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3 ways to motivate your team

Monday Motivation
Motivating your tribe is the easy part; working out how to keep their motivation levels sky-high week in, week out is where it gets tough. But, it’s a task you need to perfect, as tribes will only perform at their peak if they feel passionate and enthusiastic about what they do!

Think a Christmas cash bonus will keep your tribe motivated all year? Think again! A study from the University of Reading found that the ‘carrot and stick’ approach simply doesn’t cut it in the long run and there are many other, better incentives.

So, inspired by an article we found on the Entrepreneur website, here are three ways you can make sure your tribe are motivated…and stay motivated!

Jazz up the staff room

The staff room is the place your tribe head to chill out, unwind and catch up with their work mates – so, make it a space they enjoy escaping to! They’ve got to love going there; otherwise, they’ll have nowhere to go when they’re finding work challenging, which could cause a drop in motivation and productivity, leading to a lower quality of work.

It’s time to go all DIY SOS on that break room! Throw out those old, half-broken seats and replace with comfy sofas. Fix the broken toaster. Clean the fridge that reeks of blue cheese. Paint the walls a bright and inspiring colour. And most importantly, get some games!

Take a forest leaf from the Go Ape tribe and install a ping pong table in the staff room, or how about a pool table, or table football? Games like these encourage social interaction mixed with a smidgen of physical activity, and they will:

· Boost morale
· Create an immediate means of escape
· Allow for authentic team building
· Contribute to your tribe’s wellbeing

Schedule in team building activities

Tribes need to be offered more than just a salary and holiday time. You need to make sure they’re able to work together to achieve common goals – and there’s no better way to do that than by enjoying regular, fun team building activities together (emphasis on the word ‘fun,’ here). The endless benefits of team building include:

· Helping your tribe improve their communication skills
· Pushing them out of their comfort zones
· Developing team values
· Boosting their ability to problem-solve
· Giving them a chance to let their hair down
· Allowing them to fine-tune their leadership skills

Go Ape’s team building trips are fun first and foremost, but also encompass all of the benefits listed above. Embark on a classic Tree Top Adventure or Forest Segway Experience, or try out our new team development or team solutions days!

Show appreciation

Sometimes, the smallest of gestures have the biggest of impacts. A sincere “thank you” or “great job” can go a long way, and lets your tribe know that you acknowledge and appreciate their hard work. It also motivates them to keep on striving for a high quality and efficient work ethic. And the occasional after-work drinks or tribe meal (paid by yours truly) won’t go amiss, either.

When the company achieves a mammoth milestone, you should always celebrate together (after all, it was a tribe effort that got you where you are). But, this is not just about company milestones; show your tribe you care and value them individually by celebrating things like promotions, weddings, birthdays (you get the idea).

Follow these three tips to make sure your tribe stay motivated and together, you’ll achieve great things!

Try a different Christmas party this year

Christmas is in full swing, which means there are mince pies to be munched, prezzies to be given and memories to be made! ‘Tis the happiest season of them all, so what better way to celebrate than by hosting a fantastic, end-of-year blowout to say “thank you” to your tribe for all of their hard work?!

Well, we regret to inform that in spite of all of the tinsel and cheer, the annual office party leaves many of us feeling like the Grinch on Christmas morning. In fact, a survey conducted by LateRooms found that 75% of us dread it.

Whether it’s getting trapped talking to the office bore, being snoozed on by a drunken co-worker or having to watch the boss do their best David Brent impression, the average worker said they spent at least 2.5 hours of the event “bored senseless.” Now, that just won’t do!

So, forget the cocktail sausages, the one-free-drink bar tab and the ham and cheese sandwiches chopped into triangles. This year, why not show your appreciation for your tribe’s efforts by throwing them a super special and unique Christmas bash?

Take them on a day out

Forget the party altogether and opt for a day out instead! Put your minds to the test in an escape room, or take them go-karting. Rid the office of the year’s stresses by treating them to paintballing (bosses be warned) or a festive boat cruise.

Host a charity day

Why not help your tribe reconnect with the real meaning of Christmas by hosting a charity day instead? Take them to a soup kitchen where they can volunteer their time, hold a charity fundraiser with fun, sponsored challenges, or create a ‘gift tree’ where staff can pin items, vouchers and pledges to give to those in need.

Ugly jumper party

Embrace all that is kitsch by framing your party’s theme around holiday stereotypes. Hold a competition to find out who has the most ghastly and garish Christmas jumper. Then, deck the office in the tackiest and gaudiest decorations you can find. Complete the evening with eggnog and secret Santa!

Ditch the office and go to an event

No one wants to hang around in the office after hours, so why not see what events your city has to offer? Lots of restaurants, function rooms and event companies host Christmas shindigs. Plus, sharing a venue with other businesses means that the atmosphere will be lighter, brighter, and your tribe will be more willing to boogie!

Have a classy Christmas

Pick a theme like winter wonderland and transform your office into Lapland. Or, hold a masquerade ball and encourage your tribe to don their finest clothes – black tie optional! Now, depending on your budget, you may not be able to afford an ice sculpture, but you could include fun extras like photo booths and props.

Take to the trees at Go Ape!

For a truly tree-mendous day that will stay with your tribe for all the right reasons, come see us at Go Ape! A daring day spent at Go Ape is a great bonding exercise. As your tribe swings through the canopy, they will face their fears while making unforgettable memories. They can relax, unwind and feel invigorated by nature.

Top the day off by enjoying a delicious banquet of BBQ treats, ideal for every palate and dietary requirement. Bid adieu to cheese and pineapple sticks; after all, the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach!

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Why too many meetings and emails lead to bad team development

Office Meeting
Business meetings have been hailed one of the biggest office time-wasters, and we can’t say we’re surprised. We’re sure, in the past, you’ve found yourself sat in the boardroom, eyelids heavy, stifling yawn after yawn while thinking, “Surely this could have been resolved in a five minute chat?”

…But no. An hour and a half later, you’re still sat in that stuffy room, eyes now fully glazed over, and you’ve started to daydream about dinner, and plans for the weekend, and your holiday next month. Then, whoever’s speaking asks you a question. *Gulp.*

And then, we have emails. Claimed to be a super-efficient mode of communication, which we don’t doubt for a second – but why do we feel compelled to compile a message on email when we can just ask our work chum, who’s sat less than a metre away from us, the question about that project with our mouths!?

Yes, meetings can be effective, and yes, email is a great way to keep in contact with colleagues and clients. But too many of either can sap productivity and motivation, and end up having a huge impact on team development.

In meetings, people tend to talk at people (while others listen). When we send emails, we talk to one another, but digitally. See what’s lacking here? Quality, genuine, two-way interactions, which are vital for good team development.

Tip-top communication is what makes good tribes great, so it’s time to sign-off from email, shut that boardroom door, and start developing your tribe the Go Ape way!

Have fun developing in the forest

Have you heard about our Team Development days? In a nutshell, you and your tribe get to escape the office for the day to reconnect, in the beautiful surrounds of the forest, as you take on a whole heap of tree-mendous activities.

The two-three hour session is aimed at improving communication among your tribe, as well as skills related to teamwork and problem-solving.

A couple of activities you can expect to take part in include the Plank Walk, which requires oodles of communication from every tribe member as you try to walk in synch (chanting “left, right, left, right, left right”). And then there’s the Blindfold Knot, where you’ll have to rely on tip-top communication to create a human-sized knot…blindfolded!

A Team Development day is an opportunity to bring all of your tribe together, away from life’s little (but many) distractions, and bond on a deeper level. And we guarantee that you’ll feel the positive impact the very next day in the office, when communication between all members of your tribe will be flowing!

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De-stress on treetop nets with your tribe!

Nets KIngdom Blog
No one likes to feel stressed, but for many people it’s an unavoidable reality of their busy working lives. Saying that, a smidgen of stress isn’t always a bad thing; according to experts, it can actually motivate you to meet your goals for the day.

But then there’s also bad stress, when you constantly feel under pressure and pushed to the very max. And this type of stress is counter-intuitive, as it can make you feel less driven and less enthusiastic about your work. It can even make you unwell, if it carries on for a long time.

So, as tribe leader, you need to help your tribe to achieve that perfect balance in their roles. No doubt they want to be challenged (as this will help them to develop and flourish), but there’s a line between tasks and responsibilities that are challenging, and those that are downright impossible!

Time to unwind!

You know what will help your tribe to secure that golden balance? If you treat them to regular away days, where they can switch off from work and leave their worries behind in a pile on their desk! So, how does de-stressing in a netted playground suspended 30 feet up in the air sound!?

Yep, you read that right! Go Ape is pleased and proud to unveil a brand new, one-of-a-kind adventure soon to be launched in Black Park! Nets Kingdom is a mammoth connected structure of bounce nets (one filled with giant balls), bridges slides and climbing towers and is fun for all ages!

The Kingdom is encased within 3,000 square metres of hammock-like netting, so it’s safe as tree houses. Speaking of which, there are some of them in Net Kingdom, too!

Nets Kingdom is the perfect spot to kick back with your tribe. To unwind, to switch off, to reconnect with nature. And most importantly, to have some fun!

For the ultimate Go Ape day out, why not swing through the trees before hanging out in them? An award-winning Tree Top Adventure course is the perfect team building and team bonding activity. You’ll take on tunnels, bridges, swings, stirrups and zips. Oh, you’ll also have to clamber up and across nets, so you’ll get in some practice before venturing to the Kingdom!

Between your adventures, you could always back with your tribe in our exclusive Forest Shelter and enjoy some tasty grub, prepared by us. Choose from a simple picnic, or a more hearty forest BBQ (which your tribe may appreciate more after swinging through the trees and working up an appetite).

Black Park is the only Go Ape with Nets Kingdom for the moment, but we’re sure that the activity will be launched in other courses in the future. So don’t feel too disappointed if you aren’t near, anyway, there’s bound to be a local course where you and your tribe can swing through the trees or whizz through the forest floor via a bunch of all-terrain, self-balancing Segways!

De-stress your Tribe by booking a team day out to Nets Kingdom …

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