A breath of fresh air


Working in an office during summer can be tough. The chairs are sticky, and the fans dotted around the room just seem to circulate the hot air.

We treat ourselves to an ice lolly and that cools us down, but five minutes later were roasting again. We stare out of the window from behind our desks, daydreaming of BBQs, beaches and bike rides.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could swap fans for a gentle breeze? Air con for fresh, outdoor air? Wi-Fi for a more natural connection? Desks and chairs for ropes and swings? Well, guess what? You can at Go Ape!

Leave the confines of the office and embark on a forest-themed adventure with your tribe!

Ditch those stuffy office suits for cool, comfy clobber as you swing from tree to tree, tackling obstacles and impressing your work chums with your loudest Tarzan holler!

We offer mid-week corporate events and cater to tribes both small and large (and medium-sized, of course). We know that one-size-fits-all doesn’t work with team days out, and that’s why you can tailor your trip to suit your needs and budget. From picking your grub to hiring conference facilities, we’ve got everything you need for an ultimate forest foray.

A Tree Top Adventure is great for a number of reasons (if we do say so ourselves).

Firstly and most importantly its fun, and gives your tribe a chance to let their hair down and enjoy some hang time with their workplace chums. It also promotes healthy living by allowing your tribe to break out of their sedentary work routine and get forest fit, burning up to 660 calories in just 2-3 hours!

And then there are all the areas of teamwork that a Tree Top Adventure aims to improve. If some members of your team are a little shy or don’t have much self-belief, a Tree Top Adventure can give their morale a much-needed boost. If you think that communication is lacking between your tribe, tackling obstacles together will help them feel more comfortable and confident with one another.

If you want to enjoy the wonders of the forest but don’t fancy canopy exploring, you can always book a Forest Segway Experience.

From two legs to two wheels, our all-terrain Segways will take you into the heart of the woodland for an hour of exploration.

Ultimately, a Go Ape adventure is a great way of thanking your tribe for all their hard work this summer for covering for their colleagues when they were on holiday, and for not moaning (too much) when the air con conked it. It’s a chance to get out into the great outdoors and make the most of summer – while its still here!

If you want to find out more about our corporate events or book an adventure, request a quote now. Catch you soon!

What’s your objective?

Team Building Objective

Getting the best out of your tribe is a priority that’s bound to top the to-do list of any good manager – it’s just the working out how to do it that can be something of a challenge!

A recent study, conducted last year by the University of Warwick, found that happiness led to a 12% spike in productivity amongst workers and that it was the companies that invested in employee satisfaction that were the most successful at raising their employees’ rates of happiness.

So, if your overall aim is to boost positive vibes in the workplace, it goes to follow that you, as tribe leader, need to work out the necessary objectives to get those smiles flashing all around!

All you need to do is ask yourself: what’s your primary objective?

If you’re looking to bind your tribe by improving communication and strengthening relationships, you might want to get them focused on shared activities where they have a common goal and an incentive to work together.

If you’re looking to boost performance by igniting that spirit of achievement, you might want to introduce an element of competition to your team-building efforts – a little friendly competition never hurt anyone!

And if you’re just hoping to inject a little fun into your staff get-together, why not think outside the box and choose an original experience that your tribe can share?

A well-planned staff team-building day is one of the most popular ways to achieve all of these objectives in one fell swoop. And luckily for you, here at Go Ape we offer a range of excellent activities that knock the ball out of the park in every one of these categories. Allow us to host your tribe for the day and we guarantee they’ll be talking about the experience for weeks to come!

Team-building that suits your tribe

Your workforce is made up of a number of individuals and (unless you’re particularly lucky), they probably all have quite different ideas as to what makes the ideal staff day out. Planning your corporate team-building day with Go Ape means that you can build a day that suits your tribe down to the ground… or if the ground isn’t quite cutting it for them, you can send them up into the trees!

Our Tree Top Adventure course is ideal for both small and large corporate groups; your tribe will need to communicate and support each other to navigate the high ropes, leap from our Tarzan swings and launch themselves down zip lines. Talk about an adrenaline buzz!

You could combine this activity with the rather more sedate but no less exciting Forest Segway experience. Your team will move as a pack through the trees, bouncing over rugged terrain on our self-balancing segways. You can even add a mountain biking excursion to your adventure in the forest!

Finally, we believe that the tribe that indulges together, stays together. We can arrange for delicious welcome refreshments to be ready on your arrival: a tasty bacon and fruit brunch, a relaxing Forest BBQ, or a specially packed picnic lunch.

Choose Go Ape for your tribe’s team-building day and tick off your objectives one by one! Get a quick corporate event quote now.

Wednesdays are the new Fridays

Go Ape Corporate Events

When your tribe members start asking each other “Any nice plans for the weekend?” on a Wednesday, you have to ask yourself whether they’re truly happy and engaged in their role, or if they’re just counting down the days until work is out for the week.

You may or may not know that Wednesday is now also known as hump day. Its that tough spot right in the middle of the working week where last weekend becomes a thing of memory, and the proverbial hill must be climbed before Friday appears on the horizon.

Even for those of us who love our jobs, Wednesdays can be particularly challenging during the summer months.

All that time spent looking longingly out of your window at the sunshine outside, desperate for a chance to get away from your desk and out into the open air, can lead to an inevitable mid-week slump in enthusiasm and productivity.

In fact, according to a study by Accountemps – which has more than 360 offices throughout Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region – productivity takes a nosedive after Tuesday. When asked which day their employees were most productive on, the majority (57%) of senior executives answered Tuesday; however, this fell sharply to 11% on Wednesday, reaching its lowest (3%) on Friday.

But rather than being a day of doom and gloom, Wednesday can actually be the BEST day of the week! A positive hump day can wake up your tribe members, giving them the motivational boost they need to power through the rest of the week. That’s why we say Wednesdays are the new Fridays!

Instead of dreading Wednesdays, why not embrace them?

Use them as an opportunity to reflect on what your tribe has achieved so far, and what can be conquered before the week is out. Take some time to congratulate your team on their efforts and offer a few helpful reminders for the rest of the week.

Perhaps you could even introduce a complimentary breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea and cake on a Wednesday? You don’t have to save these treats for Fridays by moving them to the middle of the week instead, your business is actually more likely to benefit from the improved morale and energy levels they bring (although cake does run the risk of a sugar crash!).

Of course, you can also use your office hump day to let loose and have a bit of fun.

If productivity is going to be low anyway, use your Wednesdays to get out of the office with a team-building day at Go Ape! Watch those mid-week frowns turn upside down as your tribe swings through the trees, tackles our obstacles and zooms down our zip-wires!

For a more leisurely mid-week treat, book them in for a ride on our all-terrain Forest Segways. They cannot help but smile as they glide through the forest paths and perfect their balance on this ultimate team adventure!

Treat your tribe to an action-packed Wednesday in the great outdoors and they’ll come back to the office on Thursday with a well-earned spring in their step. Who knows, they may be so invigorated that they’ll forget the next weekend is just around the corner

For more information, visit the Corporate Events section of our website.

Office well-being and how to achieve it

Motivation Mondays

Well-being: the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

It’s not rocket science: a comfortable, healthy and happy tribe equals an engaged, productive and hard-working tribe!

Endless studies have confirmed the close correlation between the physical workplace and employee well-being. Employees thrive in spaces they feel comfortable working in; spaces that inspire creativity and foster collaboration. Your role, as an employer, is to make sure your office is somewhere your tribe look forward to working in each and every day.

Take Go Ape, for example. We’ve got a goal, and it’s to make going to work fun, to inspire millions of new adventurers on our Tree Top Adventures, and to keep the tribe on top of their game. To achieve our goal, we kitted Banana HQ out with a chill-out zone, table tennis table, and BBQ area to encourage the office tribe to take some time-out at lunch.

Of course, all this isn’t just for your tribe’s benefit. If employees feel happy and comfortable in their surroundings, productivity levels will rise and so too will business efficiency. Happy, engaged employees also take less sick days, while companies that put their tribes first enjoy lower turnover rates. You get the pictureÖ

In this article, we’re going to tackle the idea of workplace comfort. The office needs to be somewhere your tribe can relax while working to their best potential. Here are some ways you can peace into the office and outside of it:

Water features

There’s something extremely soothing about the sound of trickling water, meaning a water feature in the office can help your tribe to de-stress. Not only that, but a water feature will make the office look more appealing, plus the moving water can help to create cleaner air!


A study by Music Works found that 81% of people work more accurately when listening to music, and 85% of employees who like music in the office believe the environment is much more relaxed when there’s music on. But, before you hit the ‘play’ button, you need to pick a genre. Music Works says pop music is best for fast and accurate working, while classic is good for tackling maths problems and ambient music helps avoid mistakes in data-entry tasks.


A little foliage in the office has been proven to lower stress levels and reduce negative feelings. And in terms of employee performance, researchers from a number of UK universities found that adding real plants to the office can boost productivity levels by up to 15%. So, pick up a few pots from your local garden centre and don’t forget to water them!


A cluttered space equals a cluttered mind, right? As well as encouraging your tribe to keep their desks clean and tidy, you should set the example by making sure shared spaces (such as the staff room) are clutter free so they remain inviting.

Zen garden

Repeat after us: ‘ommm!’ Sometimes, a little fresh, outdoor air is all it takes to de-stress and re-energise. If you’ve been wondering what to do with the little patch of disused land outside your office, here’s an idea: transform it into a zen garden, complete with beanbags, hammocks and a selection of books for your tribe to enjoy at lunch!


Paint brush at the ready! You’d be surprised at how much of an impact colours can have on your tribe’s mood. Blue, in particular, is a calming colour that helps employees to focus; while yellow is a positive colour that promotes creativity.

Do you have any office design tips for ensuring employees feel happy and productive? If so, we’d love to hear them!

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