Tick tock… how long til the clocks go forward?

clock on a rustic table

Winter, it’s not us… it’s you! It was good while it lasted, but we’re leaving you. It’s time to move on. It’s time for something else. It’s time for SPRING! Well, it’s almost time for spring! The official start of the season is just over one month away, and we’re already on countdown. We can’t wait for spring to descend upon our forests and for them to burst into life!


Prepare to spring forward

The clocks go forward on Sunday, 26th of March. We’re telling you this now so you can put the date in your diary and start planning how you’re going to spend that extra hour!


Need some ideas? Here are 20:


  1. Start a life planner, writing down your goals and dreams for the future.


  1. Create the ultimate workout playlist.


  1. Spring clean the most cluttered room in your house.


  1. Catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while.


  1. Make a start on the book you bought yourself ages ago.


  1. Pick a new outdoor running route and convince your other half to join you.


  1. Have some ‘me’ time by indulging in a hot, bubbly bath (glass of wine optional).


  1. Bake a cake with your kids.


  1. Sign-up to a new class – Yoga? Pottery? French? Cooking?


  1. Switch off all tech and enjoy some quality time with your family.


  1. Lie-in without feeling guilty about it.


  1. Write a poem for someone special.


  1. Research and plan your next adventure.


  1. Host a tea and cake afternoon at your house.


  1. Find yourself a quiet spot and meditate.


  1. Tend to the shrubbery in your back garden.


  1. Pump up your bike tyres and head out for a ride.


  1. Read up about a time in history that’s always intrigued you.


  1. Prepare a batch of wholesome lunches that you’ll actually look forward to eating next week.


  1. Lend a helping hand to a friend, family member or stranger.


Team Days Out at Go Ape

Oh, wait! We’ve got a couple more suggestions for you. How would you like to spend that extra hour embarking on a fun, outdoor activity with your tribe? We would highly recommend heading skyward for some monkey-themed fun in the treetops! There really is no better way to spend a Sunday than by swinging from tree to tree, taking on a whole host of obstacles as you go.


See what all the fuss is about and request a quote for your Go Ape adventure today!


See you soon!

When did you last really celebrate team success?

team bonding in the forest

Birthdays, weddings, christenings, anniversaries, graduations, Easter, Christmas, New Year, new job, new home (*takes a breath*)…any occasion is a cause for celebration! Let’s face it: we love to celebrate. Any opportunity to round-up our friends and family and have a good ol’ knees up, typically with some music, food, drinking and a spot of dancing.


Celebrating is fun –  it makes us feel good. So answer us this: when was the last time you celebrated team success in the office?


Don’t stop the party!

Your tribe are your greatest resource – they’re the reason why your company is the success it is today. “But they’re just doing their jobs.” Sure they are. But they’re doing their jobs well and are working incredibly hard, committing 110% to everything they do. And that certainly warrants some recognition!


As a tribe leader, it’s important to celebrate not just the major achievements, but also your tribe’s efforts in accomplishing their goals. Regularly celebrating your tribe and all their hard work is important because it…


– Promotes a positive workplace culture


– Helps your tribe recognise what’s working well and why


– Allows your tribe to develop a success mindset


– Motivates your tribe to keep working hard and achieve more


– Makes your tribe feel great!


So…how to celebrate?


There are tonnes of ways to commend your tribe’s efforts, but how can you celebrate them? Your tribe deserve more than a “thank you,”don’t you agree? They deserve to be treated to a fun, social activity where they can all let their hair down and have some fun! Can you think of any activities that fit the description?


We can (*drumroll please*)…Go Ape! If swinging from tree to tree with your tribe for a couple of hours isn’t fun, then we don’t know what is!


A celebration in the treetops, how about that? Heading up high, you’ll take on as assortment of obstacles, from nets and bridges to stirrups and tunnels. You’ll leap off of platforms in a Tarzan fashion, and whoosh through the air via zip wire.


Your tribe are bound to appreciate a break from the office. It’s a chance for them to switch off for the day and soak up the sights, sounds and experiences of the forest. And after a day in the great outdoors, they’re bound to return to work feeling refreshed, revitalised, and ready to achieve more and make you proud(er)!


From the tree tops to exploring the forest floor

If you fancy a more down-to-earth adventure, you could always treat your tribe to a cruise around the forest floor – aboard our all-terrain Segways! We’d say that it’s a more peaceful alternative to our Tree Top Adventure; an activity that doesn’t require too much effort, apart from mastering the art of balance.


If you want to go all-out with your celebrations, then you can combine the two activities for the ultimate Go Ape day out! We can put on a spread for your tribe as an extra too – all you need to do is decide whether you fancy a forest BBQ or a more simple picnic lunch!


So go on…let Go Ape help you celebrate! If you want to find out more about our mid-week corporate days out, just request a quote from one of our hairy tribe and they’ll give you a call back at a time that’s convenient to you.


Catch you in the treetops soon!

Burn calories while team building!

Office Pilates

Among your tribe, we bet there’s a good handful of people who set themselves a ‘get fit’ resolution for 2017. Their aim is not to crash diet, but to make small changes in their daily routine to help them lead a healthier lifestyle – cutting back on junk food, consuming more of the good stuff, and ramping up the amount of exercise they do. As a tribe leader, it’s important to show that you support these goals by finding ways to facilitate healthy living in the office. If your tribe are sedentary (i.e., sat down at their desks) for the best part of their working days, here are 6 ways to burn calories while team building.


1. Don’t go square-eyed

Stress the importance of taking screen breaks to encourage your tribe to step outside at lunchtime.

2. Get the pulse racing

Set-up a regular fitness class or, if you don’t have the space, a morning running club.

3. Stand to attention

Make all meetings standing-only to give your tribe a chance to stretch their legs.

4. Snack well

Keep the fruit bowl topped up and limit the packets of biccies.

5. Make exercise fun

Buy a ping pong table for the staff room (we have one here at Banana HQ and trust us when we say, it’s a full body workout!).

6. Be inspired

Print off some deskercise posters and place them around the office.


These steps will help your tribe keep office fit during the day, but there’s only so much you can do within the confines of four walls and a ceiling. To really help your tribe stay active, you need to think outside the box (the box that is your office, that is)…Time to Go Ape!


Can you imagine the fun your tribe will have out in the great outdoors, breeze blowing through their hair as they embark on a Tree Top Adventure?! Swap your stiff suits for comfy clobber and spend the day climbing, crawling, wobbling, jumping and swinging your way around a sky-high obstacle course!


Burn calories while team building…. in the trees

We designed our courses with one thing in mind: having fun! Team building will only be effective if your tribe enjoy taking part. So you see, that’s why team building + a Tree Top Adventure = a match made in (monkey) heaven! And back to the healthy lifestyle thing…there’s a reason why Tarzan is so toned, don’t you know?! It’s because forest-themed activities are a great workout. One trip around a Tree Top Adventure course burns an average of 510 calories in women and 660 in men. Impressive, huh?


If you’re looking for memorable team day out with plenty of spirit, then it’s got to be Go Ape! If you’ve got any questions, want to request a quote, or simply want a member of our team to call you back, fill out our quote form here.

Why you should overcome your fears

Overcoming your fears - man on zip wire

Now we don’t want to get all political on you, but 2017 looks set to be an uncertain year for much of the world. During turbulent times, negative feelings such as fear and anxiety can rise to the surface – which can have a knock-on effect in the workplace, affecting your team’s ability to do their jobs.


Here at Go Ape, we like to think of fear as fuel! Rather than letting fear hold you back, that energy can be channelled and used to help you achieve great things – whether it’s leading an important meeting or zooming down our zip wires! Fear is something many of us face daily, but none of us should let it dominate our personal or professional lives. So, now is the perfect time for you and your team to not only face your fears, but overcome your fears and emerge the other side stronger and braver than ever.


Why is this so important, we hear you ask? Here are just 5 reasons why it’s essential to overcome your fears…


To help set new goals

C.S Lewis once said: “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” That’s certainly true, but if you let negative thoughts or fear of failing hold you back, then you’ll never make that leap towards something bigger and better. By trying something frightening and succeeding, you won’t be afraid to strive for even tougher challenges.


To embrace change

Most businesses have to cope with change at some point, whether it’s new policies or staff restructuring; and with change comes the unknown, generating those feelings of fear and anxiety. If you face the unknown and realise it’s not as bad you might think, you’ll learn to not only accept change, but embrace it.


To have confidence in your decisions

Can you stretch far enough to reach that next foothold? Are you stable enough to grab hold of the rope? Navigating our Tree Top Adventure involves making decisions like this the whole time, all while keeping your wits about you and checking your other tribe members are doing OK! By the time you reach the end, you’ll realise that trusting your gut pays off -helping you to make more confident decisions at work.


To feel more positive

If your tribe are feeling a bit doom-and-gloom, give them the chance to let their hair down and get their adrenaline levels up! Monkeying around and swinging like Tarzan can’t fail to put a smile on their faces, and as the wind rushes through their hair they’ll feel their worries whoosh away! By trying something scary that’s also heaps of fun, they’ll return to work feeling optimistic and motivated.


To deepen work relationships

As we’ve mentioned, balancing in the treetops isn’t a solo endeavour; you’ll need your tribe members to cheer you on, and they’ll need your support too! Your tribe will come together with two united goals: to have fun, and to make it back down to the ground safely! Our corporate events are the perfect opportunity to strengthen bonds and build camaraderie through overcoming fear, which is a massive bonus back in the office.


Don’t let fear stop you or your tribe this year! Book in for an adrenaline-pumped day braving our Tree Top Adventure or Forest Segway, and see the change in your team members as they emerge proud, confident and courageous – what’s stopping you? Request a quote for a team day out here.

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