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CSR (corporate social responsibility) has been rising on the business agenda for some time. Once CSR simply meant a company’s pledge to take responsibility for its impact on society. It was seen as an afterthought, something to wheel out when crisis struck.


Today, CSR has evolved into a far bigger beast (a silverback gorilla type of beast, perhaps). Now it is a company’s duty to have a meaningful, positive impact on humanity, community and society at large. This places CSR at the heart of a business’s environment, customers, staff and profits. These days CSR is anything but an afterthought.


Go global, think local

The modern consumer is inundated with choice and looks far beyond convenience and price. He or she wants brands that are actively making the world a better place. Is that so much to ask?


There are plenty of companies that are giving it their best shot (and getting it right). Top of the Reputation Institute’s top CSR companies list are Google, Microsoft, and Disney. All three organisations are transparent, savvy and socially responsible, but all three are also industry giants. So where does that leave the rest of us?


If you take the example of Ben & Jerry’s, the outlook is bright for any company serious about CSR. When Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield founded their now infamous ice cream company, it was based upon socially-responsible principles. For example, CEOs never earned more than five times the salary of the lowest-paid employees. And the company has never shied away from socially-charged issues such as climate change and child poverty. A lesson in getting CSR spot on, if ever we heard one.


Planet, people, profit

CSR will draw people to a particular brand and gives added value. According to a Nielsen survey, 55% of online consumers from around the world say they are prepared to pay more for products and services from socially- and environmentally-responsible brands.


When it comes to the views of Millennials, the results are even more significant. A study by ConeComm revealed that more than nine out of ten Millennials would switch the brand they buy to one associated with a cause if given the option.


Technology allows them to search for a company’s CSR record whenever they choose. If they find anything they don’t like, they will take to social media to spread the word. All they ask for is that brands reflect their own values.


You care, so we care

Here at Go Ape, we’re committed to giving something back. We work with a number of charities, supporting them in the vital work they do. Perhaps being surrounded by nature reinforces the importance of our social responsibilities, or maybe we just want to have a positive impact on the world; either way, your community matters to us, and we believe it’s the right thing to do.


CSR may not solve all the world’s problems, but it makes our business a more authentic, socially-aware, and environmentally-responsible operation.


Not bad for a bunch of fun-loving gorillas.



Does your team fancy a trip to the tree-tops? Encourage your Tribe to conquer a Tree Top Adventure together. You can request a quote for a Team Day Out right here. 


Stuck in a slump? Head to the trees

Go Ape Team Building Events

If you’ve reached a business slump and need a proverbial pick-me-up to help give you the inspiration to get back on the path to success, then a team-building exercise could be just the thing to help you reinvigorate your business.


And where better to grow your team-building skills and strengthen your relationships than amidst the treetops of a Go Ape centre? Bond along the zip wire, and soak up the forest air with your fellow cubicle prisoners. Be wild and free among the leaves – and go back to the office refreshed and ready to work at 110%.


Here are our top reasons why you should exchange the office for the treetops to up your productivity:


Boost your spirits

Team building has been shown to improve morale and productivity. It’s also a cracking way to develop new skills. Team building can help each member of a group develop leadership skills. Equally, it can help a team develop more defined roles. It might even tap into some good ol’ hidden potential – letting staff that are usually overlooked show off their skills.


A great equaliser

Trying something new puts people on equal footing – as opposed to at work where they may have defined seniority – which helps when it comes to working together and forming new relationships.


Sense of accomplishment

There’s something so satisfying about digestible tasks that you can complete – like getting from one side of a Go Ape course to another. Not only will you feel closer to your colleagues than ever before (aww, shucks), you’ll also leave with a rosy glow of accomplishment. You achieved something (not that you don’t feel like this normally, standing in front of the photocopier, of course)!


Up your productivity

There are long-term benefits to be gained from team building. Studies have shown that team building can actually help boost your productivity. Increased productivity means just one thing: increased profit. So get to the treetops, ASAP, and see the knock-on effect on your bottom line.


What else do you need to know?

We offer weekday team days out at many of our Go Ape centres (after all, you don’t want to spend your weekends with your colleagues). And if you really want it to be a success, you can nab yourself a dedicated host to capture your adventure on camera and give you the ins and outs of the forest.


If you fancy some grub then we can provide all sorts – from a BBQ to a picnic – just give us a heads up in advance.


Need a meeting room? We can cover that too. Just let us know before you rock up. And if you want the fun to keep on going, we can even rent you some bikes so you can add an extra few miles onto your day in the woods. We’re a place of many wonders.


So what’s stopping you? Are you ready to get your Tribe into the trees? Request a quote today.

Coming this spring: Team Development Days

Team Development Knot Tie Activity

This June, we’re welcoming a brand new product to our Team Days Out offering – Team Development Days. Available at 10 handpicked locations nationwide, we’re excited to put this new team building element to the test.


What is it?

This two-to-three hour session includes a series of activities designed to develop your communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills. They’re also a good laugh – which we’ve found is usually the best way of bringing people together. You can choose which skills and abilities your Tribe are most interested in developing in advance.

Activities range from mental puzzles to hands-on team challenges, all created to assess and develop your Tribe’s teamwork skills. Our Go Ape instructors will also run through some getting-to-know you games – designed to coax even the shyest members of your team from their shells.


Where is it?

Team Development Days will be launching at 10 handpicked Go Ape locations:

  • Thetford, near Brandon
  • Black Park, Uxbridge
  • Battersea, Central London
  • Trent Park, Cockfosters, London
  • Cannock, near Rugeley
  • Bracknell, Berkshire
  • Sherwood, Nottinghamshire
  • Forest of Dean
  • Moors Valley, Hampshire
  • Delamere


What are the benefits?

There are too many benefits of team building to name all of them, but here are some of our personal faves:

  • Escape the office and rejuvenate your team in a beautiful forest or park
  • Discover individual strengths, weaknesses, and hidden talents
  • Discover what makes your team member’s tick
  • Assess different personalities and discover how best to work together
  • Strengthen workplace relationships by getting to know each other better
  • Improve trust between colleagues
  • Improve your team’s communication skills and emerge as a more efficient Tribe
  • Have fun and make memories to last a lifetime!


What type of activities will there be?

There are a total of 24 different activities available, all designed to challenge your team work, problem solving and communication skills. Here are just a few examples of what activities could be waiting for you:


  • Plank Walk

This activity will require a lot of communication from the team and, most important of all, synchronicity. Climb on board a pair of planks, then work in unison to move, or ‘ski’ together as one single unit. You’ll be chanting as one before you know it.

  • Spider’s Web

You’ll need to support your colleagues (literally) through a giant spider’s web to the other side. This game will require strategy, forward planning and both mental and physical flexibility.

  • Isotope

Every team needs a bit of give – quite literally with this game. Your mission is to get wooden shapes into their appropriate hole using four ropes and a bungee cord. Work together to move the item seamlessly – any jerky movements could derail your progress.


Sign me up!

A Team Day Out to Go Ape will be a discovery into what makes your team tick. Reveal untapped talent, build trust, and assess your different personality types.

Whether you’re team-building in the trees, or cementing bonds at ground-level – we’ll make sure your Tribe leave us as a force to be reckoned with. Slicker, more confident, and more united than ever.

Want to be the first to pre-book a Team Development Day? Request a quote today.

Trust is a must – 5 trust exercises you can try at work


Have you ever been asked by your boss to cross your arms over your chest, close your eyes and flop backwards into the arms of your wide-eyed colleague? Chances are you have, and chances are this was all in the name of ‘trust’ exercises.


Well, here at Go Ape, we like to think outside of the box. We understand how important trust is among colleagues, but we also understand that some trust exercises leave a lot to be desired. So take our hand and let us guide you through some of our favourite trust exercises to try in your workplace.


Food, glorious food

Nothing brings people together quite like food. It taps into all our senses – sight, taste, touch, smell, even sound (especially if you are indulging in a bowl of Rice Krispies). How about taking it in turns to bring in some food to share with your work folk? Whether it’s homemade or from the local supermarket, healthy or a bit naughty, sit down for a few minutes together and indulge. Our tribe have certainly bonded over a batch of banana bread or two…


Spoof a scenario

Ever watched a parody of something that made you laugh out loud? Imagine how much fun it must be to actually make one?! Filming is easy nowadays with a mobile phone to hand, so look out for a song/film scene/viral video that you could easily spoof, gather your colleagues together and start shooting. The results can be enjoyed for years to come!


Tap into your competitive streak

A game of softball, a treasure hunt, or how about a round of Jenga? A bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone, and carrying these activities out in teams will boost morale and trust even further. You could even stock a stack of board games in the staff room for use during lunchtimes, or play them on rotation in tournaments!


Karaoke. Yes, really!

Okay, so we know it can be a bit daunting to step behind a microphone and put on your best Mariah Carey impression, but believe us when we say that nothing breaks down barriers more than a good old sing-song. You could even have prizes for best dance moves/most energetic performance/ unique song choice. For the less confident among your tribe, group performances or raps permitted!


Venture into adventure

Get yourselves out of the office and into the great outdoors by embarking on an adventure with your comrades. This could be rock-climbing, cycling or even Zorbing – the sky’s the limit! Putting your team into unfamiliar surroundings brings people together, relying on each other for support and bonding over the unknown in an exciting way.


Speaking of adventure, ever thought about challenging your tribe to a flit around the forest at one of our award-winning Tree Top Adventure courses? Nothing says ‘trust’ like helping a fellow co-worker through the thickets! If your Tribe are up to challenge – request a Team Day Out quote today.

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