Look away from the clock!

Office Clock

You’ve heard of the phrase, ‘a watched pot never boils,’ right? The meaning behind this age-old proverb is that time drags endlessly if you’re waiting for something to happen – like the end of your working day.


You check the time, write an email, check the time, catch up with a colleague, check the time, finish a proposal, check the time, make a tea round. You get the gist. But if your eyes are firmly fixed to that clock on the wall, you’re unlikely to be working your hardest!


And here’s the thing: the more intensely you monitor the hours until home time, the longer it will take for those hours to pass. Remember how Christmas Eve felt like the longest night of the year, because you were eager to see what Santa brought you?! It’s the same principle.


Time flies when you’re having fun

Learn to love the joys of the workplace, and you’ll no longer feel compelled to clock-watch all day long. While there’s no harm in looking forward to getting home, you can’t make 5pm arrive any sooner – so accept the fact, and embrace the here and now!


Hard work is a pleasant distraction from passing time. Engross yourself in a task, challenge yourself, or round-up some colleagues for a brainstorming sesh for a new project. You’ll be surprised at how quickly time ticks by – “Woah, it’s 4.30pm already?!”


Other ways to stay distracted from that clock include…


– Listening to uplifting music when tackling your least-favourite tasks.


– Regularly stepping outside for some fresh air, which helps to revitalise your body and mind.


– Planning your days in advance so you don’t end up twiddling thumbs (boredom leads to clock-watching).


– Giving yourself tight deadlines for each task to keep you focused, but not so tight that it causes unnecessary stress!


– Identify the times when you’re least productive, and break during those times.


– Speaking to someone about taking on some new, challenging tasks.


Escape the office environment 

If you’re not the only serial clock-watcher in the office, then it might be time for you all to take a well-earned break. Time to round-up the tribe and head somewhere where there are no clocks – or walls to mount them on, in fact! Time for a Go Ape adventure!


No walls or desks or clocks or computers; just miles upon miles of leafy trees and a sky-high obstacle course for you and your tribe to take on! After heading up high, you’ll work as a group to figure out the best way to tackle each crossing – from bridges and tunnels to tightropes and stirrups!


Time will fly in the treetops – and so will you, as you all take it in turns to whizz through the air via zip wire! Want to find out more about booking a Tree Top Adventure? Simply request a quote from our hairy tribe to get your team day off the ground (literally)!



The difference between a boss and a leader

Go Ape Team Building Events

Bosses and leaders are both in charge of a group of people. So, they’re essentially the same thing, right? Wrong! In fact, the two roles couldn’t be more different. There are many bosses in this world; but sadly, not enough leaders coaching their people to greatness.


An article we read on the Entrepreneur website stared like this: ‘Effective leaders inspire movements that exist only when people choose to move in the same direction. Without a leader, movements fragment and get nowhere. The leader’s job is to inspire people to work together in the service of something greater than themselves.’ Hear, hear!


So, the moral of the story is this: all managers should inspire to be leaders! According to the article, here’s how to be less of a boss, and more of a leader:


Glass half full, always

Inspiring leaders find the positive in every situation. They know that a glass-half-empty approach achieves nothing, so they keep smiling through the trials and tribulations, and encourage their team to adopt the same outlook.


Constantly grateful

Leaders constantly recognise and reward the efforts of their team – understanding they are the backbone to their business. They realise that the smallest gestures of appreciation, such as a simple “Thank you,” will be appreciated and help to raise morale.



Leaders have a clear vision of the future; and through their words, actions and beliefs, they are able to show their team how to get there. Real leaders are able to inspire others because they know what they are striving to accomplish.


Great listeners

Hearing and listening are two very different things. Leaders who inspire listen attentively to what their team tells them, and respond appropriately – rather than letting the words go in one ear and out the other. Inspiring leaders encourage feedback from their team, getting them to contribute towards a shared goal. This creates a shared sense of value, where everyone gives their input and everyone is important.


Crystal-clear communication

Leaders don’t cut corners with communication; they make sure their entire team is on board before moving forward with an idea or project. This can take time, but that’s what leadership is all about: coaching everyone together, ensuring no one is left behind.


Their team trust them 100%

Leaders are fair, honest, and follow through on every promise they make. They lead by example and know that trust is the key to building strong, lasting relationships with their team.


Super passionate

Inspiring leaders show immense enthusiasm for their work, the company and its mission. They keep their vision at the forefront of their minds and their enthusiasm rubs off on their team. It’s passion that reminds the team about the “why” of their work.


Now you know the difference between a boss and leader, why don’t you come and fine-tune your leadership skills in the treetops at Go Ape? Spend some time socialising with your tribe as you take on an array of sky-high obstacles – not only will you get to learn more about them, but a Tree Top Adventure is a great way to treat your tribe for all their hard work!


We hope to catch you in the trees soon! If you’re looking for a team day out this spring – make use of an extra hour of daylight and request a quote for your team day. We’re not springing, we’re LEAPING forward!

Short and sweet team building

Yale employees team building on segways

A couple of years ago, tech giant Microsoft conducted a study on attention spans, surveying 2,000 Canadians and analysing the brain activity of 112 others using electroencephalograms (try to say that correctly the first time!). The results were…how do we put it…a little (very!) alarming.


Shorter than a goldfish

According to Microsoft, humans have such short attention spans that even a goldfish can hold a thought for longer! Gulp!


The results revealed that the average attention span has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000, to around 8 seconds on average. And guess what’s to blame for our dwindling attention spans? Those pesky digital companions of ours…aka, our smartphones!


Keep it short and sweet

If there’s a lesson to be learned from this study, it’s that it’s best to keep things short and sweet whenever you can. For instance, in the office, meetings need to be to-the-point; otherwise your tribe will be daydreaming of their weekend plans before you can say “pay attention!”


The benefit of the short and sweet approach is that you’ll limit time-wasting in the office, which in turn can boost business efficiency and productivity among your tribe.


Time to get out of the office

So, what about team building? According to another study, this time by event company Bluehat Group, just one single hour of fun can help to build bonds among your tribe, boosting engagement, motivation and morale as a result.


In fact, Bluehat’s study unveiled that we can learn more about people in an hour of play than in an entire year of conversation! So, short-and-sweet teambuilding works, but the activity has got to be fun for all involved. Wait a minute, we think we might have the solution (*drumroll please*)…


A Go Ape Forest Segway Experience!

How many of your tribe have been on a Segway before? Segway-ing is an activity that’s on a lot of people’s to-do list, but many people simply haven’t got around to doing it. Well, now’s your chance!


If you live and work in the city, you may have witnessed groups of people cruising the streets aboard Segways, led by a tour guide. Well, call us biased, but we don’t think an inner-city Segway adventure is half as fun as a forest one. You don’t want to be confined by concrete – you want to be able to roam free in the rugged, natural outdoors!


…and that’s exactly what a Go Ape Forest Segway Experience is all about. You’ll head out into the forest with your tribe in tow, navigating everything from simple pathways to more testing trails. Catch up with colleagues one at a time as you roll around – laugh together, learn more about them, let them know you appreciate all their hard work. But don’t get too engrossed in conversation that you forget to look where you’re going!


A Forest Segway Experience is not just an opportunity to get to know your tribe more; but also for your tribe to get to know one another more. Encourage your team to speak to new people and not just their OBBs (office best buds) – this will help to boost both team spirit and teamwork.


Ready to roll? You’ll need to book your mid-week adventure in advance – to do that, just request a quote from our hairy tribe and a team member will be in touch.

More than sandwiches!


There’s a reason why Tarzan was so trim and toned…because swinging through the trees is a serious workout! If you round-up your tribe to take on one of Go Ape’s Tree Top Adventure courses, all that climbing, crawling, swinging, balancing and wobbling will burn some serious kcals! In fact, men burn an average of 660 calories, and women 510!


But here’s the thing: unlike a monotonous run on a gym treadmill, you and your tribe won’t even realise you’re working out when you’re in the trees. Why? Well, because you’ll be having so much fun!


Working up an appetite

Anyway, when your tribe members each descend that final zip, their tummies are sure to be grumbling. Exercise, combined with all that fresh, forest air, is guaranteed to work up your appetites – and there’s only one thing for that: some hearty, wholesome grub.


We offer a menu of food for you to choose from – there’s so much more than sarnies! We do offer a simple, packed picnic lunch if that’s what you fancy; but if you’d likely something slightly more substantial, then we strongly recommend treating yourself to one of our forest BBQs. We’re sure you’ll appreciate kicking back in our forest shelter after your sky-high adventure, as our super-skilled chef cooks up a feast for you all. You deserve it, after all!


For the ultimate Go Ape day out, you could always follow your forest feast with an afternoon cruise aboard our self-balancing, all-terrain Segways! Compared with a Tree Top Adventure, our Forest Segway Experience is a far tamer exercise – put your feet up, roll around, and relax…


The cherry on the top

Anything else on the menu? Well, we can arrange welcome drinks for your tribe upon your arrival to the forest – teas, coffees and fresh juices, accompanied by freshly-baked pastries and fruit! Tucking into these treats will give you all a big, much-needed energy boost before you take to the trees. Oh, and last but not least, there’s a bacon roll and fruit brunch on the menu – because let’s face it, there’s nothing like a good ol’ butty to set you up for the day!


When you book a Go Ape team building day, our events tribe will tailor the day to suit your needs and budget. As well as a list of scrumptious food options, there are a range of extras you can add to your trip, from bike hire and forest games to the use of nearby conference facilities. You can also choose to hand over controls to a dedicated host, who’ll co-ordinate your day and be equipped with a cam to take snaps of you and your tribe in action!


If you’re interested in booking a mid-week adventure at Go Ape, simply request a quote from one of our hairy tribe right here.


We hope to see you in the trees soon!

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