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Meet Steve: the 67 year old adventurer

Meet Steve

Struggling to plan a team day out that suits all ages? How about a trip to Go Ape for your next team building day? “It’s only for the young and energetic” we hear you say. Well hear us out… there’s a new kid on the block, who’s proving you’re never too old for adventure.

If you’ve been to Go Ape Crawley in Tilgate Park recently, you may have been in the presence of Go Ape history. Our oldest (and wisest) instructor ever has returned for his second season – 67 year old Steve Allen! Steve is waving the flag for all adventurous sexagenarians (that’s a person who’s between 60 and 69 in case you’re wondering).


Where it all began

We were lucky enough to have Steve join our Tribe in 2016, but we’d like to think that a life in the trees was always calling for him. Steve started out in stage management – not very Go Ape we hear you say, but hear us out… his main duty was scenery building which included an awful lot of forests. We’d like to think he’s always had a penchant for trees.


From painting trees to swinging through them

Our Steve took to the outdoors like a fish to water (or a monkey to the trees). An outdoorsy man at heart, Steve always had the itch to be ‘in the wild’. It wasn’t long before Steve left the stage management business and jumped into the world of walking holidays – a job that took him all over the world, working alongside people from all walks of life (get it?). Steve has led the way on too many excursions to mention – he’s worked with the Duke of Edinburgh programme and has even walked from the UK to Cuba.


What made him swing our way?

A simple email from an outdoor jobs company set Steve on his track to the trees. He loved that fact that Go Ape didn’t ask for his age on the job application (we know you can’t put an age limit on an adventurous spirit)

The rest, as they say, is history. We’re happier than a chimp in woodchip to have someone like Steve monkeying around with us. We only hope that Steve can encourage other grown-ups (or Silverbacks) to get outside and experience Go Ape for themselves.

We’ll leave you with these words of inspiration from the man himself:

“Keep going. Keep living life adventurously, and most importantly, keep enjoying yourself!”

If you’re interested in experiencing a team day out to Go Ape, Crawley (and maybe catching a glimpse of the celebrity, Steve), you can request a quote here.

Come and meet the tribe

events tribe steve at the HRD summit show

Our Go Ape tribe are making the rounds over the next few months, attending shows and meeting with the public to answer any questions and queries you may have. The tribe will have information on our Team Days Out to hand, as well as some VR headsets so you can virtually experience the adventure before you book. Anything you may need, our tribe will be on hand to help.


Where to find us…


London Summer Event Show

A trendy themed exhibition that brings together a mix of the best summer venues things to do with your team when the weather gets warmer. We’d like to think we’re one of them. Find us in the Street Party Room on Stand E7 talking about all things adventure.

24th – 25th January 2017

Banking Hall 14 Cornhill, EC3V 3ND


HRD Summit

The Human Resources Director Summit will be taking place in Birmingham in January 2017! You can come enjoy seminars from 11 keynote speakers or come and meet the teams exhibiting. You’ll be able to find us on Stand 19.

31st Jan – 1st Feb 2017

The ICC, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2EA


Office Confex Show

Office, International Confex and the Event Production Show have joined forces to bring the ultimate event for PAs, EAs, Office Managers and the like. We’ll be there from the 1st March, hopefully bringing some sunshine, smiles and some inspiration for outdoor team building.

1st -2nd March 2017

Olympia, London, Hammersmith Rd, London W14 8UX


Who to look out for

But, just who is behind our hard-working Team Days Out tribe? We think a few introductions are in order…

Sam Hardy – Events Manager and long-suffering ITFC fan

Sam Hardy - Go Ape Corporate Events

 Sean Hixon – Events Co-ordinator and explorer of the world

Sean Hixon - Go Ape Corporate EventsRichard Steggles – Events Co-ordinator, Spin Instructor and Poker Extraordinaire 

Richard Steggles - Go Ape Corporate Events

 Steve Hissett – Events Co-ordinator, football star and #1 dad

Steve Hissett - Go Ape Corporate Events

 Terry Sutton – Events Co-ordinator, guitar hero and songwriter

Terry Sutton - Go Ape Corporate Events

Sarah Stimpson – Events Co-ordinator, talented sketch artist and Roller Derby Queen

Sarah Stimpson - Go Ape Corporate Events


Are you attending any of the shows above? We look forward to hanging out with you. Go Ape is an excellent team day out and it certainly isn’t your average team building trip. Break the mould, be the office hero, and book a team day out for your tribe in 2017. Request a quote via one of our hairy tribe members at the show, or fill one out online today. 

What does “team” mean to the Go Ape Tribe?

our tribe story 3

We often talk about team-building and how investing time into your employees can keep your team loyal, productive and most importantly happy. Well, we don’t just believe this to be true, but we see the proof in the pudding.

We’ve grown a tremendous amount since we set off on our first adventure, and we’ve seen rapid growth in our Tribe over the last few years. More faces just means more plates set around the family table – and bigger team days out!

In the Forest of Dean, on one of our recent team days out, we asked some of our fellow pri-mates to take a (slightly cold and wet) walk down memory lane and explain what it meant to be a part of the Go Ape Tribe. Answers included;

  • Embracing the adventurous culture
  • Spending time with likeminded people
  • Creating life-long memories
  • Seeing the company progress through the years
  • Being able to experience new things whilst on the job

What does “team” mean to you? Take a look at our video below and step into our Go Ape Tribe for a few minutes.


How many lasting memories have your created with your team-mates? If you fancy creating some new ones in the forest, take a look at our team-building days available at 30 locations UK wide. It’ll be a day out you’ll never forget, and who knows, it might even make it onto your company’s memory tree!

Find out more information by requesting a quote today.

Adventure safety at Go Ape

Safety at Go Ape

The safety of our customers is our number one priority. It’s important to feel like you’re in safe hands when you’re 40 feet up in the trees, wobbling across a wire no thicker than your thumb.

Before you clamber up the initial rope ladder to Platform 1, you and your team will be thoroughly briefed by one of the tribe. This’ll allow you all to get to grips with your harness, and you’ll have a go at using your gear over at the Training Site. Once we’re confident that you know the ropes, you’re free to roam the forest canopy, Tarzan-style!

Linda Green - Go Ape Health & SafetyMeet Go Ape’s Health & Safety Manager, Linda Green

Heading the health & safety team at Go Ape is the lovely Linda Green, who also looks after all-things-safety at our sister company, Air Space.

Linda has extensive experience working in the industry with an impressive array of qualifications under her (safety) belt, including an H&S Diploma at Leeds University, an MSc in Occupational Safety and Health at Salford University, a Teacher Training Certificate and an Investigation Certificate based on Police witness and suspect training.

After 14 years working for local government in health and safety enforcement, in 2010 Linda was asked to be the officer responsible for the primary authority agreement with Go Ape. At the age of 50, she found herself climbing trees, clambering across nets, whizzing down zip wires and riding Segways. And in 2014 she was officially asked to join the Go Ape tribe as health and safety manager!

Day to Day

Linda works mainly from home but spends a lot of time visiting different Go Ape sites to carry out health and safety audits and offer support to instructors, site managers and area managers. She also works with the Air Space team and has flown across the pond to deliver training to operations teams and site managers at Banana HQ US.

Since joining, Linda has implemented a 24/7 employee assistance programme that provides round-the-clock support to instructors, and she produces a quarterly newsletter with the aim of promoting health and safety awareness.

Job perks

Linda loves the variety and challenges her role brings:

“Every day is different and I am always learning something new.”

The training and support provided to site managers and instructors is “first class,” says Linda, who adds that it’s incredibly rewarding to watch new instructors come out of their shell and develop into confident, happy and self-motivated members of the tribe.

“The directors and senior management are extremely encouraging and caring – everyone has a voice and is listened to.”

Putting the ‘fun’ in health and safety

Linda thinks that health and safety can be fun and is a firm believer that people should leave their comfort zones and live their lives to the full: “Life is full of risks – it’s how you manage them that matter!

And as for job perks, Linda says the philosophy of ‘creating adventure and inspiring everyone to live life adventurously’ is aimed at the Go Ape tribe as well customers, which is really important.

“Go Ape has cultivated a great company culture – the flexible working environment provides such an excellent work life balance.”

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