We’re officially inspiring!

Inspiring Company

Well hello there, fellow adventurer! We’ve got some gre-ape (get it?!) news: we’ve been featured in a list of 1,000 Companies to Inspire.

Little old us, you say? That’s right! We’re officially inspiring (much better than plain old un-official inspiring, if you ask us).

The list, put together by the lovely city dwellers over at London Stock Exchange Group, is to celebrate the fastest-growing SMEs (that’s small and medium-sized businesses) in the whole of the UK. And we’re on it! Yippee!

How do we feel? Ecstatic!

We’re super chuffed about this, from the tips of our tails to the tufts of fur around our sticky-out ears. Why are we so pleased, you ask? Wouldn’t we have been happier with an increase in profits, you say? Not even a little bit.

We’re not one of those companies filled with people wearing suits hanging out by the water cooler; we’re adventurers – just like you. We set up Go Ape to try and spread as much adventure as we can! Our whole mission statement is built around inspiring people to get outside, and this is just what we needed to show that we’re on the road to helping inspire more apes to have adventures. We’ll wear this latest accolade as a badge of pride (alongside our Cubs badges for forest foraging, of course!).

We’re in this together

Did you know that a group of apes is called a shrewdness? That’s what we are – a group (and pretty darn shrewd, too). We are a herd. A unit. And we like to think that all the people who visit our courses are part of the Go Ape tribe, too.

Come and have adventures with us

Since we opened our treetops in 2002 at Thetford Forest, we’ve been striving to climb higher and now we have 30 locations in the UK. Thirty! Isn’t that bananas?

When we climb, we dare to reach for the next branch – which is why we expanded into Tree Top Junior, Forest Segway and Air Space – embracing the next adventure is our particular cup of elderflower squash.

In fact, now is probably a good time to do an impromptu acceptance speech and say “thank you” for all the support you’ve given us over the years – we couldn’t have [sniff] done it without you all [sniff]. Darn, we promised ourselves we wouldn’t cry!

Do you feel inspired?

We are the breath of fresh air at the top of the hillside, the first step that leads to everything beyond. We are the wild hills and the treetop branches; the wind beneath your paraglider, so to speak. We are the taste of adventure in the air, we are the thought that helps you pick yourself up when you stumble (if you trip over in the forest and no one is watching, did it happen?). We are Go Ape.

It’s been nearly 15 years since we opened, and we’re growing faster than a palm tree in the summer heat – in 2015 we had 900 members of staff, and this year that’s due to rise to 1300. We’ve got our calculators out and we reckon that it’ll be double that (yep, you heard us right!) in just three short years. We can’t wait.

What do we want? Adventure! When do we want it? Now!

If you fancy giving us a medal to celebrate, or telling us how we’ve helped inspire you over the years, then get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you.

Oh, and you can take a gander at the full list of wonderful, inspiring UK company-majigs.

Anyway, more importantly, what have you got lined up for your next adventure?

Could procrastination boost your career?

List Making

Imagine you have an important report to complete by the end of the day. A robot given the task would work methodically through the work and finish it easily within the allotted time. Humans, however, are not always logical creatures…

Given a task and a set amount of time, we decide to clean our desk, clear out old emails, arrange our stationery in alphabetical order or take a sudden interest in helping out a colleague. In short, we do anything apart from work on that pesky report.

Is this necessarily a bad thing? If procrastination makes you feel sheepish, guilty or ashamed then think twice: you’re in good company.

According to Professor Adam Grant of Wharton Business School, we have procrastination to thank for the Mona Lisa, Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech, and Pixar Animation Studios, which produced cinema hits such as Toy Story.

The creators of all these things tinkered and delayed for years before presenting their masterpieces to the world. For example, Leonardo da Vinci started the Mona Lisa in 1503 but kept messing around instead of finishing it, which he did just before his death in 1519, some 16 years later.

How can this be?

According to Professor Grant, delaying work while meaning to finish it gives your mind time to wander and consider the task from different perspectives, giving you the opportunity to approach it in a new way. As you focus on something else, your mind chips away at the problem so you return to it with a fresh outlook.

You can get this creativity boost through a range of discreet procrastination activities…

Redesigning spread sheet colour coding, playing Minesweeper, making endless rounds of tea – or you can choose to embrace your inner ditherer by heading to the treetops for some epic rope-swinging; the kind of extreme procrastination that requires a harness and some safety training.

Who knows – a bit of clambering through the forest could be just what you need to crack that tricky work problem, or give you a fresh perspective on your business strategy. Get some fresh air and exercise while enjoying a glorious waste of time – your career success could depend upon it!

Case Study: Criteo

Criteo corporate event at Battersea

Criteo explores Go Ape Battersea Parkcriteo logo corporate events

Our first urban adventure opened in Battersea Park in December 2015 and it’s still a strong favourite for team days out today. The Criteo Tribe took to the trees recently and shared with us their experience. They were looking for a “fun day out” and we’d like to think we had the answer.

The day itself…

Where – Battersea Park

When – Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What was included – 40 people in the trees followed by a 6pm BBQ in the gardens

Unedited feedback from Criteo

The team and I had a fun time going ape! The staff were friendly and helpful, the complex/courses were great, and we were very lucky with the weather. It was a fantastic experience, we all would love to do it again, and would strongly recommend to all. We had the BBQ package. Set up for this was great – we had an area reserved for us by the BBQ, great relaxed atmosphere, and food was delicious. The only drawback is no toilets within the Go Ape compound.*

*fear not adventurers, there are now multiple toilets inside the Go Ape cabin to use freely. 

Criteo gives Go Ape 5 bananas

We asked Criteo what they were hoping to get out of a trip to Go Ape, they told us “a fun day out”. We asked them (out of 10) how well they think we achieved this. They gave us a big fat 10!

We then asked Criteo to provide their honest opinion on every step of their Go Ape adventure. Their banana rating (out of 5) is detailed below:

Booking Process – 5 bananas
Quality Of Safety Brief – 5 bananas
Customer Service – 5 bananas
Value For Money – 5 bananas
Course Experience – 5 bananas
Welcome Upon Arrival – 5 bananas

Can you see your tribe swinging through the trees? Would your boss stick the landing or wipe out at the bottom of a zip wire? Perhaps it’s time to find out. Request a quote today for a team-building day with a difference.

Pink Parcel chooses to Go Ape

Pink Parcel Corporate Team Day Out

Pink Parcel takes to the trees

Pink Parcel LogoPink Parcel tests out our newest Go Ape adventure at Chessington World of Adventures. That’s our 30th site open in the UK to help teams come together and experience the great outdoors. Nothing brings a tribe together like getting back to nature, flying through the trees and wiping out at the bottom of zip wires.

We hear what Pink Parcel has to say about their team day out.

The day itself…

9th September 2016

  • Arrive at Chessington World of Adventures
  • Enjoy 2-3 hours of Tree Top Adventure
  • Feast on a Forest Picnic
  • A dedicated host to oversee the whole day and capture those monkey moments

Feedback from Pink Parcel

We had a good sandwich, crisps, chocolate, a fruit, a drink. What more could you want? We even had some team members request substitutions of sandwiches and we had no fuss

 A day out with your colleagues amongst the trees definitely pushes people outside their comfort zones and thus aids the creation of relationships between team members, ultimately forming long lasting bonds that will last forever.

From monthly treats to monkeys in trees, it’s safe to say the team at Pink Parcel had an epic time getting out of the office.

Why don’t you take a leaf from Pink Parcel’s slogan and make team days out “a monthly thing?”

Come and see what Go Ape’s corporate events all about and Get a quote now.

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