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De-stress on treetop nets with your tribe!

Nets KIngdom Blog
No one likes to feel stressed, but for many people it’s an unavoidable reality of their busy working lives. Saying that, a smidgen of stress isn’t always a bad thing; according to experts, it can actually motivate you to meet your goals for the day.

But then there’s also bad stress, when you constantly feel under pressure and pushed to the very max. And this type of stress is counter-intuitive, as it can make you feel less driven and less enthusiastic about your work. It can even make you unwell, if it carries on for a long time.

So, as tribe leader, you need to help your tribe to achieve that perfect balance in their roles. No doubt they want to be challenged (as this will help them to develop and flourish), but there’s a line between tasks and responsibilities that are challenging, and those that are downright impossible!

Time to unwind!

You know what will help your tribe to secure that golden balance? If you treat them to regular away days, where they can switch off from work and leave their worries behind in a pile on their desk! So, how does de-stressing in a netted playground suspended 30 feet up in the air sound!?

Yep, you read that right! Go Ape is pleased and proud to unveil a brand new, one-of-a-kind adventure soon to be launched in Black Park! Nets Kingdom is a mammoth connected structure of bounce nets (one filled with giant balls), bridges slides and climbing towers and is fun for all ages!

The Kingdom is encased within 3,000 square metres of hammock-like netting, so it’s safe as tree houses. Speaking of which, there are some of them in Net Kingdom, too!

Nets Kingdom is the perfect spot to kick back with your tribe. To unwind, to switch off, to reconnect with nature. And most importantly, to have some fun!

For the ultimate Go Ape day out, why not swing through the trees before hanging out in them? An award-winning Tree Top Adventure course is the perfect team building and team bonding activity. You’ll take on tunnels, bridges, swings, stirrups and zips. Oh, you’ll also have to clamber up and across nets, so you’ll get in some practice before venturing to the Kingdom!

Between your adventures, you could always back with your tribe in our exclusive Forest Shelter and enjoy some tasty grub, prepared by us. Choose from a simple picnic, or a more hearty forest BBQ (which your tribe may appreciate more after swinging through the trees and working up an appetite).

Black Park is the only Go Ape with Nets Kingdom for the moment, but we’re sure that the activity will be launched in other courses in the future. So don’t feel too disappointed if you aren’t near, anyway, there’s bound to be a local course where you and your tribe can swing through the trees or whizz through the forest floor via a bunch of all-terrain, self-balancing Segways!

De-stress your Tribe by booking a team day out to Nets Kingdom …

5 reasons why employee engagement is so important!

Team meeting in the office
The other day, we stumbled upon a good definition of employee engagement – on the Engage for Success website.
It read:

Employee engagement is a workplace resulting in the right conditions for all members of an organisation to give their best each day, committed to their organisation’s goals and values, motivated to contribute to organisational success, with an enhanced sense of their own well-being.

In short, employee engagement is how committed your tribe are to their jobs and to your company. And while engagement is to some extent down to them, as tribe leader, you also play a pivotal role. It’s your job to create a workplace they not only feel comfortable and confident working in, but can thrive in.

Here are five reasons why employee engagement should be a top priority for you:

1. Lower turnover

If your tribe feel content and satisfied in their roles, they are less likely to seek other opportunities elsewhere. According to Engage for Success stats, companies with high levels of engagement show a 40% lower turnover rate compared with those with low engagement levels. Make engagement a top priority and you stand a better chance of retaining all of your top talent, and you also save yourself the money of having to hire and train new recruits.

2. Greater productivity

It’s understandable that tribes work best when they’re engaged, with 59% of employees saying that their roles bring out their most creative ideas compared to just 3% of less-engaged employees. So, in this way, engaged employees are more likely to think outside of the box and innovate; which, in today’s business landscape, is what will propel your company forward and make you stand out among your competitors.

3. Happier customers

Happiness is contagious. So naturally, if your tribe are happy in their roles, it’s bound to rub off on your customers! Those customers are more likely to recommend you to friends and family, telling them what a great bunch you are! Companies which boast top engagement levels actually enjoy around 12% higher customer advocacy.

4. Fewer sick days

Mental health and physical health are closely interlinked. Our bodies work in mysterious ways; but when we feel happy and positive, we’re actually less likely to feel unwell or become ill. So, the more engaged your tribe are, the less likely they are to take sick days. According to data from Gallup, higher workplace engagement leads to 37% lower absenteeism, and perhaps more surprisingly, 41% fewer safety incidents.

5. A boost to your bottom line

Engaged tribe members are more productive and creative than their non-engaged counterparts, and they take less sick days and are likely to stick around longer. So it’s clear to see why companies with high engagement rates enjoy greater profits than those who don’t! In fact, Engage for Success says that they enjoy TWICE the annual net profit than companies with low engagement rates. That’s a stat you simply can’t ignore!

Care for your tribe and they’ll care for you and your company it’s as simple as that. If your tribe are engaged, they’ll become advocates of your brand and help to take your business to the next level, and then the next level, and then the next level, and so on!

(Psst: You could always engage your tribe in the beautiful surrounds of the forest at Go Ape, as you all monkey around in the canopy. Chat to one of our team members about mid-week corporate trips by calling 0370 218 5574.)

Break free from meeting rooms

business man sitting in the park

Picture a typical office meeting. A group of employees gathered around a table in a stuffy room, listening to their boss talk business while simultaneously suppressing yawns. As soon as the coffee cups are empty their minds begin to wander, as they jot down notes they know won’t make any sense when they come to read them later on.


OK, so not all meetings are this bad. But generally, they have a reputation for being ineffective, wasting both business and employee time while draining productivity. So, here’s a solution for you: the next time you need to gather your tribe, swap the confines of the boardroom for the great outdoors!


A meeting with nature


At Go Ape, we hold all of our meetings outdoors. We sometimes have business chats up in the canopy, whilst swinging from tree to tree. It makes talking about the boring stuff not-so-boring – meaning we’re more likely to stay engaged and remember what was discussed.


Hosting a meeting in the great outdoors can…


Get the creative juices flowing: Nothing inspires more than Mother Nature. And sometimes, thinking outside of the box requires you to leave the box that is your office. New surroundings = new ideas!


Energise your tribe: Enjoying lungfuls of fresh air can improve your mood, combat stress, fight fatigue and increase productivity. All this makes for more effective meetings, ensuring your tribe are switched on and not zoned out.


Relax your tribe: The conference room is a tense environment, there’s no doubt about it. In the great outdoors, your tribe are bound to feel more chilled out and comfortable. And this might make them more confident and willing to speak up, share ideas and be part of the discussion.


Come hang with us


Need to plan a meeting? Why not take a leaf out of our book and host it at Go Ape!? Visit one of our courses and you can talk serious stuff in the beautiful surrounds of the forest, before or after heading skyward to take on one of our award-winning Tree Top Adventures. Whoever said that you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure was wrong!


If you think you’ll need equipment – for instance, if you’ve prepared a PowerPoint presentation – then you’re better off using a conference facility, which we can organise for an additional fee. The facility will be a short drive from the course; and not only will we provide the tools, but we can arrange refreshments for you and you tribe to tuck into, too.


If you want to keep things more casual, you could always host the gathering in our Forest Shelter, which your company will have exclusive use of. The Shelter comes equipped with games – though it may be worth moving them out of sight so they don’t distract during the discussion!


Meetings don’t have to be dull – liven things up by holding your next tribe gathering in the heart of the forest!


If you want to find out more about our mid-week corporate adventures, you can request a quote from one of our friendly team members. See you in the treetops!

Big city bonding…the Go Ape way

Criteo corporate event at Battersea

As specialists in forest-themed adventures, you’d be forgiven for thinking that all Go Ape courses are located far out in the countryside, miles from civilisation. But in actual fact, our Tree Top Adventures have taken over a number of inner-city parks, including four in the capital!


Go Ape adventures in the big city

Our London courses offer Tribes an escape from the hustle and bustle, minus the hassle of having to travel out into the sticks. It’s a chance to ditch the office for the day, disconnect from tech and reconnect with the wonderful natural world around us.

Rather than weaving in and out of commuters, you’ll be weaving in and out of trees on a bunch of self-balancing, all-terrain Segways. Rather than staring at spreadsheets, you’ll be gazing out over London’s glorious skyline from the treetops. And rather than tucking into yet another substandard, overpriced sarnie, you’ll be indulging in a hearty forest feast, lovingly prepared by one of our super-skilled chefs.


Team building in the trees

Go Ape activities are ideal for team building. Why? Well, whether you’re cruising around the forest floor or swinging from tree to tree in a Tarzan fashion, these activities target key skills associated with great teamwork.

Helping one another to tackle tricky obstacles can boost confidence and improve camaraderie among your tribe. Rolling around together can also strengthen bonds, giving tribe members who don’t usually mingle the chance to catch up. And let’s not forget, a Go Ape adventure is mega fun (if we do say so ourselves), which is a crucial component in effective team building and is sure to raise team morale.


So, where to go?

Alexandra Palace

You can always swing by our brand new course, situated in one of London’s most iconic public parks: Alexandra Palace. The Tree Top Adventure course launches this summer, so watch this space!

Battersea Park

Smack bang in the heart of London, perched on the south bank of the River Thames, is Go Ape Battersea Park. It features some of our longest crossings, including the Zig Zag Bridge (needs no description) and Chantermerle’s Bridge; a swaying tightrope-style obstacle that’s harder to cross the breezier it is!

Black Park Country Park

Then we have the not-so-central Go Ape in Black Park, Buckinghamshire. If you’ve any movie buffs in your tribe, they might be interested to know that the course is adjacent to the famous Pinewood Film Studios.

Trent Park

And last but by no means least, Go Ape can also be found in Trent Park, which is conveniently situated a stone’s throw from Cockfosters station. It’s one of the highest Tree Top Adventures in the South of England and features one of the highest zip wires, too – and more air time can only be a good thing!


Team building that suits you

In our opinion, one-size-fits-all team building doesn’t work. That’s why, along with our forest-themed adventures, we offer heaps of extras which allow you to tailor your trip to suit your needs and budget.

Fancy a group picnic? We can sort it. Need to use conference facilities? Not a problem. Let us know your requirements and we’ll get to work creating the ultimate mid-week adventure for you and your tribe.

If you want to find out more, just request a quote and receive a callback from our hairy Tribe.

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