How Go Ape Does Team Building On A Budget

Team Development Knot Tie Activity

The Go Ape motto has been the same since day dot: to encourage others to live life adventurously.


From families to friends to work tribes, we want to inspire adventure among the masses – we want to start an adventure revolution!


We know that to make adventure accessible to all, we need to make our adventures affordable for all. That’s why we offer tree-mendous forest adventures for a price that won’t break the bank. Any company, large or small, can enjoy the wonders of the woodland at Go Ape, swinging through the trees en-masse just as Tarzan would.


Our turn!


We’re always going on about how regular team building trips are the key to forming happy, super-motivated tribes (especially when those trips take place in the forest). So, it’s only right that we practice what we preach!


Of course, we don’t hold Go Ape team building trips at Go Ape. While we’ll never get bored of our canopy escapades, we like to mix things up a little. So, can you guess what we did for our last team building trip on a budget?


…Garden party!


If only you could see the looks on our tribe’s faces when we were all handed our invitations. Hosted by our MD, the Go Ape garden party promised to be a day of games, giggles and getting to know one another even better!


And it certainly delivered. Not as au fait with floor-level activities, we started off with a few rounds of rounders (and unearthed competitive streaks in many a member of the Go Ape tribe). That worked up a real sweat, so we got to cool down in the coolest way we could…by taking a dip in the lake! Never experienced wild swimming? We highly recommend it!


As soon as we dried off it was time for lunch and in homage to our Go Ape offering, we were treated to a hearty BBQ. We must admit, we’re always a little envious when tribes get to tuck into a table full of tasty, grilled grub, so we were chuffed that we finally got to indulge!


Fuelled by our mighty feast, the afternoon consisted of even more activities. We went to war with one another on an inflatable gladiator ring and raced on a blow-up bungee run to see who could reach the furthest point before they were catapulted back to the beginning (one of our fave activities of the day, by far).


The more humble activities on offer were large chess and draughts and a range of card games – perfect for later in the afternoon when we were feeling slightly subdued!


The Go Ape garden party was the perfect team day out; a day where we could let our hair down, meet new members of the tribe and ultimately, have lots of fun! Which is what team building should be all about, right?


Office dos and dont’s

Team meeting in the office
Ever heard of the phrase ‘office etiquette’? It basically means conducting yourself respectfully and courteously at work.

We spend a lot of time with our work chums. In fact, sometimes it feels like we see them more than our own families. We spend eight hours a day in a confined space, working alongside colleagues with different personality traits, quirks and opinions€“ so good office manners is mega important for avoiding unnecessary tension.

So, whatever kind of office you work in, here are some essential dos and don’ts:

Do: Say ‘good morning’€ to your colleagues as you walk through the door.

Don’€™t: Think it’s OK to sing, hum or tap your feet to every single song that comes on the radio, regardless of how much you like them.

Do: Wash your hands after visiting the bathroom!

Don’€™t: Chat to your best pal on the phone at your desk, about that thing, for ten minutes while the people around you are trying to work. Take it outside!

Do: Close your mouth when eating your lunch. No one wants to see or hear you munching that grab-size bag of crisps.

Don’€™t: Be afraid to speak up and talk to a manager if you don’€™t feel happy or if something’€™s bothering you.

Do: Bring in treats for your tribe. Everyone one loves a homemade cupcake!

Don’€™t: Gloat consistently about your own success and achievement€“ be humble!

Do: Return the favour by offering to make your tribe a cuppa (handing out some biccies is will earn you extra brownie points).

Don’€™t: Bring lunches that are particularly pungent into the office i.e. fish soup.

Do: Clean up your desk at the end of the day and put your mug in the dishwasher, not in the sink!

Don’€™t: Turn up to work with the flu and spend the day coughing and spluttering over your keyboard. Do yourself and everyone else€“ a favour and rest up in bed!

Do: Express gratitude to anyone who helps you out, for instance, when a colleague gives you some ideas for a project.

Don’€™t: Rock-up to work wearing your weekend clobber if everyone else dresses smart.

Do: Offer to help colleagues out when you’re light on work and can see that they’re snowed under with it.

Don’€™t: Gossip about your colleagues or managers, as doing this makes for an unhealthy work environment.

Do: Encourage your tribe to get to know one another better outside of work. You could always come and swing through the trees at Go Ape!

Don’t: Steal a colleague’€™s special mug simply because yours is dirty€“ wash it up!

Do: Smile!

Don’t: forget to think and work as a team. Set shared goals, help one another out, talk openly about issues. That way, you can ensure your office is a happy, healthy and productive space to work!

5 workplace myths…BUSTED!

Not all of what we hear or are told is the truth and often, conventional wisdom proves itself to be wrong. And one place where myths and rumours tend to circulate at the speed of a tornado is in the workplace.

So, just how do you decipher the myths from the truth? It’€™s simple: read this article! We did the hard graft so you don’€™t have to and have debunked 5 of the most common office myths. Here they are:

Money is the greatest motivator

If you want to turn productivity and morale up a few notches in your office, offering a boost to your tribe’€™s salaries isn’€™t the answer. All you’€™ve got to do is look to recent studies and you’€™ll realise that money is rarely,€“ if ever,€“ the top motivator. One survey found that pizza was the most satisfying reward for doing a great day’€™s work in the office, followed by a compliment from the boss. We must admit, food is definitely the way to our hearts here at Banana HQ, but it’€™s got to be banana cake for us!

8-hour days guarantee maximum productivity

Nu-uh! Contrary to popular belief, tribes who work shorter days get more done than if they crammed in as much as possible during the typical 9-5. Sweden is actually spearheading the move to a shorter working week, finding that 6 is the magic number when it comes to guaranteeing maximum productivity levels. If you can’€™t lose a couple of hours, you could always consider offering flexible working as an alternative.

If you break less, you get more done

So then, how about that old notion of working through the lunch break to get work finished? Terrible idea! Not allowing time to break is highly counterintuitive and saps motivation, energy and enthusiasm from tribes. The Draugiem Group conducted an experiment on this using app DeskTime,€“ it discovered that employees with the highest levels of productivity enjoyed a 17-minute break for every 52 minutes of work.

Mistakes must be kept to a minimum

It’€™s about time that the world started accepting that failure isn’€™t a bad thing – at the very least, it’€™s a sign that someone tried. Employees shouldn’€™t live in fear of slipping up and having to confess to their seniors; mistakes are how we learn, grow and flourish. Tribe leaders everywhere should be seen to embrace failure, encourage a culture of openness and own up to their own mistakes to set an example for their team.

Working well individually is more important than working well as a team

All of the very best companies in the world all share one thing in common: they have a world-class team backing them up. Emphasis on the word ‘€˜team’€™ here; employees may be super skilled individually, but it’€™s only when they pool their skills and knowledge together do fantastic things happen. A team of heads is better than one!

World-class teams don’€™t just from out of thin air (if only it were that easy). They must be built€“ and if you’€™re a tribe leader, that duty is bestowed upon you. If you want to built a greater, happier, more productive team, why not start the journey by swinging through the trees together at your local Go Ape course?!

10 ways to motivate your tribe for free!

Team meeting in the office

Every single one of us is susceptible to suffering a mid-week slump, particularly during summer when blue skies and sunshine tempt us from behind our desks. Luckily, there’€™s a whole raft of exciting, engaging and revitalising things managers can do to get their tribes back on track,€“ and best of all, they’€™re free!

Offer praise

Kindness costs nothing and there are few things that light up a person’€™s face quicker than a well-deserved €œthank you€. So, tell your tribe they’€™re doing a good job and that you appreciate their efforts.

Let them grow

As any gardener will tell you, if want your flowers to blossom, you need to give them enough room to grow. Humans may not be green, but we do grow the same and by giving your tribe more responsibility, you can help them to be their best selves.

Be flexible

By offering flexibility in their work hours, your tribe will be able to tip that elusive work/life balance back in their favour.

Set a clear path

Why not set a clear career path for each of your employees, complete with goals and regular feedback? Not only will this show that you care enough about them to help with their career progression, but it will also rid them of the mean old bugbears known as stagnancy and routine.

Admit mistakes

Mistakes are a symptom of success, not a hindrance to it. Reclaim motivation by creating a work culture that embraces failure and celebrates occasionally getting things wrong.


This goes both ways, trust them enough to get the job done without being an Agatha Christie and manage them in a transparent and fair way.

Team building activities

Now, as fun and fulfilling as an afternoon in the treetops at Go Ape is, you can create your own team building activities in the comfort of your own office. Or, better still, take to the nearest green space and start goofing around with some trust building exercises.

Encourage a healthy lifestyle

A happy heart is a healthy one, so encourage them out of our all-too-common sedentary lifestyles by introducing a cycle to work scheme, starting a morning yoga class or filling up the kitchen with healthy treats.

Ask for their opinion

Top down feedback is great for members of your tribe looking to improve, but managers and bosses need to be open to opinions, too. Be willing to listen and act on faults on your side, but also allow them to share their ideas and input on how to make your organisation flourish.

Celebrate wins

No matter how big or small, you should celebrate your tribe’€™s wins. This could come in the form of ice cream or some delicious bagels in the kitchen for breakfast, or perhaps the chance to finish work early.

Whatever it is, share the happiness!

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