point) by the lake and at this point things that had been an issue during the day were conceded and from that we managed to enter into a contract with a major retailer, that allowed us to maintain the expected growth for this year. I can say that we will be back!

Thanks for a brilliant day and for the team bond we now share.


What a result! We’re very proud of what we do, and the teams we help bring together. We’re thrilled that Yale had a tree-mendous team building experience and look forward to seeing them again.

Can you see your tribe swinging through the trees together? Reap all the benefits of some “tribe time” and request a quote today for a team building day with a difference.

6 happy hobbies you should adopt


With the days getting shorter and the nights getting darker, it’s easy to fall into a rut and start hibernating for the winter. You may not feel like doing much after driving home in the dark and fighting through the cold to get to your warm and snugly sofa, but trust us, these 6 hobbies will make you even happier than a mug of hot chocolate on an Autumn evening. According to Tesco, you should try these 6 happy hobbies to keep your mood sunny the whole year round:

1) “Bored” games

Not only does it bring the family together and have a warm, nostalgic feel, but it makes a change from normally tech-related past-times such as catching up on telly, playing video games or having your nose buried in your phone. According to Tesco, 46% of mums believe that a board game is a brilliant way to spend quality family time.

2) Weekly catch-ups

What’s better to put a smile on your face than catching up with a good friend. Put some time aside of an evening and give your friend a call. No texts, WhatsApps or Facebook messages, just some old-fashioned gabbing on the phone. Even better option, invite them over for a drink and a chat! Face to face wins every time.

3) Get creative

Whether you have a passion for writing, drawing, photography or even knitting, getting your creative juices flowing is very good for your well-being. It can help keep your brain active, improves your memory strength and release happy endorphins.

4) Winter work out

You may not feel so happy about going to the gym in the cold and dark, but once your exercises are complete you’ll feel like you can tackle the world. Exercise is another hobby that releases endorphins and not only will you feel good whilst exercising, but when you notice your fitness levels increasing and your belt getting looser, it becomes the gift that keeps on giving.

5) Sing-a-long season

It’s simple – just sing like nobody’s listening. Singing on your own can be an instant mood-lifter, however singing with a group is the real winner. According to the BBC, singing in a choir, a chorus, or even with carol singers could not only make you happier, but healthier too. Think it’s too good to be true? Read more here. 

6) Snuggle weather

Saving the best ’til last – a good hug can make everything better. Not only is a hug good for the heart (releasing Oxytocin, making you feel all happy inside), but it is also good for your health by helping to lower your blood pressure. There you have it, if you increase your daily hugs, you’ll be both happy and healthy this Winter!


Want to tick a few of these hobbies off your list in one fun day out? Book a Corporate Event with Go Ape and get your Tribe up in the trees. You can catch up with your colleagues outside of the workplace, release endorphins as you exercise your way around the course, and have a sing-a-long from the canopy while you’re at it! Want to find out more about team days out to Go Ape? Request a quote below.

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