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What personality types are your Tribe members?

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The modern workplace can be so diverse that it’s sometimes difficult for managers and leaders to keep everyone happy.

Ensuring that people with different personalities and from different backgrounds all get along and move the company forwards as one cohesive unit is no easy task; so what can you do to help bring your team together?

Identifying the personality types of your tribe is a good place to start, and means you can nurture and develop each person’s role according to their own individual traits. This can have a real impact on business outcomes – according to a study by Gallup, placing people in roles that do not match their personality can result in 21% lower productivity, 22% lower profitability, and a 45% higher turnover rate.

Every office will have its recognisable personalities. We’ve listed five common, light-hearted ones below (hint: if you can’t think who that person is, it’s probably you!)

The Chatterbox

The Chatterbox is friendly and outgoing, but they also have a habit of jumping into other people’s conversations. While Chatterboxes may think everyone is their friend, in reality many people try to avoid them for fear of getting trapped away from their desks in a 30-minute story about their weekend!

The Workaholic

There’s always someone who’s first in, last out, often not taking fresh air breaks or popping out for lunch. Driven and ambitious, the Workaholic may seem good for the company at first, but not if they don’t look after their health and wellbeing – they can’t work all day if they’re off sick with exhaustion!

The Messy One

Whether it’s leaving mouldy food in the communal fridge, or piles of notes and paperwork over their desks, there’s always someone who just doesn’t seem interested in tidying up. This person may need a quiet word in their ear about hygiene, but don’t be too hard on them – they say that messiness is associated with creativity, so perhaps this person is a creative spirit!

The Over Emailer

Inboxes get pretty rammed these days, especially when you have people overloading them with unimportant messages or those that could just as easily be said face-to-face. Whether it’s a document that wasn’t actually relevant to everyone in the department, or a cute cat photo they just had to share, this person needs to learn about instant messaging!

The Delegator

The Delegator always looks busy, but don’t be fooled – they have a habit of delegating work to their colleagues rather than doing it themselves! So they don’t necessarily have the best time management skills, but their persuasive skills are certainly impressive.

With a greater understanding of your tribe’s personalities, you’ll gain a deeper insight into how they take instruction, how they deal with stress and how they interact with their co-workers.

Of course, if you want to really bond your tribe and bring disparate teams together, a day in the trees at Go Ape is a team-building activity like no other. No matter what their personality type is, their differences will be cast aside as they swing from ropes and zoom along zip wires with their workmates!

What excuse?

Team Building They'll Love

Booked your next corporate day out at Go Ape yet? No? Why not!?

If you’re going to give us an excuse, we don’t want to hear it! Actually, we do want to hear it, just so we can prove you wrong and help you realise how swinging through the trees is the ultimate team adventure!

Excuse #1: “We’ve been to Go Ape before”

Swung with us before? Fantastic – but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit us again! No two Go Ape experiences are the same and anyway, you can always mix things up a little. If you embarked on a Tree Top Adventure with your tribe the last time you visited us, this time why not check out our Forest Segway Experience? If you tucked-in to a tasty picnic lunch last time, why not give our mega popular Forest BBQ a try?

Even if you book the same Go Ape adventure, you’ll still have just as much fun this time around. In fact, your tribe might have even more fun up in the trees now they know the ropes. Ask any member of the Go Ape team and they’ll tell you that swinging through the trees never gets boring!

Excuse #2: “It might be bad weather on the day”

We get that British weather can be unpredictable at best, and that can put some people off heading outdoors for a team day out. But you’d be surprised just how sheltered you are when you’re up in the treetops, underneath a protective canopy of leaves and branches!

Springtime is one of the best times to hang out in the trees, as the season brings with it new sights, smells and sounds. There’s a chance it might be a little drizzly or cold, but as your Grandmother (probably) once told you: there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes!

Excuse #3: “Some of my tribe don’t like heights”

We hear this excuse a lot and we can understand why – the fear of heights (acrophobia) is one of the most common phobias in the world. But, if your tribe never face their fears, they’ll linger like a bad smell!

Instead of ignoring fear, the best thing to do is face it and conquer it, and we’re here to help your tribe every jump, leap and step of the way. Taking on a sky-high obstacle course is a daunting prospect for many, but we’re experts in turning naysayers into adventurers! Your tribe can expect their legs to be jelly-like as they climb up the first set of high ropes but it won’t be long until they get into the swing of things and start having some fun. Fear? What fear?

For those members of your tribe who are scared of heights, conquering their fear will give them an enormous sense of achievement. It”ll also give them newfound confidence and can open the doors to many new opportunities. Next up, charity skydive?

Forest SegwayExcuse #4: “Isn’t Go Ape just a bit of fun?”

It’s true: fun plays a big part in what we do. But that’s not all we’ve got to offer! Go Ape adventures target many aspects of team building – they help to improve communication between your tribe, boost morale, form relationships and enhance skills (such as problem solving). Team building activities are only going to be effective if your tribe enjoy taking part, and we’re pretty sure they’ll enjoy swinging through the trees!

Excuse #5: “The budget won’t allow it”

No company should miss out on a forest adventure! While the cost of some team days out is enough to make you wince, we’ve made sure our adventures are affordable for all. We offer tailored team days out, meaning you can choose a Go Ape experience that best suits your needs and budget. Prices start from around £50 per head for one adventure plus a picnic lunch and group photo, and you can choose from a range of optional extras to add to your experience.

So, what are you waiting for? No more excuses – get a quote for your Go Ape adventure today!

Time to speak up?

Team Building

Social media certainly has its pros and cons. On the downside, it can be a huge time-waster (for all those hours spent watching cat videos and scrolling through strangers’ posts). But, on the upside, social networks are great for staying in contact with friends, sharing pictures, and keeping up-to-date with what’s going on in the world.

Companies are also benefiting from social. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are perfect for promoting products, reaching out to the wider community, and making valuable connections. But, it seems like a business’ own social presence will only get it so far, and the real key to success lies within its employees…

Speakin’ up

A growing number of employees are speaking up about their companies, says a recent Mashable article. It cites research by Weber Shandwick, which found that one-third of people give praise and share positive posts about their employers on social channels (without a prompt, that is).

Many companies – in particular larger ones – have policies in place to regulate what’s shared about the business online. Some stricter policies even silence employees from sharing anything business-related. But, although you might be anxious about giving your tribe total freedom of speech (even a well-intended post could have repercussions), there’s tonnes of research proving that big-mouthed employees are bolstering business’ bottom lines.

Bigmouth strikes again

It’s fine for a business to big itself up on social media, but where customer trust and engagement is concerned, comments have more of an impact when they don’t come straight from the horse’s mouth. According to MSL Group, company-related messages are shared 24 times more when they’re written by employees, boosting reach by a whopping 561%. Not only that, but people trust employee posts six times more than company posts, says Edelman.

By loosening the social reins, employees will become social advocates of your business. They’ll help to humanise your brand and break down communication barriers. As the article explains, social media is an ‘important mediator in the modern era’ and businesses should view channels as a way to ‘facilitate conversations and human experiences.’

So, what’s needed from you? Well, it’s quite simple: you need to promote the idea that sharing is caring! You need to encourage your tribe to get social about your business. And that doesn’t mean forcing employees to fabricate posts to make you look good – you’ll soon be sniffed out, and that’ll be extremely embarrassing.

Some of your tribe might be wondering, “What’s in it for me?” Well, by becoming social advocates, employees will gain all the knowledge they need to become ‘trusted corporate stewards’ and established industry experts.

You could also think of ways to incentivise your tribe, for instance, by offering a referral bonus to employees who help you hire a candidate through sharing job openings with their social communities. Doing this can be really effective, seeing as employee referrals have a 40% higher applicant-to-hire conversion rate, according to Jobvite.

Social selling

Ultimately, it all boils down to your bottom line, and social savvy teams lead to better results. Weber Shandwick found that ‘socially encouraging’ firms are 72% more likely to boost sales, while the Social Media and Sales Quota Survey showed that 78% of salespeople using social platforms outperform their peers.

The savviest companies are the ones which fully embrace social media. So, instead of silencing your tribe, encourage them to shout from the rooftops about your business and be ready to reap the benefits!

Celebrate success with Go Ape

Overcoming your fears - man on zip wire

A birthday, wedding, new home, new job, graduation… any occasion is a cause for celebration – and we all love celebrating, right!?

We might celebrate a new home with a house warming party, a new job with a fancy dinner, or a birthday with an expensive bottle of bubbly.

While there’s a lot of celebrating going on in our personal lives, what about in the workplace?

As a leader, there’s one thing you need to be celebrating with your tribe: success!

Has your tribe excelled recently? Have employees not only been hitting targets, but exceeding them too? Have they been committing 110% to every task they’re given? If you answer ‘yes’ to all of the above, then it’s time to celebrate their efforts! After all, their hard work has helped to make your business the success it is today!

Your tribe is the backbone to your business. Without them, your business simply wouldn’t exist. It can be easy to forget this sometimes; to keep moving ahead without stopping to celebrate all those little wins and successes along the way. You need to celebrate all employees who go the extra mile, who work hard, and who share just as much enthusiasm as you about making your business successful.

Just imagine if you woke up on your birthday to nothing – no ‘happy birthday’ text messages, no cards, no cake. You’d feel upset and disheartened, right? Well, your tribe are bound to feel the same way if you never take time to celebrate what they’ve achieved; to thank and reward them for all their hard work.

There are endless reasons why you need to celebrate success with your tribe; here are eight of them:

1. It motivates employees to push themselves and deliver excellent-quality work.

2. It unites employees, helping them to feel like valued members of the tribe and realise what great things can be achieved through effective teamwork.

3. It reinstates to your tribe that they are part of a successful, high-performing organisation – and that’s something to be proud of!

4. It encourages your tribe to focus on the positives rather than the negatives. Adopting a positive mind-set will mean that success is their core focus in everything they do.

5. It enables you to get to know your tribe on a personal level, which helps strengthen relationships and build trust and loyalty.

6. It allows you to reward the team as a whole as well as recognise and reward individuals who have performed exceptionally well.

7. It provides an opportunity for your tribe to get to know one another better outside of the work environment. This can also help build bonds, improve communication and enhance teamwork.

8. It’s fun! Letting your tribe leave the confines of their desk for the day is bound to boost team spirit!

Now you understand the importance of celebrating success, all that’s left to do is to decide how to celebrate. You need to pick a fun activity all the tribe will love taking part in. Here’s an idea: Go Ape! A Tree Top Adventure is the perfect mid-week treat for your tribe. Swapping office suits for something a little more comfortable, your tribe will get to unleash their inner Tarzans as they navigate tricky obstacles. They’ll wobble across bridges, crawl through tunnels, clamber across nets, leap off of platforms and whizz down zip wires! Believe us when we say, the tree tops are the ultimate place to celebrate – come see for yourselves!

Get a quick quote now for your team.

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