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Disconnect to reconnect

Admit it: How many times have you thought to yourself (or said out loud), “There aren’t enough hours in the day”?


As Tribe leader, you’ve had to master the art of multitasking, and you’re used to fitting a day and a half’s worth of work into just one day. Every Monday morning you tell yourself that you’re going to take it easier this week and break more often – but time escapes you…yet again! However, even if work is a whirlwind, there’s one task that you and all other leaders must make time for: reflection.


What do they need?

Self-reflection, defined as ‘serious thought about one’s character and actions,’ is a task all leaders should undertake. Assessing your ways of working and approach to leadership will help you understand what you’re doing well – and which areas need some fine-tuning. Most importantly, you need to reflect on what your Tribe need from you. Are you doing all that you can to ensure that they’re happy in their roles, happy working together as a team and happy with you as their leader?

Here are some things your Tribe might need more of:



When was the last time you rounded your tribe up for a pep talk? Group get-togethers should be a regular thing in your office – we’re talking at least once a week. You should also set time aside for one-to-ones with each member of your tribe, to see how they’re getting on and if they need more from you.


Training opportunities

Employees are happiest when they’re given the tools and training they need to flourish in their roles. If they feel like they can’t climb the career ladder any higher in your company, they might start looking for new opportunities. One-to-one meetings are a chance to talk to your tribe about how you can help them to develop their career, if that’s what they want.



We know…you don’t give to receive. But if your tribe constantly commit 110% to their jobs without any acknowledgement, they might feel like they’re efforts are in vain. If a tribe member – or your entire tribe – has gone above and beyond, there are two things you need to do: recognise and reward! A simple ‘thank you’ is a good start, but think of some extra-special treats to surprise them with. Take them out for the day, buy them lunch, or let them go home early this Friday!


Confidence building

If you’ve noticed that some of your tribe haven’t integrated as well as others, it might be because they lack confidence. They might have recently joined the tribe, or maybe they’ve been there for a while, but are naturally quite shy.


The solution: team building!

Strong, cohesive teams don’t simply appear (if only); they need to be built! Taking your tribe out of the office and giving them a chance to get to know one another on a more personal level, will help them to form better bonds while boosting their confidence at the same time. As well as raising your tribe’s spirit, team building activities also help to sharpen skills associated with leadership, communication, problem-solving and decision-making (among many others). But here’s the thing: to make a positive impact on your tribe, team building needs to be fun!


A fun team building activity?

Let us think…Got it! How does swinging from tree to tree in a Tarzan fashion sound? We know we’re biased, but a Tree Top Adventure is the ultimate team building activity – climb into the canopy and with your tribe by your side, you’ll take on a range of awesome obstacles. Trust us, the treetops are the ideal setting to build lasting bonds! So, what are you waiting for? Request a quote for your Go Ape Tree Top Adventure today!

5 Things Great Leaders Do Every Day

A true leader isn’t necessarily someone with a huge salary or years of experience under their belt. They are someone who, instead of taking advantage of their authority, simply strives to inspire their tribe to do and be their best. They put their people first, knowing that they’re the very backbone of their business.

One of the things that make great leaders great is their consistency. They do the same things each and every day to encourage their tribe and make their company brilliant. Here are five of those daily traits:

They start the day right

Great leaders know that starting the day off right is crucial to achieving their goals. Do they snooze their alarm eight times before rolling out of bed, into a suit and straight into their cars? No, they don’t! They rise early, squeeze in some exercise, enjoy a hearty breakfast and spend some time reviewing what’s on their agenda. So, when they arrive at the office, they walk into the room smiling, feeling ready and raring to go!

They touch base with their tribe

How can anyone inspire if they’re always shut up in their office? Great leaders interact with their tribe every day, without fail. It starts with a friendly “Good morning,” then moves to the daily morning briefing. Then, throughout the day, leaders will spend some one-on-one time with their tribe – providing coaching, giving feedback, reviewing progress, or simply having a catch up to see how they’re getting on. And, just as importantly, the end of each day always finishes with a “Thanks for all of your hard work.”

They turn to others for ideas

Now, there are too many bosses who have a “I know best” attitude and will rarely turn to others for help making decisions. Whereas great leaders know that, just like their tribe, they need to continue learning and developing. They’re well aware that they don’t hold all the answers and aren’t ashamed to rely on their tribe for help. A great leader will have to make important decisions every day, and when they do, they’ll always seek support and opinions from their team. After all, they also know the business like the back of their hands.

They embrace mistakes

Failure can be a tough pill to swallow, but rather shy away from it or brush it under the carpet, great leaders embrace it. At the very least, failure is a sign that someone has tried, and learning from their mistakes is the best way for people to grow and develop. Therefore, great leaders set the example by confessing to their slip-ups, helping to create a workplace culture that doesn’t fear failure, but sees it as key to individual and company improvement.

They recognise (and reward)

No one is after a certificate or medal for their hard work, but a little recognition goes a long way. That’s why, every day, great leaders will recognise tribe members who have gone the extra mile, and thank their tribe for all of their hard work. They’ll also find ways to reward their tribe when they’ve done something really special, whether that’s an early Friday finish, free lunch, or a trip to the trees at Go Ape!

If you’ve thought “yep, that’s me” while reading this article, then you’re a truly inspiring leader – keep up the great work!

School Travel Award Winners 2017/2018

Best Adventure Experience Blog

On the 9th November, we were invited to the School Travel Awards in Kensington as nominees for the Best Adventure Experience. We sent two of our tribe members down to London for the day in the hopes of nabbing the award.

Sat among the greats of the school travel industry, brushing shoulders with the likes of Warner Bros Studio Tours, LEGOLAND and Kidzania, our hopefuls attended the ceremony hosted by Fiona Bruce. The award ceremony commended some of the most popular areas of school travel including educational trips in English, Maths, Science, Residential Trips and more.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner (literally)

After 8 other award categories, and a delicious chicken dinner, Go Ape was announced as the Best Adventure Experience 2017/2018. We couldn’t have been prouder. Here’s what two of our team members had to say on accepting the School Travel Award.

“We had a fantastic time at the 2017 School Travel awards, after being nominated in 2016 the Tribe were delighted to find out we had won the ‘Best Adventure Experience’ award. We love adventure at Go Ape, we want to provide the absolute best experience for children, if they are visiting with their school for the first time or have been up in the trees many times before. Go Ape is all about living life adventurously, challenging children to take risks and our fantastic instructors inspire people to do just that. The reward for the teachers and parents is watching as the children’s confidence grow as they move around the course, turning I can’t into an ‘I can’ and flying down the zip wire at the end wanting to do it all over again. It was great to be surrounded by such a mix of brands who recognise the importance of learning outside the classroom and who go above and beyond to provide exceptional experiences for children all over the country. From trips to your local museum to international excursions around the globe, we all came together to celebrate the great work being done. My personal favourite moment was the ‘School Champion Award’ which went to Jacqui Hargreaves who has been organising 100’s of trips in her 35 years as a teacher, all in her spare time. Thank you to everyone who voted for us and for our Tribe of instructors who make the experience safe and rewarding for all.” – 

Poppy Ballard, Senior Marketing Executive, Partnerships and PR

Winners of School Tarvel Awards 1718

Photo credit: Yandell Media, organisers of the School Travel Awards

“Accepting the award at the School Travel Awards was definitely a highlight of the year. Having seen some large changes to the Go Ape school trip offering throughout the year, (changes in pricing, offering a free space to every teacher, and new learning resources for Key Stages 1-4), it was a huge sense of validation to win the award. The success of Go Ape’s school trips is owed to the instructors at site that help every single pupil conquer the course. Whether it’s helping a nervous child to believe in themselves or teaching children the importance of team work and mutual support, our incredible instructors are what make our forests magical. I can’t wait to see how many more children our Tribe can inspire to ‘live life adventurously’ in the New Year.” – Jazelle Johnson, Marketing Executive, Groups and Schools

Come and join us in the trees for an award-winning school trip in 2018. Find out more on the website or call us on 0845 643 1578 to speak to a member of the Go Ape Tribe.

School travel organiser award winner 2017

School trip review from Elvington Primary School

school trip to go ape

This month we received a lovely piece of post… 5 letters from Elvington Primary School.

Each letter was written by a student of the school who recently enjoyed a school trip to Go Ape, Dalby Forest.

All of the team members at BHQ agreed that they were the most polite and well-written letters we’d ever received (and from 9 year olds nonetheless!)

Here are just some of our favourite quotes from the letters:

I loved it and so did my friends. Thank you for an awesome day out. Go Ape is the best for adventures. You were very encouraging when people were scared.

You helped me be more confident. It was much more fun because you supported me.

It was the best trip ever!

Despite the zip wire looking a bit daunting at first, I LOVED it!

Every so often, I felt a little apprehensive about a course but every time I look down at all the supportive staff and then I wouldn’t be so nervous any more.

Once I got into the canopies and I conquered the courses, it was the best high wire ever!

As for the facilities – no grime in sight! The toilets were much more pleasant than in some other places, and didn’t smell at all.


We’re chuffed to bits that our adventure was the “best trip ever”… and that our toilets “didn’t smell at all!”

If you’re looking to plan an outdoor school trip that can build self-confidence and bring classmates together, then get in touch today. Our dedicated events coordinators will be happy to put together a school trip package for your tribe. Request a school pack for more information.

children's letter from Go Ape Dalby school trip

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