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We’re officially inspiring!

Inspiring Company

Well hello there, fellow adventurer! We’ve got some gre-ape (get it?!) news: we’ve been featured in a list of 1,000 Companies to Inspire.

Little old us, you say? That’s right! We’re officially inspiring (much better than plain old un-official inspiring, if you ask us).

The list, put together by the lovely city dwellers over at London Stock Exchange Group, is to celebrate the fastest-growing SMEs (that’s small and medium-sized businesses) in the whole of the UK. And we’re on it! Yippee!

How do we feel? Ecstatic!

We’re super chuffed about this, from the tips of our tails to the tufts of fur around our sticky-out ears. Why are we so pleased, you ask? Wouldn’t we have been happier with an increase in profits, you say? Not even a little bit.

We’re not one of those companies filled with people wearing suits hanging out by the water cooler; we’re adventurers – just like you. We set up Go Ape to try and spread as much adventure as we can! Our whole mission statement is built around inspiring people to get outside, and this is just what we needed to show that we’re on the road to helping inspire more apes to have adventures. We’ll wear this latest accolade as a badge of pride (alongside our Cubs badges for forest foraging, of course!).

We’re in this together

Did you know that a group of apes is called a shrewdness? That’s what we are – a group (and pretty darn shrewd, too). We are a herd. A unit. And we like to think that all the people who visit our courses are part of the Go Ape tribe, too.

Come and have adventures with us

Since we opened our treetops in 2002 at Thetford Forest, we’ve been striving to climb higher and now we have 30 locations in the UK. Thirty! Isn’t that bananas?

When we climb, we dare to reach for the next branch – which is why we expanded into Tree Top Junior, Forest Segway and Air Space – embracing the next adventure is our particular cup of elderflower squash.

In fact, now is probably a good time to do an impromptu acceptance speech and say “thank you” for all the support you’ve given us over the years – we couldn’t have [sniff] done it without you all [sniff]. Darn, we promised ourselves we wouldn’t cry!

Do you feel inspired?

We are the breath of fresh air at the top of the hillside, the first step that leads to everything beyond. We are the wild hills and the treetop branches; the wind beneath your paraglider, so to speak. We are the taste of adventure in the air, we are the thought that helps you pick yourself up when you stumble (if you trip over in the forest and no one is watching, did it happen?). We are Go Ape.

It’s been nearly 15 years since we opened, and we’re growing faster than a palm tree in the summer heat – in 2015 we had 900 members of staff, and this year that’s due to rise to 1300. We’ve got our calculators out and we reckon that it’ll be double that (yep, you heard us right!) in just three short years. We can’t wait.

What do we want? Adventure! When do we want it? Now!

If you fancy giving us a medal to celebrate, or telling us how we’ve helped inspire you over the years, then get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you.

Oh, and you can take a gander at the full list of wonderful, inspiring UK company-majigs.

Anyway, more importantly, what have you got lined up for your next adventure?

Chessington is open for (monkey) business!

Chessington World of Adventures

It’s officially here! Our 30th Tree Top Adventure course has landed at Chessington World of Adventures!

We’re proud as punch to say it’s a course like no other, and open for (monkey) business for corporate events. It’s the first time in Go Ape history we’ve launched a new course within a theme park, so why not gather your Tribe and be one of the first to hold a team building event this summer.

Go Ape at Chessington

Go Ape Chessington is one of a kind…literally!

Not only is the new course the first Go Ape within a theme park, it’s also home to our first ever four-person zip wire…which of course means quadruple the fun. You and your team can soar down through the air with the wind in your face finishing in a delightful mound of woodchip.

Four man zip wire Chessington

Set amidst 60 acres of woodland, there’s no doubt that Chessington is the UK’s wildest theme park.

So, what better place for your team build day? There’s a whole heap of other activities to check out, whether it’s the parks 40+ rides and attractions, the zoo, or Sea Life centre! We can help plan the perfect day for and your Tribe.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get a quote for a team day out now.

Time to speak up?

Team Building

Social media certainly has its pros and cons. On the downside, it can be a huge time-waster (for all those hours spent watching cat videos and scrolling through strangers’ posts). But, on the upside, social networks are great for staying in contact with friends, sharing pictures, and keeping up-to-date with what’s going on in the world.

Companies are also benefiting from social. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are perfect for promoting products, reaching out to the wider community, and making valuable connections. But, it seems like a business’ own social presence will only get it so far, and the real key to success lies within its employees…

Speakin’ up

A growing number of employees are speaking up about their companies, says a recent Mashable article. It cites research by Weber Shandwick, which found that one-third of people give praise and share positive posts about their employers on social channels (without a prompt, that is).

Many companies – in particular larger ones – have policies in place to regulate what’s shared about the business online. Some stricter policies even silence employees from sharing anything business-related. But, although you might be anxious about giving your tribe total freedom of speech (even a well-intended post could have repercussions), there’s tonnes of research proving that big-mouthed employees are bolstering business’ bottom lines.

Bigmouth strikes again

It’s fine for a business to big itself up on social media, but where customer trust and engagement is concerned, comments have more of an impact when they don’t come straight from the horse’s mouth. According to MSL Group, company-related messages are shared 24 times more when they’re written by employees, boosting reach by a whopping 561%. Not only that, but people trust employee posts six times more than company posts, says Edelman.

By loosening the social reins, employees will become social advocates of your business. They’ll help to humanise your brand and break down communication barriers. As the article explains, social media is an ‘important mediator in the modern era’ and businesses should view channels as a way to ‘facilitate conversations and human experiences.’

So, what’s needed from you? Well, it’s quite simple: you need to promote the idea that sharing is caring! You need to encourage your tribe to get social about your business. And that doesn’t mean forcing employees to fabricate posts to make you look good – you’ll soon be sniffed out, and that’ll be extremely embarrassing.

Some of your tribe might be wondering, “What’s in it for me?” Well, by becoming social advocates, employees will gain all the knowledge they need to become ‘trusted corporate stewards’ and established industry experts.

You could also think of ways to incentivise your tribe, for instance, by offering a referral bonus to employees who help you hire a candidate through sharing job openings with their social communities. Doing this can be really effective, seeing as employee referrals have a 40% higher applicant-to-hire conversion rate, according to Jobvite.

Social selling

Ultimately, it all boils down to your bottom line, and social savvy teams lead to better results. Weber Shandwick found that ‘socially encouraging’ firms are 72% more likely to boost sales, while the Social Media and Sales Quota Survey showed that 78% of salespeople using social platforms outperform their peers.

The savviest companies are the ones which fully embrace social media. So, instead of silencing your tribe, encourage them to shout from the rooftops about your business and be ready to reap the benefits!

Does your tribe need a digital detox?

Digital Detox

A recent study led by researchers from Nottingham Trent University found that the average person checks their smartphone 85 times A DAY!

We grabbed the calculator and did the maths: if you’re awake for 15 hours a day, that means you’re checking your phone almost 6 times an hour – that’s once every 10 minutes!

Along with this OCD (obsessive checking disorder), there’s also the time spent gazing at the screens of our desktop computers, laptops, tablets and e-readers.

Can it be that we now spend more time staring into the digital space than we do looking at the real things around us?!

Of course, much of this screen time can’t be helped. Take your tribe, for example; they probably need their trusted laptops, smartphones and tablets in order to carry out their jobs effectively. There’s no doubt you’d raise an eyebrow or two if one of your employees took to pen and paper every time they wanted to get in touch with a client…

Though tech may play a big part in your business, your tribe still deserve a break from it all. In fact, they don’t just deserve it, they need it. Our digital lifestyles have been linked to numerous ailments, from headaches, fatigue and insomnia to serious issues such as anxiety, obesity and depression. The wellbeing of your tribe is a top priority for you, right? Well then, it’s time for a digital detox!

Shut down computers, switch off tablets and store away smartphones – you need to disconnect in order to reconnect!

Forget health spas; a trip to Go Ape is one of the best ways you can help your tribe to detox.

What better place for your tribe to take time-out from tech than the great outdoors? A day out at Go Ape is a chance for your tribe to reconnect not just with nature, but with one another too. It’s a chance for them to let their hair down, to release their inner Tarzans and, ultimately, to have some fun!

And guess what? There won’t be a computer monitor or WiFi router in sight. Even if one of your tribe were to sneak their smartphone onto the course, it’s highly unlikely they’ll get signal from way up in the trees!

Forest SegwayMother Nature has a wonderful way of making us feel good.

By spending time outdoors, breathing in the fresh, forest air and getting some exercise, your tribe are guaranteed to return to the office feeling well and truly detoxed.

How you and your tribe spend your day at Go Ape is completely down to you. Most choose to try out our award-winning Tree Top Adventure, where your tribe will spend a couple of hours clambering up high ropes, navigating tricky obstacles, hurling themselves off platforms and flying down zip wires. Or how about hopping aboard our all-terrain Segways and cruising the forest floor en masse? For the ultimate Go Ape day out, why not combine both?!

Allowing your tribe to have some screen downtime is really important – try a different connection and get a quote for a team Go Ape adventure!

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